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The best kept secret in music


"M!SS CRAZY Review - Kieran Dargon"

Yet another release from Metal Mayhem , Miss Crazy are in actual
fact a current concern rather than an obscure eighties metal band , and in actual
fact are quite good, nay, very good in fact. Despite the band
opting for a gimmick wearing white faces in the mould of Kiss without the stars
or stripes!

Track one, ‘No Compromise’ is without doubt the weakest track on the album , but from here on in,
it’s one hell of an album all the way through. The band make no secret of their love of classic 80’s
hard rock ala Cinderella, Kiss, AC/DC and Kix and in fact they are by FAR
the nearest thing to the mighty Kix that you are liable to hear short
of a reunion of the original band. Lead singer Markus Christopher is a
dead ringer for Steve Whiteman, in fact so much so that I had to check
the credits to make sure it wasn’t Whiteman himself delivering the
whisky soaked gravel pit delivery that the band patented during their reign
as the uncrowned kings of the East Coast.

Check out the brooding ‘Indie Island’ or the driving ‘Life’s been Good’ , both of which
are undeniable born and bred in the eighties slices of American hard rock that if
were included on any Kix album would have driven it multi platinum.
‘So Long’ is also worth a mention , no frills riff mania with a killer bottom
end , written to be played on Friday night …….the perfect start to
the weekend. The ballad, ‘You’re Blue’ is the heir apparent to ‘Don’t
close your Eyes’, in fact if Kix had this as a follow up single they would have
repeated their top ten success with ease. Ok, enough about Kix, it’s most
definitely not fair on Miss Crazy, just for good measure they throw
in two prime time early Cinderella stompers in the shape of the
pumping ‘Billie’ and the enormous ‘Now’. I honestly cannot remember
the last time I heard an album of this style delivered with such conviction and

Miss Crazy have come up with the goods first time out, a storming
hard rocking debut that is utterly deserving of a home in the cd
collections of every self respecting Kix fan, not to mention Cinderella and
AC/DCfans too.

Take a bow one and all…………..you Can still rock in
America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Miss Crazy Style!!!
- Fireworks Magazine - U.K.

"M!SS CRAZY MySpace Discovery Zone - Scott Itter"

These are all bands that I came across when I was growing up, but the mention of a few of them sends those big and bubbly, cartoon-like question marks into the air over the head of today's typical teen rockers. Well, that's where Miss Crazy steps in. This San Francisco Bay Area band is on a mission to bring the sound of those bands to the rock and roll kids who are salivating for something other than The Killers and Fall Out Boy.

With their faces painted white and their bodies drenched in leather and spandex, they look like some kind of evil circus mimes. But, when they play their brand of three-chord, high energy hard rock, we find the voice of a new breed of American rock. Singer/guitarist Markus Allen Christopher and his piping hot bassist Kim Racer have spearheaded a look of solid professionalism, with a sound that is just as solid. By taking pieces of some of their biggest musical influences and honoring them with great original songs, Miss Crazy is giving the youth of America a much needed musical history lesson. Most of our young people have not taken the time to go back to the 80's, or even the early 90's, to find some of the music that defined those decades. Miss Crazy believes, that by giving them the "old school" sound through their songs, the kids are sure to appreciate the style that they missed. With a current musical climate that is stagnant with so many bands duplicating each other, Miss Crazy may just be the old time remedy that this generation needs.

When I see bands in makeup I usually have a hard time taking them seriously, and when I saw Miss Crazy it was no different. I lived through Kiss, I learned to accept Motley Crue, and now I've had enough. But at the precise moment that I was about to click out of their profile, their song "Hide Island" started to play on their MySpace page. As I heard the remarkable similarity to Def Leppard in the refrain of the tune, I was amazed by how tight the harmony vocals were. I stuck around for the entire song and decided to play another. The next track I heard, "So Long," was just a wonderfully written track with the raspy vocals of a Cinderella or AC/DC, but the superb production and catchy hook of the song was what really got my attention. I was hearing an AC/DC energy and simplicity, with a Def Leppard gloss, and a Cinderella and Kix kind of nostalgia - and I was loving it. It seemed that this band could actually write good, melodic, hard rock songs.

As for the makeup……let's just say they wear it well. It didn't seem to stop bassist Kim Racer from landing an endorsement deal with Fender bass guitars. Singer/guitarist Markus Allen Christopher got his endorsement deal with ESP guitars. And, they even have a deal with AMT pedals.

There is not a band that knows how to use MySpace quite like Miss Crazy. This band is a newborn baby, being formed just months ago in March of 2006, but they are the most complete package available on MySpace. Managed by John Lilly of Rocket Agency (http://bandconsultant.com), they are an efficient, self-promoting machine that is poised and ready for anything that might be coming their way. With promotions being held constantly and MySpace bulletins bombarding the boards around the clock, as a MySpace "friend" they are in your face constantly. Running promotions like buy the CD and the band will autograph it, buy a t-shirt and get a phone call from the band, and buy the most t-shirts and get the band to play at your house - they utilize the many benefits of MySpace like nobody else.

I am overwhelmed by how committed this band is to their music. In the old days, these were the guys that spent two or three days leading up to a gig with a staple gun in their hands - kachunk, kachunk, kachunk, kachunk - nailing flyers to anything a staple might sink into. These are the guys that are going to make it as rock stars or die trying. A regular job to fall back on? Hell, that never entered their minds. This band is focused, desperate, and hungry to be successful, and being rock stars is their only option.

Miss Crazy is a band that carries itself like a national touring act. They are totally focused and professional like a national touring act. And, I think if you wait about 6 months to a year, you might just find that Miss Crazy really is a national touring act.
- MySpace Discovery Zone

"M!SS CRAZY Rock Eyez Review - Brian Rademacher"

San Francisco is a place of many cultures, a variety of lifestyles and the home of Alcatraz and ‘Dirty Harry,’ the perfect setting for the shocking induction of a new band, called Miss Crazy. The mystique of white painted faces, the sounds that will drive fans wild hinting at some of the great hard rock acts like AC/DC, Cinderella, Kiss and Kix will raise the red flag on a new age of rock.

I have not been this excited about a new band since Crashdiet. Miss Crazy will make you an instant fan right from the very first track “No Compromise”. It starts off with ‘Oh We Oh’ chants then bursting into an anthem style tune that just send chills down your spine. There’s gotta be something wrong with you if you don’t like this song. It has every element to be a classic with ripping guitar work by B.B. Michaels and Manfred Swann vocals by Markus Allen Christopher that explode. Markus vocals tear it up with a style that has been missing from rock music since the 80’s. His vocals are comparable to the styles of Brian Johnson (AC/DC), Tom Kiefer (Cinderella) and Steve Whiteman (Kix) to mention a few, and the range he possess is top-notch.

Don’t let their image distract you from the music; Miss Crazy is a musical force, not the fly by night picture gallery. I know when you reach “You’re Blue” you will say that is just a rip off of Cinderella’s “Nobody's Fool” but wait, the inspiration maybe there, but Miss Crazy takes that influence and creates a different animal… creating arrangements and a totally different breakdown in the riffs which to me makes it a pulsating tune.

“So Long” is another song that has the traditional sound that Kiss possessed back in the late seventies. It might be basic but remember the first Kiss album launched many top rockers in their careers when they tried imitating it. Now is the time to get this CD because it will be in a lot of collections once Miss Crazy plays Cruefest on July 15, 2006. Start your collection NOW because I can only see big, big things ahead for Miss Crazy.

- Rock Eyez


LP : M!SS CRAZY - M!SS CRAZY (2006 - RonnielandMetal Mayhem Music)

SINGLE : "Now"

RADIO AIRPLAY : 107.7 The Bone (local Bay Area station)


Feeling a bit camera shy


A generation ago, historic rock artists like Alice Cooper, David Bowie, and KISS showed your parents that they were not living in the 50’s or 60’s anymore. These legendary acts incorporated stunning imagery and stage theatrics to elevate the standards of rock performance worldwide. Many 90's bands such as Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and afi continued the tradition in spirit, all while blazing their own sonic trails. Now, from the streets of San Francisco comes a new hope, a band whose ambition is to re-ignite the flame, passion, and theatricality of rock and roll....and turn it on it’s head....

M!SS CRAZY has exploded out of the California Bay Area onto the current music scene to breathe new life into the seemingly dying landscape of arena rock, to bring back the power, the thunder, and the spectacle of the genre while honoring the visual standards set forth by their forefathers.

Some might compare M!SS CRAZY to others they grew up with, citing such riff-heavy melodic acts as Def Leppard, AC/DC, Kix, and Cinderella. But that was then....This is NOW! No other major band today sounds like M!SS CRAZY....and no other band today can compare to the sonic promise offered by their music and extraordinary live performances.

M!SS CRAZY was born out of an intense love of hard, in-your-face, anthemic, fun rock n’ roll, a genre with such a solid and respected past, laden with imagery and relying not simply on a unique look, but drawing strength and inspiration from the sheer power of their music.

M!SS CRAZY offers listeners an opportunity to taste something of the glorious past forged by their influences while also providing an exciting twist of their own that generates excitement and shivering electricity that propels their sound into the future....