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Pop canaille et mal élevée
Il y a quelques épisodes, on s’émerveillait du folk australien et atmosphérique de la douce-amère St South, qui faisait pousser du myosotis sur les cailloux. Nettement plus déviante – c’est ça, son nom d’artiste ? –, Miss DeeVee cultive, elle, du chiendent, des ronces et de sorties : obsédée par Lily Allen au pont d’en faire le sujet d’un film, elle ne jure que par cette pop canaille et mal élevée, qui jure, agite les fesses et crache au lieu de faire caniche. Et pour pousser à bloc ses obsessions pour les charts de la terre, Madonna en tête, elle a recruté aux manettes son producteur Dallas Austin, également à l’œuvre derrière Michael Jackson ou Gwen Stefani. La famille de Miss DeeVee, la vraie Miss dynamite, avec sa mitraillette à “fuck”. - Les InRocks Musique


With its rap-rocking attack and snarling b-line, the R.B D’cruze mix of ‘The Queen’ by Miss DeeVee vs StaRiaH, is more than a club favourite in the making, it is an explosive statement of intent.

Written by the ukulele playing Miss DeeVee, Dallas Austin’s latest protégée, ‘The Queen’ offers a glimpse into what is to come from an artist whose eclectic and colourful sound and humorous and candid lyrical wit is borne out of a life story made up of the stuff that films are made of.

The video, shot in West London, features a cameo from StaRiaH’s elder brother Angel himself. Let us know if you think she will become as big as her brother? - SBTV


Two of the freshest faces in music Miss DeeVee and Stariah join forces for the super battle that is 'Miss DeeVee 'The Queen' vs StaRiah' to make make the club favourite! Written by Miss DeeVee, Dallas Austin's latest protégée, the explosive track offers a glimpse of what is to come from the colourful artist.

The R.B D'cruse mix of 'The Queen' features up and coming 23 year old female rapper StaRiaH. The video, shot in West London, features a cameo from StaRiaH's elder brother, otherwise known as R&B's pop prince, Angel.

Watch below: - That Flavour


Breakfast is served. Fresh out of the oven, StaRiaH serves up a heat on ‘The Queen’ featuring Miss DeeVee. Seamlessly fusing rap, clever wordplay and street slang, the London femcee makes her debut on this R.B D’cruze mix, while honing her lyrical charisma and artistic versatility. Hooking up with Dallas Austin’s latest protégée, Miss DeeVee, the track provides a glimpse into what happens when two future music sovereigns collide. “Remember when I was younger you tapped me on the shoulder, told me I was nothing. I pray that I get older, I see you in the street trying to duck my glare and now you start runnin’, but I’m everywhere…When you f—k with the queen, don’t you f—ing know it’s treason,” DeeVee sings over the bouncy joint. The video, shot in West London, features a cameo appearance from StaRiaH’s chart-topping elder brother, Angel. Take a bite of ‘The Queen’ below. - FlavourMag


Miss Dee Vee has had rather an unsual upbringing to say the least. Her life-story is packed full of the stuff that films are made of and with a personality & eclectic sound to match, she’s certainly one to watch. The great Granddaughter of the infamous German silent film actor Carl De Vogt and the enigmatic opera singer Claire Otto, Miss Dee Vee grew up variously on an extinct volcano on the northern beaches of Sydney in the rural outback of Australia and on a commune led by the teachings of an Armenian mystic called Gurdjieff after her mother’s tumultuous relationship with her father where she was encouraged to be creative. Miss Dee Vee’s first experimentation with music came under the instruction of her Uncle Sid, a well known Fijian musician, who taught her to play ukulele which she become attached to went on to win numerous talent shows with. Something of a nomad, Miss Dee Vee left home in her teens and enrolled to study drama at NIDA (the Australian RADA) where the likes of Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett are counted among the alumni while also doing various acting jobs including bit-arts in soap favourite Home and Away before upping sticks and moving to New York. Here, she became a student of Method at the New Actors Workshop but not all that enthralled with her experience and unable to deny her true passion of music, Miss Dee Vee cut her losses to pursue her ultimate dream: to be a recording artist. While waitressing and gigging, flitting between her aunt’s house in Long Island and her ‘rented tiny shithole’ in the East Village, Miss Dee Vee met her manager who put her in contact with a certain hugely successful record producer by the name of Dallas Austin (Madonna, Michael Jackson, Pink, Gwen Stefani, TLC). After hitting it off and Dallas being blown away by Miss Dee Vee’s unique talent, he whisked her off to Atlanta to begin working on her debut record which he is Executive Producer of. Coupling her candid lyrics and undeniable melodies with a sound that fuses R&B with rap and heartfelt ballads with humorous pop, Miss Dee Vee aim’s to transcend genres for a broad appeal to everyone. Now residing in Ladbroke Grove, West London, Miss Dee Vee is set to release her debut single ‘The Queen’, an infectious rap-rocking attack that gives you a glimpse into what you can expect from the forthcoming album and acts as a perfect introduction. Look out for the ace remix video featuring rising rapper Stariyah which also features a cameo from her brother –none other than R&B’s pop prince 'Angel'

- See more at: http://renownedforsound.com/index.php/introducing-miss-dee-vee-uk/#sthash.nGEE4Jam.dpuf - Renowned For Sound


Australian born singer Miss Dee Vee has currently been working on her upcoming debut studio album, but now residing in London, HTF had the lovely pleasure of catching up with her. We chatted about her musical inspirations, her upcoming single ‘The Queen’ as well as her plans for the rest of this year.

HTF: For those people who haven’t heard your music before how would you describe your sound?

Miss Dee Vee: Brazen HipPop influenced by the ukulele. It’s very eclectic.

HTF: You come from quite a musical background, did that influence your decision to pursue music as a career?

Miss Dee Vee: Yes.

HTF: You did various acting work before choosing your music career, what made you choose acting over music? Would you ever go back to acting?

Miss Dee Vee: I didn’t choose acting, I auditioned for NIDA (Australia’s RADA) on a whim and surprisingly got in. But, after studying acting for several years and bored of pretending to be an apple, I found myself pining for my first love – music. And no, I wouldn’t go back to acting.

HTF: Who would you say are you musical inspirations?

Miss Dee Vee: Johnny Cash, Blondie, Madonna, Sinead O Connor, A Tribe Called Quest, Eminem, Biggie, P!nk and all the great storytellers. Oh and plus my guilty secret… Kylie.

HTF: What’s your favourite artist or song at the moment?

Miss Dee Vee: My favourite artist at the minute is Ellie Goulding and my fav song is Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men.

HTF: Your single ‘The Queen’ is set for release on August 12th but the music video has already been unveiled – what’s the response been like to it so far?

Miss Dee Vee: My friends have gone nuts. My Mum has told me to stop swearing! And everyone else has been cool.

HTF: Where did your inspiration for ‘The Queen’ come from?

Miss Dee Vee: It’s semi autobiographical and I wanted to write a record that talked about all the strong women that inspired me and hopefully to motivate other girls to just keep going – it can be tough for us ladies.

HTF: The music video features a cameo from Keith Flint from The Prodigy – how did that come about?

Miss Dee Vee: Keith and my manager are good friends. He is renowned for not appearing in anyone’s videos. I had to nervously play him the record and if he loved it he would appear in the video – I guess he loved it!

HTF: You’ve been working with the hugely successful recording producer Dallas Austin in Atlanta – what has the writing and recording process been like?

Miss Dee Vee: Working with Dallas in Atlanta was fun, fun, fun! He has such a mind-blowing set up with multi studios in one building – it’s a factory of creativity with all these mad musical scientists jumping in and out of each others rooms. I was going from room to room picking up invaluable ideas from different producers/musicians and stealing them for my album. I have to make a special mention to all the soul food spots in Atlanta where I spent a lot of my time stuffing my face whilst conjuring up new lyrics!

HTF: What details can you reveal about a forthcoming album and what can we expect from it?

Miss Dee Vee: I can tell you the album is called ‘Don’t Get Mad Get Even’. It’s a provocative album. Hopefully, it will make people, especially girls, stand up for themselves, trust their instincts and don’t take life too seriously. It’s a philosophical slice of life. The album is eclectic with influences from pop to hip hop to reggae to punk and piano laced epic ballads – apparently my forte.

HTF: Do you have any plans to do any live shows or tours any time soon?

Miss Dee Vee: Yes! I’m doing spot gigs at the moment and I’m trying to badger the amazing King Charles to take me on the road.

HTF: Who would you love to tour or collaborate with?

Miss Dee Vee: I’d love to collaborate with Eminem – that would be mad! And I’d love to tour with Muse.

HTF: What have you got planned for the rest of 2013?

Miss Dee Vee: Well I’m stepping up my gigs cause I love playing live and I have some mad collaborations coming up. I’m an obsessive writer so I’m writing my second, third and fourth albums.

Miss Dee Vee’s debut single ‘The Queen’ will be released on August 12th and you can check out the music video to it below.

Interview by: Sophie Sinclair

- See more at: http://www.hitthefloor.com/music/introducing-miss-dee-vee#sthash.y5OXOMCU.dpuf - Hit The Floor Magazine


Miss DeeVee...like Madonna, Kylie, or one of the Spice Girls when they went solo, with added F-bombs

Hometown: Bilgola Plateau, Australia.

The lineup: Miss DeeVee (vocals, music).

The background: Miss DeeVee is the only new artist we've featured this year who grew up on an extinct volcano and then on a commune led by the teachings of an Armenian mystic called Gurdjieff. She's the only one whose grandparents were a silent movie star and an opera singer and whose gay dad is in a relationship with a transgender male.

The 25-year-old, half-German, half-Australian, is the only one to have appeared in Home and Away, studied drama at NIDA (the Australian RADA) and NYC's New Actors Workshop, and to have made a documentary, called Looking for Lily Allen, that saw her ambushing celebrities such as Noel Gallagher, Russell Brand and the Saturdays in search of the witty pop songstrel. She's also the only one to have gone from zero to working with Dallas Austin (producer of Michael Jackson, Madonna, Pink, Gwen Stefani, TLC, Sugababes and Girls Aloud), seemingly overnight. Austin is the Executive Producer of Miss DeeVee's album, Don't Get Mad, Get Even. It also features graduates from the Paul McCartney-founded Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, but that's not quite in the same league of wow fact generation.

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More pertinent is that it includes her observations about the seamier side of relationships, complete with F-bombs that she drops with alarming regularity, even - especially - when the melody and beat are sweet. It's as though she wants to test radio programmers. Or it's more simply because, in her mind, her music is in the same tradition of determinedly uncompromising rock'n'roll (term used at its broadest) as her heroes Johnny Cash, Eminem and Biggie Smalls. "Seriously," she insists. "I. Don't. Give. A. Fuck. Really, I just want to make some noise."

Now, to be honest - and even given that we are, as we say, using terms here at their broadest - "noise" doesn't exactly convey what it is Miss DeeVee does. What she does sounds like Madonna, Kylie, or one of the Spice Girls when they went solo, with added "fucks", as though she dearly wants success but has swearing Tourette's. Her new single, the Queen, is rap lite, with a video bearing an unexpected cameo from Keith Flint of the Prodigy, but it's unrepresentative of the album. The latter opens with the Cab, which is like Geri Haliwell squirming with delight at the back of a taxi as the driver plays Justify My Love on his car stereo. It's typical of DeeVee's output and like most of the record shinily conventional considering how unorthodox her upbringing was. The lyrics are also pretty straight, unless we're reading them wrong and they're subtle deconstructions of pop tropes. "I'm going to double-dare you: let's get fucked tonight," she sings on Crazy, her sugary vocal suddenly assuming a subversive quality. Masochistic State of Mind is one of many tracks on the album detailing abusive relationships where the unpleasantness is sugared by upbeat pop or soul arrangements.

In fact, the best tracks are the ones where the split between caustic lyrics and candy melodies is most extreme. Take a Pill is an infectious critique of "affluenza", the First World syndrome that finds wealthy middle-class types popping pills for non-existent maladies, "sedating themselves instead of getting to the root of the problem". Daddy Dearest is an ode to her old man ("he's such a prick") set to a cutesy melody. On Slice of Life, over a perky rhythm reminiscent of True Blue, DeeVee is recovering from the hangover from hell as she wanders bleary-eyed through London. "I wish to god they'd shut the fuck up," she says of the birds tweeting in the sunshine. And then, a line that sounds like a declaration of intent: "I don't give a shit - okay?" Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't, but the point is, unless she removes the language, it won't matter either way.

The buzz: "Her life-story is packed full of the stuff that films are made of, and with a personality and eclectic sound to match, she's certainly one to watch."

The truth: She's quite a character - maybe too characterful.

Most likely to: Cause a fuss.

Least likely to: Stop cussing.

What to buy: Debut single the Queen is released today.

File next to: Madonna, Kylie, Pink, DeeDee Loves Me.

Links: missdeevee.com.
- The Guardian





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