Miss Dress  (Zweitfrau)
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Miss Dress (Zweitfrau)

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EP "Erstkontakt" ("First contact") via Monkey Music
- Release Date A: Jan 16th, 2005
Single "Schnitt" ("Shit")
- Release Date A: Jun13th, 2005
Single „Alles dreht sich“ (“Everything turns”) via Warner Music Group
- Release A: Feb 9th, 2007 / G: May 11th, 2007
- Peaks: Nr. 30 of German Airplay Trend Charts, Nr. 29 of Austrian Single Charts
- Theme song to „Talk ohne Show“ with Bärbel Schäfer (weekly, N24)
- Amadeus Austrian Music Awards 2007 nomination – category: „Newcomer of the Year“
- Prelude of the campaign „The New Austrians“ from the biggest Austrian radio station OE3 (alongside Christina Stuermer and many more)

Single „Dicke Weiber & Roulette“ (“Big girls & roulette”) via Strange Cat Records
– Release A/G: Jun 6th, 2008

Single „Intensiv“ (“Intense”) via Strange Cat Records
-Release A: Oct 5th, 2007 / G: Nov 14th, 2008
-Peaks: # 20 of Austrian Single Charts, # 7 of OE3 Listeners’ Charts, # 15 of Go TV Single Record Charts, # 17 of Go TV Video Charts
- Amadeus Award 2008 nomination – Category: „Music Download of the Year“
- Austrian Newcomer Award Winner – Category: Video of Single „Intensiv“ (Video: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=KaFokh1YvkU)

Album „Rueckendeckung“ via Strange Cat Records
- Release A: Feb 1st, 2008 / G: Jan 16th, 2009
- Peak: # 32 of Austrian Album Charts




„If I want something to taste good, I’ve got to do it myself. I know what satisfies my taste buds.” Ice cream and cotton candy. Blood, sweat, and tears. Now, how does that match? Naturally of course. At least when it comes to ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS. In this full loaded package you can definitely taste the sugar as well as the heart’s blood. ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS has developed into a creative team by now: the band, 912 Studios, Superplus+ and their own label Strange Cat Records. No sign of any casting couches or contests. Just one big family. Always noncompetitive. It’s always been about the music from scratch. To them “RÜCKENDECKUNG” (“REAR COVER”) means: You can focus on the future. Be reassured – I’ve got your back. “Music is this family’s offspring – we watched it grow. And somehow more and more people seem to be watching.”

Edgy lyrics, multifarious guitars, luscious beats and fresh sounds. All self-made. Just like a garden. You taste, feel and hear the love, devotion and hard work. Anyone who has ever seen ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS perform live, knows how diversified this band really is – they fly but still keep both feet on the ground. Intensive – in every way, since the lifeblood of Rock Music is the sweat on stage. ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS says:“Through our music we share a part of our souls with the world surrounding us. We want to touch and be touched.”
Independent, tantalizing, experienced, capable of transformation and strong. ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS was born in 2004, with Diana Lueger singing and sometimes playing the drums, Lex on the bass and Martin on the guitar. This trio, which is at the same time the personnel core of the new band, has known one another since their school days in 1993 – matured friendship is what this team is built on. In combination with keyboarder Piotr and Markus on the drums, they always produce just the right amount of goosebumps and ecstasy also on stage.

German Rolling Stone wrote: “… singers to pertinently change the Silbermond-genre: ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS. The singles: “Alles dreht sich” (“Everything turns”) and “Intensiv” (“Intense”) are almost Coldplay-like tearjerkers for auditoriums but they can also go hard. So all schmaltzy ladies better watch out!” Unquote.

Front lady Diana has been well-known in the music industry for some time now. She played funky beats as a drummer for Richard Dorfmeister and Rodney Hunter, just to mention a few. After having spent one year in L.A. and having done some exciting collaborations with namable producers such as Richard Stites (Outkast, Bubba Sparxx, Michael Jackson) and John Dixson (Lenny Kravitz), it was about time to implement all the gained experience in music using her own mother tongue.

So when ZWEITFRAU MEETS MISS DRESS strikes a balance, the result is nothing to sneeze at: 2007 and 08 they played over 100 gigs in Austria, Germany and Switzerland including interludes for P!nk, Silbermond, and Revolverheld and a performance at the grand opening of the Vienna Festival Weeks, where the band showed us what they’ve got live. They were also nominated for the “Austrian Grammy” which is called “Amadeus Award 2007 and 2008”.

Their first single record “Alles dreht sich” (“Everything turns”) was released by Warner Music Germany and made it’s way into the top 30 of the German airplay charts. The single record “Intensiv” (“Intense”) – a modern, emotional, intensive pop/rock-ballad – cruised the Austrian Top 20. The debut album “Rückendeckung” (Rear Cover”) went straight up to #32 in the Austrian Album Charts.

With rotation on Antenne Bayern, Jump, Sputnik, Radio Fritz, NDR 2, Bremen 4 and other radio stations – also in Austria, where OE3 massively promotes the band as one of the “New Austrians”, listeners have highly responded to additional powerplay on KroneHit, 88.6, Welle 1, Radio Max and Antenne.

- http://www.zweitfrau.com/
- www.missdressmusic.com (coming soon)

- http://www.myspace.com/zweitfrau
- www.myspace.com/missdressmusic (coming soon)

- 2007/2008 100 concerts in Germany/Austria/Switzerland
- P!NK, Silbermond and Revolverheld support
- Jump Arena 2007 (MDR Jump Open Air Tour)