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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Electronic Pop


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Miss Geo Release New EP Shapes, Review"

On Miss Geo's latest EP "Shapes"
“it’s definitely worth your time–trust me. Even if you don’t trust me, listen to it–it’ll be the best twenty minutes you spend all month…Shapes crams enough synths, pop hooks and dance-worthy drum beats to keep you dancing for the next month.” -Dan Mcmahon, The Deli Magazine - The Deli Magazine

"Discover The Undiscovered: Miss Geo"

The two came together to create a perfect match of fuzz and synth that can be found on their self-titled album. Get to know Miss Geo. - FILTER Magazine

"Today's Replay: Indifference - Miss Geo"

The force that is Miss Geo has released another single off their upcoming EP, Shapes, out next week. Indifferénce adds a new level of the collaborative ingenuity of Abby & Paz to the Miss Geo sound, by incorporating french lyrics and experimental production into the mix. This is another cerebral-electronic progression for the duo, taking on darker and dynamic elements to achieve a cyber space-age ambient effect. The subtle undercurrent of grooving guitar leading into the driving breakdown really showcases the amazing instrumental development that Miss Geo is known for. Overall, experimental yet central is how I would describe this tune, due to winding and fierce variety of vocal-form staggered throughout the track. The evolution and vision that the duo has taken on the EP is really stellar. Can't wait to hear more. - IndieBeat

"That New Sound You're Looking For."

Somewhat dangerous beginning aside, these girls have talent. Their newest release, “Waves,” is a celestial dream reminiscent of late 80s pop-heavy synth and lingering melodies that complement each other like peanut butter and chocolate. Miss Geo is exploding onto the Boston music scene like the Big Bang—pushing the boundaries of the indie pop genre and reinventing the definition of pop throughout the indie-verse and beyond. - The Boston Dig

"New Single Waves from Miss Geo"

Miss Geo is finally ready to put up some glorious new electro-dance grooves, and I couldn’t be more excited about it. The newest single “Waves” is full of fun, catchy synth lines. I can’t wait to hear what Miss Geo has planned for the album. I’m sure it will be nothing short of wicked awesome. - The Deli Magazine

"Miss Geo Release "Mouse on the Moon" Single, Announce April 19 EP Release Show"

The first day of spring brings with it flowers, warm weather and dreams of summertime beach hangouts--unless you live in New England; then it brings 25 degree temperatures and forecasts of snow for the weekend. Fortunately for all of you readers (within and without the Northeast), I’ve got just the thing to usher in the spring season: a new track from Boston’s beloved electro-pop duo Miss Geo. “Mouse on The Moon” is off their forthcoming EP, Shapes, due out April 19. I’ve been a fan of Miss Geo for awhile, and “Mouse on The Moon” certainly lives-up to my expectations. The track gives off a very open sound, with the listener feeling as though they’re floating in space, watching synth notes pass by on their way to a trendy intergalactic dance party.

If you’re as anxious as I am to hear the rest of the new EP, check out Miss Geo’s EP release show on April 19 at the Middle East Upstairs. The show, presented by Lysten Boston, also features ColorGrave, Casey Desmond and Child Actor.

For more updates about Miss Geo, click here. For more info about the April 19 show, visit the Facebook event page.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn) - The Deli Magazine

"Listen to Miss Geo’s pixelated new space-age synth pop single, ‘Mouse On The Moon’"

We were instantly hooked on the synth pop stylings of Boston duo Miss Geo ever since they dropped debut single “Waves” a little over a year ago. The team of Abby and Paz — if you need a last name, just refer to “Geo” — have spent the past 15 months or so perfecting their yearning brand of electronic pop, and today launch from the initial rounds on the beach straight up to the sky in new single “Mouse On The Moon“.

The track, which vibrates and purrs along in pixelated, glitchy pop fantasy, is the first taste of new music off their coming Shapes EP, due this spring.

The Lysten Boston record release party goes down April 19 at the Middle East in Cambridge, and it’s a good one. Joining Miss Geo on the neon bill are Casey Desmond, the debut show from ColorGrave (who we hyped last week) and Connecticut dream-pop luminaries Child Actor. - Vanyaland

"Alternative Rising Acts: The Power of Social Media"

A nice mix.. combined with innovative Ra Ra Riot type 80s backgrounds, all with an underlying layer of subtle Blondie elements. A lot of their early music also reminds me of Beach House and Best Coast (Beach Coast, maybe?) - Indie Beat Music

"Local Spotlight: Miss Geo"

Miss Geo has managed to develop a sound that is uniquely theirs..Even with only two members, the music of the duo often feels rich, vibrant, and deep. - The Sound of Boston

"Alternative Rising Acts: The Power of Social Media"

Speaking of French indie rising artists, half of my absolute favorite Alternative Rising Act is french too—there must be something in the water. The second band that I found on Myspace was the stellar Miss Geo. Composed of guitarist and lead singer Abby Gutierrez, and synth player/backup vocalist Paz, the Boston duo is an amazing explosion of electro indie-pop sounds. They have a nice mix of heavenly Tegan and Sara sounding vocals, combined with innovative Ra Ra Riot type 80s backgrounds, all with an underlying layer of subtle Blondie elements. Doesn’t that sound amazing? A lot of their early music also reminds me of Beach House and Best Coast (Beach Coast, maybe?). What I’m trying to say is, Miss Geo takes the best elements of indie pop music and creatively combines them to make it a unique cohesive sound of utter perfection.
Do you hear what I mean? The only thing that makes me happier than their music is that I can now say I am somewhat friends with the duo. I’m anxiously awaiting an album from the girls, that I’m told they’re working hard on for next year. For now, they have a new single out that is just as addicting as the rest of their work: Waves
I cannot wait for a chance to see them live and to meet them in person. I can continue to rave about them, but instead I strongly recommend you read their interview with Dig Boston for more on their beginning and creativity process. For now, I’ll just indulge in their music. I can just feel that they will soon make it big and make me a proud fan. 
Social Media helped me discover these great bands, and that’s why I am such a strong proponent of it as a tool for artists. As for the bands, the music speaks for itself, and I’m ready for a long successful journey with all three. - Indie Beat Music

"New Single "Waves" from Miss Geo"

Miss Geo is finally ready to put forth some glorious new electro-dance grooves, and I couldn't be more excited about it. Their newest single, "Waves", is full of the fun, catchy melodies and snyth lines that I first came to enjoy when I reviewed a disc of theirs a couple of years ago. I can't wait to hear what Miss Geo has planned for the rest of the album, but I'm sure it will be nothing short of wicked awesome.

If you're in the area, Miss Geo will be playing The Middle East Upstairs on October 21. Show starts at 8PM. Tickets are $10, 18+ with proper ID.

-Dan McMahon (@dmcmhn) - The Deli Magazine

"Boston Band Crush"

Miss Geo gently prods this song awake like it is a beloved pet and she’s ready to bring it out for a walk to meet the neighbors, the neighbors being the listener. The main characters in this mix are a duo of clean toned guitars that converse with each other as much as they regard us in their sound. Panned left and right respectively, the left favors the midtones and the right stays in the higher registers, brightening up the arrangement with bright melodies.

Miss Geo herself stands in the middle of these two entities, putting words to fill in the spaces left by her otherwise mute companions. Her voice is breathy yet elastic – able to flow smoothly through the air yet tensile and strong enough to be able to carry a melody win style and grace – and a bit of feline power. The melody is sleek and silky, even in the more-powerful strains of the chorus. Abby Gutierrez displays the vocal agility of throwback heroes such as Juliana Hatfield, with the sweetly aloof manner of one who knows she’s doing it right so why push it?

The melody of this song is cool – it’s too cool to care that it’s too cool to care, if you can dig that. While “Half-Assed” is clearly in no hurry to move anywhere, it still retains a highly mobile nature, as if it is able to fake to the left and go to the right and vice versa. The fluidity of the song comes from that center joint that is Gutierrez’s vocal – the bending twist of her melody pumps and pistons to drive this song from deep below and behind its half-closed big brown eyes. This notion is an excellent one to express the feel of this track – it could open wide and really charm the heck out of you, but instead it’s going to make you intrigued enough to work for it – and end up charmed anyway. - Boston Band Crush

"The Deli Magazine"

Hailing from Rhode Island, indie-pop artist Miss Geo is ready to make a big impact on the New England music scene, and with an album like The Story, it’s hard not to be impressed. The album contains some of the best vocal tracks I’ve heard from a local artist in a long time. The project serves as a solo outlet for leading lady Abby Gutierrez.  Her voice is a wonderful combination of Tegan and Sara with a splash of Metric thrown in for good measure.

Gutierrez seems to have cracked the code for crafting perfect pop songs; her track Snake Soiree being a prime example of her talent. The long, slow build-up of the verse into a full-on synth-laden dance party chorus is brilliant. Once again, I found myself dancing in my chair as I typed this review.

Gutierrez’ talents extend far deeper than just instrumentation or orchestration of songs. Her lyrical descriptions are quite striking. Fore xample, in Snake Soiree she described her significant other as being “muter than the silent film stars”, an image that I found to be very powerful.

This collection of songs is well-worth a listen (or two, or three). I would not be surprised to hear her songs start showing up on the radio (they certainly have enough hooks and pop-clarity). If my ravings about Miss Geo haven’t yet convinced you of Gutierrez’ skills, head on over to the Miss Geo Myspace page or check Miss Geo out live (accompanied by her live band consisting of fellow musicians Jessy Bartlett, Chris Mendoza, and James Wilhelmsen).

- The Deli Magazine

"Miss Geo "The Story""

Should be called Miss Neo because her music made me enter a Matrix-like world of rich, dreamy guitar pop. - Roctober Magazine

"Miss Geo Mastering"

Miss Geo is a Rhode Island-based singer songwriter. Her new album, The Story, is an excruciatingly (yes) catchy indie-pop record with clever lyrics and tons of stand out tracks. - FixYourMix Blog

"Miss Geo"

Do you like Tegan and Sara? How about Heavenly? OK, what about The Breeders? If you answered “yes” to any or all of those questions, I recommend that you check out this one-girl band. Her lyrics and songwriting are very well done, and she has a way with her voice to make you want to listen again and again. Very nice indie pop from a Rhode Island musician.
- Uncharted Radio

"Broken Wrists"

This is a wonderful sounding track. The arrangement is extremely well-constructed, voice sounds very expressive, and the melody line imbeds itself into the listener's consciousness after just one listen. I personally love the way the performance builds in intensity as the arrangement unfolds. I'm also taken by what I perceive to be intensely personal lyrics. - Taxi

"From the Ladies"

Allow me to first introduce one Miss Geo...To my ears, there's an unmistakable trace of Juliana Hatfield, a la In Exile Deo (though she hopefully eats better), as well as slight shades of the Smashing Pumpkins. Don't think of her as a grunge throwback rip-off, though, as she does an admirable job of creating a sound all her own.
- Les Enfants Terribles

"Breaking Geography"

This is one to watch out for, and I definitely recommend checking out her album.
Anyway, this is probably a standout off the album. It’s called Broken Wrists and this is the track that reminded me of Frente! the most.
- Me and All My Friends Blog


2014 - Self Titled EP
2015 - Shapes EP

To be released in Fall 2016 - "Connection" Full-length



Miss Geo
Driven by the need to bridge the gap between artist and listener, Miss Geo's debut studio album "Connection" is an exploratory journey into the emotions that bind people together. Primarily mixed by Rob Arbelo (Brain Tan), with a contributing track mixed by Matthew Beaudoin (St. Vincent, Ryan Adams), "Connection" brings Miss Geo's distinct instrumental and lyrical aesthetic to the forefront, and introduces them to the public.
Each song represents a different emotion, and morphs stylistically from the dirty electro underground beats and fuzzy dance bass lines of 'Miles from Home' and 'Techno Entry', to the sheen melodic synth layers of 'Sea Between', and stretches higher to the dream pop bohemian rhythms heard in 'Daydreaming'.
The songs are further articulated by the lyrics and melodies that help personify each emotion. ‘Sea In Between’ explores hope and youthful exuberance: "We're love and lust and bones, all the places we could go." 'Answers' reflects on betrayal. It's the confession you've always wanted from a swindler, who broke your heart: “I know it hurts when you're playing for keeps, but just let go cause knives cut too deep." While their dance anthem 'Techno Entry' is an encounter with a moment of indecision; "You turn to face it; good luck, just make a move...the past and future they both talk."
The Boston-based band first gained exposure in 2014 when Filter Magazine picked up their first single "Waves" and described their songs as a "perfect mix of fuzz and synth". Consisting of an international pair, Pascaline Mary (hailing from Paris, France) manages the synths and backing vocals, and Abby Heredia (Filipino-American) takes the helm on the lead vocals and guitar. They were brought together by chance at the Apple store while attending a recording demonstration, and found themselves bonding over similar musical influences and their mutual love of the DIY music making process. They write, record, and produce all their songs.
Since their formation, they have released two EP's (Self Titled, and Shapes) which have gained a stream of recognition within the blogsphere. They've also been invited as supporting acts for The Blow, Lovers, and Robert Delong among others.
In 2016, they added a third live member to the mix, Polish multimedia artist Alex Miklowski on bass. In regards to what they hope to accomplish with this release and their live shows, Mary says; "We embraced our joy and darkness in this album. After spending time exploring different creative processes, we feel it's a new fusion point for us as a band." Heredia adds, "Each song represents an emotion and interpretation of our experiences. Our lives are so intertwined and we hope people can feel something from it."
Their full-length album "Connection" is scheduled for release September 16th and will be accompanied by a national tour.

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