Missile Silo Suite

Missile Silo Suite


The music of Missile Silo Suite plays like a dynamic, melodic, rock and roll tryst between two very dirty guitars (not afraid to show their clean and sensitive side,) and passionate female vocals, both gritty and graceful.


Young, attractive, five piece rock band from St. Louis seeks passionate, adventurous listeners for full-on female fronted action, hardcore aural pleasure, and possible long term relationship. Age unimportant. Will travel!

With influences ranging from Jawbreaker, Pearl Jam, Stone Temple Pilots, and Led Zepplin, to Jeff Buckley, Tori Amos, and David Bowie, Missile Silo Suite is creating a sound that is unexpected, sexy, smart, and wickedly rock and roll.
Missile Silo Suite's debut full length release, "Holding Pattern," with producers J. Christopher Hughes and Jacob Detering sets the evolving band off to an impressive start. Raw and provocative, melodic guitar interplay by Anthony Spinali and A.D. Thurston, coupled with the agressive lock-tight rhythm section of drummer Jamie Perryman and bassist Christopher Bosslet, and the dynamic power of Sarah Laak's sultry, soaring vocals and insightful lyrics makes the chemistry of MSS undeniable. Their songs deliver enduring hooks that are distinctly radio savvy but won't leave you hating youself in the morning.
MSS has just released the EP, "Companion Fare," and is well into the recording process of a second full length album (to be released on indie label, Red Pill) in addition to almost constant local and regional live shows and showcases at music conferences and festivals (most recently the MECA conference in Chicago.)

Missile Silo Suite also enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelight dinners, and board games by the fire.


Black Cloud Man

Written By: Sarah Laak

I've got the worst luck of anyone I know, he said. Then he smiled, shook his head. I can't seem to get ahead. It's always two steps back and I find myself in another messy bed, that I made. And the orchestra plays. How will our faithful hero save the day?
And now the perfect sky is clouding over. Under the perfect sky, there he goes it's the Black Cloud Man.

And he wonders why a sun so warm, so soon begins to burn. He remembers when a taste so sweet, on his lips began to turn.

Thoughts fight like lovers late at night, she said. Turn the light off, just come to bed. You're not gonna sort it all out tonight with your mind still casting shadows on the wall, of monsters, and demons, and never quite getting it right.

And now the perfect sky is clouding over. Under the perfect sky, there he goes it's the black cloud man.


"Holding Pattern" full length release 2003
"Companion Fare" EP release 2005

"Call Tomorrow," "Mercury," "Days" and "Dream On" have enjoyed frequent spins on St. Louis radio, MWB radio on the web, and countless college radio stations in the Midwest.

Set List

Sets can range anywhere from 10 songs (30-45 minutes) to 30 songs (1hr and 40 min- 2 hrs)

Call Tomorrow
He Said
Tell Me Sylvia
Good Girls Lie
Sister Rose andd Mr. Clean
Under the Big Top
The Revolution
I Know Why
Black Cloud Man
Blood Brother
Holiday Inn
Last Best Day
So Slow
New Knife
No Particular Villain
Both Feet
The Conversation we never finished
Two for the Team

Becoming- Tripstar
Dream On- Aerosmith
The Ocean- Led Zepplin
Even flow- Pearl Jam
Shit List- L7
Missionary Man- The Eurhythmics