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A warning: weapon of mass distraction Missill is once more taking to her joy pads. She is back and Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong and others better make way. A DJ, producer and graphic designer, Missill has no shortage of super-powers.


A warning: weapon of mass distraction Missill is once more taking to her joy pads. She is back and Mario, Sonic, Donkey Kong and others better make way. A DJ, producer and graphic designer, Missill has no shortage of super-powers.

For her new album, self-made wonder-woman Missill has created a new universe, ‘Kawaii,’ or ‘cute’ in Japanese. This super-coloured, pixelated universe is populated with pixel art and 8-bit sounds and the latest trends in electronic sound. Hyperactive Missill’s need to express herself in this way comes through both in her music and in her graphic design in equal measure, which combine brilliantly on this latest album.

Missill: a Success Story

Missill is a character rich in sound and in colour. Her trademark, an eclectic musical style and a contagious energy on stage are an explosive mix which make her live sets unique. Much more than a hit making machine, Missill is a genuine performer. With style and dexterity, she echoes the enthusiasm of the crowds that come to see her.

A pioneer of the electro-urban scene throughout the best part of the noughties she has spread the word in the biggest clubs across the globe, flirting with genres such as Electro, Hip hop, Techno, House, Booty, Fidget, Dubstep and bass music. She takes the best of what is going on in the world of DJs and electronic music and develops it into a style which is very much her own.

Independent, with a universal appeal but most importantly super talented, Missill regards her performance on stage as a badge of honour. From her first release, the compilation ‘Mash Up’ in 2005 to the release of her album ‘Targets’ in 2008, her reputation has continued to grow. Touring international clubs and festivals, taking in more than 500 dates in 6 years across 30 different countries as well as appearing on the cover of the best known magazines (including the UK’s clubbing bible DJ Mag who have supported her from the beginning), her rise to fame has been meteoric.

Missill’s success has been as much driven by the public as by the media: the perfect mix.

Kawaii: the new album

Missill has given herself a rare break from her non-stop schedule to concentrate on the production of this, her second album. The concept is simple: the video game. Images and sound, two in one, a great subject for an artistic challenge. Vintage samples in the style of an Atari ST or a Game Boy not only guarantee that 8-Bit sound but also the pixel art aesthetic. These twelve tracks come together with their many layers of rhythm, a sort of retro-futuristic soundtrack and a crossover between electronic and urban musical styles.

Games of course have to have characters, and that concept is interpreted on the album by a line up as varied as it is talented. Rye Rye, takes on the role of our heroine Kawaii with MC Dynamite playing the monster Terrible Square, the two making for an impressive duo for the irresistible anthem ‘Kawaii,’ beautifully assisted by the lilting tones of J-Pop. Yarah Bravo, never too far from the scene, brings the mighty ‘Fire,’ a potential hit with its bouncing bass line. On ‘The Invincible’ Spoek Mathambo busts out his self-confessed deadly rhymes with the help of some ‘Magic Potion.’ The track ‘Feel That Bit’ tends towards the cutesy but that doesn’t last long with the following track, the devastating ‘Chuppa’ being one to totally bug out to. A word of warning: the supersonic power of this electro-rock banger could totally explode your energy bar. And with that, Kawaii is finished. Phew! Game Over. A five star album. Play again.

Missill: the concept

Avant-garde and high tech, Missill thinks big and in high definition, covering every angle. A control freak by nature, when she’s at the helm, she designs, creates and oversees her artistic vision, setting her vision out in every conceivable and sometimes inconceivable ways. On stage, Missill’s other favourite place to be, every song comes with its own video animation, controlled by the ‘Missill game Girl,’ a cross between a MIDI controller and an arcade console, something which Missill designed herself. To achieve this, she surrounded herself with what is in the world of VJs, the best of best, in the form of the British artist Seeper: watch out for your eyes! So that you can stay connected to Kawaii- world, Missill, has even designed an iPhone app in the shape of a platform game.

Missill is a pioneer, turning her back on the established way of doing things. She creates music in 3D, developing musical video games, mixing images to the beat. She creates a sound track and imagery that transport you to a cartoon and vividly colourful world. Bye bye Kitty, hello Missill. Boom!


2008: Album "Targets"

2010: Album "Kawaii"