issinfluence, AKA Pram Pram, a reggae dancehall artist has set a goal to cover and be at the top .

a “Musical Mission” for all to follow

Missinfluence was born in November, an official 80’s baby! You can say she was born into music. As a child, her father, a prestigious bass player, had various artist coming over for band rehearsal as she stat on the steps to watched her dad play with the band, at that time she knew she loved music.

In her early teenage years Missinfluence wrote her 1st dancehall song called “ Man in Jamaica” (which has yet to be recorded) but still was indecisive about making music her career. Pram Pram Attended Long Island University in Brooklyn , New York and Majored in biology. After collage , she decided to start a family and began working in “Corporate America” at that time she recorded for the 1st time a song called ‘ Are you Vex” and at that moment she knew she wanted her profession to a recording artist . She states “ the booth is my sanctuary, I can free up and be myself”.

Being raised in New York, her musical style is very versatile which cannot be compare to any other dancehall artist. She is inspired by so many great dancehall artist such as Super Cat , Buju Banton Bounty Killa, Patra and Lady saw

and has worked with many artist, producers and engineers such as MRC (From Holland), Kisko Hype ( Studio 91), D Dog (Padlock records), Movie Star ( Movie Star Productions) Wolf Mugz and Dvinchi Kode ( Elite Souljaz).. Just to name a few

These Talented individuals help put forth Missinfluence’s musical vision. She continues to work on may projects .. So look out for … Misssinfluence Baby………


Lipstick War
Pram Pram