missing autumn

missing autumn

 Bakersfield, California, USA

A wise man once told us, " There is this wall, you can climb over the wall, dig under the wall, or even run through the wall, yet one stays behind and one moves forward."

Missing Autumn plays some rockin' Folk-Rock music!


When Missing Autumn formed in 2003 in Bakersfield, California, the band set out to create music for people that reflects the struggles of life and the irony that follows. From Alternative, Hard Rock to Acoustic, Folk-Rock, Missing Autumn brings a Dave Mathews southern rock feel to their performance and to their audience.

Over the years, the band started with 4 members with instruments of two guitars, bass, and drums to a 7 piece, eclectic line-up that includes wash-board, violin, harmonica, trumpet, and multiple vocal and percussion arrangements. Missing Autumn has been steady performers playing in venues along Southern California at places including Rusty's Surf Ranch, Blue Cafe, the Wire, Fishlips, Trips, Billy O's, So Cal Rock Revolution Festival, and Rockin Roots Festival.