Missing DuFrenes

Missing DuFrenes


Post-punk energy with durable pop hooks.


Missing DuFrenes began as sound coming from open mics, living rooms and basements around Denver. For years, the songs of Jonathan Snyder could only be heard by those whom he happened to cross paths with, while a guitar was handy. After years of warming the bench of Denver's music scene, it was time to get in the game and Missing DuFrenes was formed. The DuFrenes have gone on to turn heads and tap toes with sparkling pop-hooks and well crafted song writing. The DuFrenes have a sound that's edgy yet accessible combining punk-rock energy with pop sensibility. Each song is different in sound and story, and has a clever ability to "tell it how it is."

Over the years Missing DuFrenes have won over crowds, and empty bars, by putting on consistently tight performances with an invigorating drive. Missing DuFrenes has shared the stage with notable acts such as the Supersuckers, Muimy Troll, Tigercity and the High Strung.

Pop sensibility, balanced by a compulsion to make a lot of good ol' rock noise. -Eryc Eyl, Mile High Makeout

Invigorating drive and scintillating guitar work, with melodic hooks that sidestep the cheesiness that plagued most later-era pop-punk bands.

Set List

We have over an hour and a half of material, but usually play sets about 45 minutes in length.