Missing Mason

Missing Mason


We're a rock-n-roll band that incorporates influences from Pink Floyd to Heart, from the Beatles to Led Zeppelin, from King Crimson to Dire Straits and countless others into the Missing Mason sound. We infuse odd time signatures and 4/4 grooves into a straight on rock sound from moody to mayhem.


We are a rock and roll band out of Richmond, VA whose name was inspired by a little Richmond history: in the early 1900's a train carrying several workers was buried when a tunnel collapsed in a place called Church Hill. Having never been unearthed, the train and its occupants are still buried under that hill - the conductor's name was Thomas Mason.
Our music, on the other hand, tells its own story, and while our name is connected to events of the past, our music merely borrows from classic elements to create a more progressive and forward-thinking sound. Often hidden beneath the signature melodies that run the gamut from pop to prog-rock, are the fingerprints of the band in the subtle complexities of the rhythms and harmonious accoutrements. The band is focused on putting the music and the song first.


Well, we're excited to say that after much anxiety and gnashing of teeth, our debut CD, Last Train Home, is a rap. A lot of good and talented people contributed their time and energy making this happen for us. This site offers a sampling of the CD - hope you enjoy it and that it inspires, if not compels you to hire us :)
The CD is available on CDBaby.

Set List

We typically play shows that range in length from one to three hours broken down into one hour sets or straight one to two hour shows. Our shows are predominantly comprised of original music with varied covers thrown in. We have more than three hours of cover music and close to two hours of original music, which allows us to change things up from show to show.