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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Various Reviews"

" Speechless (The Rain)
This is a very good song, engaging, productionwise it´s a fantastic job, what a voice... what a ballad! I´m speechless....
Wonderfull work, wanna listen more from you.
- Coldstone from Setubal, Portugal on 29Apr2008"

" Wonderful and creative (Our Father)
..Interesting idea to sing this as a song. This song should be a soundtrack song - the production is very big and sweeping...
Producer of this song needs to be taken out for a steak dinner! Did a wonderful job producing the song. Has a really good flow, breakdowns and builds. Clean, tight - nicely down throughout.
Reviewed by: landrith1 from Los Angeles, California"

"The Lord's Prayer (Our Father)
Intro - mellow piano and a decient sounding male vocalist singing the Lord's Prayer.
I'm saved and I believe in Jesus so this is a nice twist and well done version.
I know from experence that some people will beat you up on a song like this because it is about Heavenly things and some people go out of their way to try and cut up a production like this.
I loved it well done with good feeling and very original in the way it was done. Of couse the words are not original.
It probably will not be the next big hit here on Earth but they will be playing this song in Heaven when we all leave this Earth,
Good Job, God Bless.
The MixMaster
- weedhopper from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 22Mar2008"

"Get This To The Radio!!! - Now!!!!(The Rain)
Cool intro - Catches my attention instantly. I like this vibe - Very cool. Oh yeah, there's the drums and they sound good! Very good production on this!!!!! Again, I really like the feel of this track. Very pleasant to listen to. Little Bono vibe here? This is something I could easily hear on the radio. Very nice work all the way around.
Reviewed by: zwatrif from Fort Myers, Florida"

Nice lead vocal. The keyboard & piano accompanies very well. The melody is very pleasant. Excellent entrance of the band with drum / bass & vocal harmonization. Dramatic effect that really hook & attrack attention. This band is very good; they have their own sound & personality. Does not sound like any other group. Instrumentations sound as excellent musicians really playing (an not drum machines). Great work on vocal harmonization. This is the band to see in LIVE PERFORMANCE.
- EMILIEN from Paris, France on 27Oct2007"

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2007 LP: MissingPiece 'Nine Twelve' - now available on iTunes, Sony Connect, Rhapsody, eMusic

1996 LP: Ralph Graham & Day III 'No Alternative'; Salt Music Inc (out of print)

Currently, the band has already written new songs for the next forthcoming release (indie or...?) and are still writing more songs.



The members of Missing Piece have many years, virtually their entire lives invested in what they do. Each member has at least 20 years of experience as a professional musician; & roughly the same amt of time as praise & worship musicians & other areas of ministry. The musical influences are many and varied; but their passion is just in being a vehicle, a collection of vessels that would be used to point people to Christ Jesus. They believe that it's up to the worshipers/listeners to determine just what 'sets them apart' from other bands. They're just busy being themselves- and pursuing the call of God on their lives.

From 1993-1997, three of the 4 members were in the Contemporary Christan group 'Ralph Graham & Day III'- after that, they took a 10 year hiatus. Following the break: Ralph, Keith and (newcomer) Andy Cooper got the ball rolling again, with fellow Day III alumnus Randy Benson re-joining soon thereafter.

Currently, Missing Piece ministers monthly at Living Grace Fellowship in Fairfield, Ca; and SonRise Community Church in Vacaville, CA ... as well as walking through other doors & ministry opportunities when God opens/presents them.

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