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Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE

Los Angeles, California, United States | INDIE
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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"PureVolume.com's Featured "Song of the Day""

If LA-based indie rockers Missing Teen sound familiar, it’s because they are—they’ve just been operating under a different name (Future Ghost) up until recently. Much like the band Unifier, who found themselves caught up in legal issues over the band name Future Ghosts, so too did these Echo Park natives who were forced to shut down and switch names quite suddenly.

They’re not letting past struggles stop them from journeying forward though, and they’re proving it with their first single under the new name, “Scream White Noise.” Reminiscent of late ‘90s fuzz rock and peppered with modern indie influences, this blazing track emanates of passion and confidence. It’s the kind of tune that takes immediate charge and demands attention, yet relays its point with style and grace.

The single will be released as a 7” with Infrasonic Sound at a later date, but you can check it out right here, right now. - PureVolume.com

"FreeBikeValet: Scream White Noise"

Unlike most of their band neighbors, Silver Lake‘s Future Ghost harks to the post-hardcore and fuzz rock era of the late 90's: abrasive yet evocative, brash yet mesmeric, blaring yet enveloping. Their intenseness can be attributed to vocalist/guitarist Brandon Tomas battling a longtime drug addiction while they wrote/recorded their songs, and while Tomas is now sober, the band still carries an unapologetically loud striver edge that is always soothed by hypnotic harmonies.

Future Ghost‘s debut album, Missing Teen, was produced by Pete Lyman (No Age) at Infrasonic Sound Recording Co. and will be released in early 2013 on Infrasonic Records. But for now you can enjoy the leaked track “Scream White Noise”:

Future Ghost is currently recording a 7? Split with LA Font. The record will be released as part of a series of splits put out by Near Mess Records and will include Wild Eyes, Wake Up Lucid, TS And The Past Haunts, HOTT MT, Gothic Tropic, Hindu Pirates, Vinyl Williams, and Rainbow Jackson.

Their next concert will be this Thursday at The Echo for The Dead Ships‘ homecoming after tour show along with Blonde Summer and Miner. - FreeBikeValet

"NewProfessor: Scream White Noise"

Great feeling when a band exceeds your expectations, as in L.A. trio Future Ghost’s instant-classic “Scream White Noise,” now up on Bandcamp from an album in progress. The band takes the torch from Japandroids and Cloud Nothings – or from Sunny Day Real Estate and Braid, if you prefer – making “Scream White Noise” 4 minutes of Big American Rock Catharsis with a tsunami of distorted bass and glimmering background vocals couching frontman Brandon Tomas’s unhinged wail. It’s an adrenaline-blast anthem for lying in the open bed of a speeding pickup truck at midnight.

The forthcoming Future Ghost album is called “Missing Teen.” It was produced by Pete Lyman, who helmed No Age’s landmark LP “Nouns.” - NewProfessor, Reblogged by RawkBlog

"BuzzBands.LA: Echo Park Rising"

Future Ghost featured on BuzzBands.LA's Echo Park Rising Stage and Preview Mixtape. - BuzzBands.LA

"The Buzzsicle: Silverlake Jubilee 2011 Mix"

This installment of our intermittent mixtapes, The Buzzsicle, Vol. 13, is devoted to the weekend’s second annual Silverlake Jubilee, which gives you a lot of bang for 5 bucks. I’ve compiled an hour’s worth of music from 18 of the artists playing the festival. Enjoy.

Songs by 18 of the bands playing the 2011 Silverlake Jubilee, May 21-22. Mix curated by Kevin Bronson of Buzz Bands LA.
1-Races, “Big Broom”
2-Psychic Friend, “Once a Servant”
3-Ximena Sariñana, “Different”
4-The Little Ones, “I Don’t Want to Dance”
5-Black Flamingo, “Proud Head”
6-BoxViolet, “Hello”
7-Future Ghost, “Boys in the Attic”
8-Dante Vs Zombies, “Yes, I’m Stalking You”
9-The AV Club, “If You Haven’t Noticed yet”
10-Jail Weddings, “Tough Love”
11-Love Grenades, “My Winning Smile”
12-Summer Darling, “My Reminder”
13-Crystal Antlers, “Summer Solstice”
14-Marvelous Toy, “Waiting for the Fire”
15-The Black Apples, “Diggin Dirt”
16-Slang Chickens, “Grandfather’s Gun”
17-Mia Doi Todd, “My Baby Lives in Paris”
18-Lady Danville, “Kids” - Buzz Bands LA

"Future Ghost: BeatCrave Fav"

What to tell you about Future Ghost? Well, for one thing, the Los Angeles-based band is uber elusive – at least from what we know. And come to think of it, that’s a part of their charm. It isn’t necessarily what they’re wearing or what hair product they used today or sport that is their favorite that is of utmost concern; it’s that they’re concerned with having a say in what their music accomplishes rather than a major label that has our interest piqued. They will be releasing a full-length record this fall, but outside of their Shut Off Your Head EP, released in December of last year, we’re lucky if they can be caught during a show set or impromptu jam session. What we have heard from their demos is a cohesive brilliance and we’re looking forward to more. Check them out in our BeatCrave Fav series below: - BeatCrave

"The Americans, Chasing Kings - Silverlake Lounge / Black Apples, Future Ghost - The Echo - Monday, November 8, 2010"

"...they sounded like a 102 fever, but without the nausea and the certainty that death is imminent. (There is a bit of death in their music, but it's distant, and vaguely welcoming.)" - The 704 Blog

"L.A. Unheard: Future Ghost's 1.21 gigawatt rock"

The band: Future Ghost, an L.A. trio with history in San Francisco and Texas.

The sound: For its debut album, the band turned to studio veteran Pete Lyman (No Age, Abe Vigoda) for production duties. On tracks such as "Boys in the Attic," the band reveals an epic take on lo-fi punk reminiscent of early '00s barnstormers like ...And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead as well as '90s revivalists Cymbals Eat Guitars. The formula's simple enough: fuzz-guitar riffs, a rhythm section as slow and heavy as a molasses-filled robot, and heart-on-flannel-sleeve vocals from frontman Brandon Tomas -- but as we learned in math class, use it right and it works every time.

The details: Future Ghost's album is due this fall from Echo Park's Origami Vinyl; the band will play the Silver Lake Jubilee on Sunday, joining a weekend lineup including Geotic, Ima Robot, the Black Apples, Jail Weddings and Origami label-mates Summer Darling. They’ll hit the Echo for a free follow-up gig on Monday. - LA Times


Shut Off Your Head EP (2009)
Some Songs EP (2011)
Missing Tease - Album Preview (2012)
Missing Teen LP (available 2013)

"Scream White Noise" and "Boys in the Attic" can be heard on LA's Rock Alternative 98.7FM's 'Close to Home' show.



There's something dark lurking beneath life-affirming post-hardcore anthems of Missing Teen’s forthcoming debut album. The band’s chief songwriter, Brandon Tomas has been clean for nearly a year now, but in the midst of the recording sessions, he was losing his battle to a longtime drug addiction. The singer-guitarist’s turmoil and redemption are borne by “Missing Teen,” produced by Pete Lyman (No Age’s “Nouns” and “Everything In Between.”)

The L.A. trio's forthcoming debut album melds the blunt sonic arsenal of Fugazi, the soaring emotional force of Sunny Day Real Estate, and the abrasive pop smarts of the best Smashing Pumpkins songs. Fans of contemporaries like Japandroids, Cloud Nothings and Silversun Pickups should greet Future Ghost with open arms.

"We love the sound of loudness, the din, the white noise," says Tomas. "Those frequencies that come from guitars being cranked up."

Lyrically, flashbacks and images of struggle show up throughout the album. Musically, Tomas is buttressed by an ocean of distorted sludge courtesy of bassist Kim Hellweg and festival-worthy grooves from drummer Brandon Hardy, and the band hits the mark squarely in tracks like “Rx,” “Falling Off Your Chair,” and the unforgettable “Scream White Noise,” a blistering, heart-on-sleeve anthem that’s equal parts Kevin Shields and Guy Picciotto that finds Tomas wailing, “Bow for you? / I don’t bow for anyone!”

“That was the song when we knew we were a band – when we discovered what we were going to sound like,” Hellweg recalls of writing it.

It’s a sound that the band explores masterfully throughout the album. “Scream White Noise” typifies the drama of ordinary life that is at the heart of “Missing Teen” – powerful and personal feelings define both the album and the struggle underlying its creation.