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"Healing of the Nation - Nichole Boyce"

Add to recording studio one part Lucky Boys Confusion, in their early days, a dash of 311, one joint, and a pinch of reggae and you will yield Missing The Point's newest LP, Healing of the Nation. I think it's safe to say that Missing The Point is Champaign's resident "feel good, smoke a joint" band (I'm not promoting marijuana use, but hey, I won't turn ya in either...).

Their first full-length album is nothing short of excellent. Each song has a catchy beat that makes you want to get up and dance, which is always a major plus. There is a wide range of songs and melodies that will suit different music tastes so everyone is sure to find at least one song they love and even if you do not find a song you love right away, the LP will lure you in anyway! The album opens with "Patience of Fate", which leads you into the rock sound of Missing The Point, who calls themselves a rock/reggae group, while it's a bit of a downer, talking about the "sun exploding"; it's a great showcase for Steve Henigman and Ian Fell's vocals and a good segue into the rest of the tracks. The third track and title track "Healing of the Nation" brings in the guys' reggae side in an obvious way but not an overly Bob Marley way. After listening to it a few times, I was reminded of my Lucky Boys Confusion days and while Missing the Point may remind me of them, they are distinctly different with their own spin on the rock/reggae sound. It's fitting with the rest of the tracks and there's a great balance between sounding rock, sounding reggae and blending both. When listening to "Healing of the Nation" you can't help but smile, come on "You know the herb is coming for you and no you can't hide. Don't let your mother tell you different, don't let your father tell you too cuz it's important to remember...you gotta remember that they once did it too." (It's true!). The album overall is a good balance between songs about that significant other you're trying to forget, you know the usual subject matter and songs referencing "ganja". The band as a whole plays together perfectly and they show it in their vocals and instrumental flair.

Healing of the Nation was all around highly enjoyable and since listening to it once, all of the songs have been perpetually stuck in my head. These is a good thing and if you don't believe me, pick up the cd for yourself and let me know how long "Forget Me Not" or "Puffin' On" was stuck in that mind of yours!
- www.openingbands.com

"Healing of the Nation - Neal Yeager"

Missing the Point is a rock reggae band. This is a new one to me. I've heard of a lot of different things in my day, but never have I heard of a band that mixes these two styles in this manner. I will have to say, that the boys can play. Between the two styles and the subtle mix of the sounds on a few of the songs is a showcase of the bands talent. I can say that I was not prepared for how well the album flowed I expected a bigger clash of style. It's really an easy listen on the ear. These guys know how to write a song. The songs are tight and well played. When I listened to these songs, I really got the feeling that blood, sweat and tears were split over these songs, in between the smoke.

"Patience of Fate" is one hell of a rock song. It caught me right off the bat, and is by far my favorite song on the album. There is a bit of what sounds like a beat-box break down that kind sounds much cooler in type that to the ear, it turned my stomach a little bit. It was almost enough to take me out of the song, but when it stops and the rock comes back and taps me on the shoulder, I listen attentively.

As a whole I can't say I offer any kind of support to the art of smoking dope. I may be outing myself as the lamest dude in the history or the world, but the stoner philosophy is completely lost on me. It's not that I've never took part in "puffin on, puffin on, pass it over here," to quote the song "Puffin' On," more that I never saw it as way of life. I get the feeling that the song "Healing the Nation" isn't really about healing the nation at all. It's more about converting the nation. I don't think the world needs more potheads, but as I sit here listening to the song, I can't help but notice the HOT lead guitar track saving this song from my disdain. The more I listen to this song, the more I recognize that aside from the lyrical content, I do really enjoy the musical layout.

Most of the album is lost on me. I don't think that the album is bad because I can't relate to the content; as I think about it, I am not in the target demographic for this material. I am too old and have no real frame of reference. The song Better Than You is the tale of a young man and some disagreement with his mom, which is fine and all, but I kept thinking every time I heard this song that any connection I had to the feeling of the song was ages ago.

This album is solid; the musicianship is of a very high quality. The album is mixed very well, and from the looks of it is self produced. I have a ton of respect for that. The packaging is good, I see a future so bright for these guys that they are going to have to wear shades. I think that if I had caught these guys when I was young and hell bent on causing ruckus, full of piss and vinegar, I'd probably been their biggest fan. Missing the Point, Rock, Reggae, kicking ass, and taking names. - www.openingbands.com


"Healing of the Nation" LP (2005)

"All I Had" EP (2002)



Missing the Point is a 4-piece rock/reggae band based out of Champaign, IL. Original band members Ian Fell, Steve Henigman, Steve Carroll, and Steve Meadows began writing and rehearsing in September 2001. Within a few months they began playing shows and recording tracks for their first release, a 5-song EP released in November 2001. After developing a strong local following the band released a follow up EP entitled “All I Had” in December 2002 and went on tour in support of the album in the summer of 2003. The first leg of the tour covered 10 states in 3 weeks on the east coast and concluded with several shows in the Midwest. The “All I Had” EP sold 1,000 copies. Missing the Point began to develop a strong regional following with over 100 shows in 2003. In October 2005 MTP released their first full length album "Healing of the Nation." The new cd has been gaining much attention as MTP hits the road. In their time as a band, Missing the Point has had the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Fall Out Boy, Lucky Boys Confusion, Local H, The Plain White T’s, The Matches, and many more. Missing the Point’s new album “Healing of the Nation," released in December 2005, has provided the band with a larger fanbase and more shows. Watch for Missing the Point's next LP, due out late 2007.