Missing The Point

Missing The Point


Missing the Point brings to the stage a taste of rock attitude with a laid back reggae feel. Their music reaches out to a wide variety of audiences.


Missing the Point is a 4-piece rock/reggae band based out of Champaign, IL. Original band members Ian Fell, Steve Henigman, Steve Carroll, and Steve Meadows began writing and rehearsing in September 2001. Within a few months they began playing shows and recording tracks for their first release, a 5-song EP released in November 2001. After developing a strong local following the band released a follow up EP entitled “All I Had” in December 2002 and went on tour in support of the album in the summer of 2003. The first leg of the tour covered 10 states in 3 weeks on the east coast and concluded with several shows in the Midwest. The “All I Had” EP sold 1,000 copies. Missing the Point began to develop a strong regional following with over 100 shows in 2003. In October 2005 MTP released their first full length album "Healing of the Nation." The new cd has been gaining much attention as MTP hits the road. In their time as a band, Missing the Point has had the opportunity to share the stage with such acts as Fall Out Boy, Lucky Boys Confusion, Local H, The Plain White T’s, The Matches, and many more. Missing the Point’s new album “Healing of the Nation," released in December 2005, has provided the band with a larger fanbase and more shows. Watch for Missing the Point's next LP, due out late 2007.


Better Than You

Written By: Missing the Point

I'm all ears and I can't hear and I'm on time once in a life time. But I made it here and I'm staying here until I make up my mind. Remember when my mom walked in? I can still see her eyes-do you remember the day she outlawed my zines from inside the house? Count down from ten-blast off your clothes-the world would be a better place. And whoelse would know? And how would they tell? My life is going absolutely absolutely nowhere. But that's the breaks. I think I made one too many goddamn mistakes, thinking that I could do anything, forgetting about everything-the eating and the breathing and the motherfucking teenage fling. And my hand is full of threes but I'll take it cuz it's better than a hand of twos and it's better than you. I can still see your eyes when you busted down the door. The look on your face would have sent me to my room but I was already there.


"Healing of the Nation" LP (2005)

"All I Had" EP (2002)

Set List

Normal Set 40-45 minutes

Band has enough material to fill upwards of 1.5 hours.

Our set consists of songs that are featured on our full length album.

"Healing of the Nation" (2005)