luke Summerfield

luke Summerfield


Missing Tomorrow music flows with a fresh powerpop sound. With influences from All Time Low, Taking Back Sunday, and Fall Out Boy to just name a few, this band knows how to keep you dancing all night long. To sample their music visit their website:


Missing Tomorrow, although a young band, has crashed into the music scene. Their name is known though out Wisconsin and they are looking at growing on that with a Midwest tour planned for this summer. From basement shows to large venues Missing Tomorrow has played it all and plans to keep their momentum going. New studio recordings, local and Midwest shows, and writing new material are just a few things that this group of guys has in store for this summer. Don’t deny yourself, indulge in the pleasure that is Missing Tomorrow…

Set List

These Are Just Conjugal Visits
At least Chris Brander Figured It Out in the End
Waste Of Time
Next Time You be The Bait
Realize a Poor Investment and Simply Cut Your Losses

We have more Songs, but this is a typical 25 minute set... each song around 3:30. We also have some covers, but perfer to play our own material.