Mission IMPROVable

Mission IMPROVable

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Mission IMPROVable performs short, fast-paced, hilarious, improvisational comedy games (ala the popular television show "Who's Line is it Anyway?") around the theme of the movie Mission Impossible. The “missions” are created on the spot and based solely on suggestions taken from the audience.


Campus Activities Magazine Readers Choice Awards
2013 Entertainers of the Year & 2011 Winner Best Comedy Performer

2012 INNY Awards Winner Best in Short Form

Top Ten Best Acts to Work With voted by Student Activities Advisors

The agents of MISSION IMPROVable Comedy Team are just a few audience suggestions away from creating a brand new and original production thats all about whatever you tell them! This fast-paced and exciting new form of comedy is a combination of MTVs Wild N Out and Whos Line is it Anyway? but there is a bit of a twist. Just like in the old TV series Mission Impossible, the Chicagoan actors in Mission IMPROVable pretend to be agents. The audience members are the co-agents and participate in the hilarious theater games or missions by yelling out suggestions. The on-the-spot randomness provided by the audience makes each mission truly unique and very often hysterical. This new improvisational comedy troupe, Mission IMPROVable, is infectious and hot. MI is a regular at festivals and colleges across the country with a show that will leave you with a smile on your face and your stomach aching from laughter.

So, you want to try being an agent, huh? Youre not alone. Often people get so involved with the show that they want to try improv themselves. For that reason, MISSION IMPROVable Comedy Team has created IMPROV BOOTCAMP, a series of on-site improvisational comedy workshops. We offer several classes that cater to all comedic levels from the first time stage freshman to the seasoned senior comic! We make sure that everyone has fun!!!


"In 2006, Mission Improvable took on Lollapalooza's Mindfield. They carried the day with a constant stream of hyjinx. Watching them get into it with the audience was comedic surgery; purely side-splitting... It was our best Mindfield ever!" - Perry Farrell, Lollapalooza

It seemed like the crowd really enjoyed the show, and I know the students in the Odd Request improv group were really happy that they got to open for you guys and meet you all before the show. You all were great to work with, which made the show an even better experience. - Jared R. Eakins, University of Illinois

Mission IMPROVable was fantastic! They are a great, fun, courteous group of men. Everyone loved the show! - Diane Coon, Lasell College

The MI guys were great and the students loved them!!! - Holly Nonnemacher M.Ed., Moravian College

We loved Mission Improvable! I had high hopes for the act but these guys exceeded all of them. I think the school will definitely be asking for their services again in the future.- Taylor Donze, Spring Hill College