Mission Dorado

Mission Dorado


Real songwriting.
Real musicians.
Real dudes.
Real cool show.


Mission Dorado is basically 3 dudes who could play their instruments through a lions den, and frontman Trey Brown, who would probably be some asshole lawyer you'd like to splash hot coffee on if not for the fact that he's managed to write some solid tunes and release two well received albums, "Smoke a'Risin" in 2008, which earned him an official SXSW nod in 2009, and "Mission Dorado" in 2011. They put out a solid slate of Desert/Roots Rock with some psych and twang to boot.

Their music was recently featured on the original Showtime series, Homeland (4/2012), as well as the NY Times Critic Pick documentary, Echotone.

Mission Dorado's latest recordings, available exclusively on SonicBids, represent a further synthesis of Brown's songwriting with the incredible talent and visions of his bandmates. The raw unhinged growls of Page's guitar interwine the calculated beauty of Christopher Cox's bass, Matthew Shepherd's meticulous, if not unorthodox, drum and percussion, delivering an experience to the listener that credits them for having the peanuts and the patience to know what good music from Texas sounds like.


2008 - Smoke a'Risin (Trey Brown) (LP)
2010 - Trey Brown & Mission Dorado (LP)
2012 - White Buffalo