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Boston, Massachusetts, United States | MAJOR

Boston, Massachusetts, United States | MAJOR
Band Alternative Rock


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"Mission Hill Vocalist Keeps Coming Back For The Music"

Vocalist Adam Jensen of the Boston-based band Mission Hill isn't going to run away from his past. When asked if he's glad he left college to pursue a career in music, he quickly says, "Hell yes."

Not once, but twice, he adds.

"After traveling around the world, you come to realize people from the Boston area little bit of their own breed, a bit confrontational," he says, "and it's always kind of gotten me into a little bit of trouble."

Those experiences are in the past, he insists. If Mission Hill's music is any indication, Jensen has found a pursuit that will exhaust whatever miscreant energies that led him astray in the past.

Appearing Thursday at the Hard Rock Cafe at Station Square, the band has a pop-rock sheen that recalls the sound of Matchbox Twenty and the Verve Pipe. But Jensen's lyrics on the band's two releases, "Mission Hill" and "Beautiful Addiction," are far from upbeat.

"I'm a Boston boy, a little rough around the edges, and then I sing these melodic songs," he says. "The subject matter is a little darker than the music."

Jensen started out playing piano -- "I was convinced I was going to be the next Johann Sebastian Bach," he says -- and once came to school in a white wig dressed as the composer. But after seeing Nirvana on MTV's "Unplugged," Jensen turned his focus to rock 'n' roll, teaching himself to play guitar, drums, saxophone and other instruments.

After being asked to leave George Washington University and Northeastern University (he played soccer at both schools, albeit briefly), he formed Mission Hill in 2007. But trouble still managed to find him on occasion. Last year, he was jumped on the way home from a gig, and was recuperating in the hospital with a leg injury when he learned Mission Hill was selected to open for Bon Jovi at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Mass.

"It was a little bittersweet for me, because I like to jump around onstage a lot and my leg was injured," Jensen says. "But there was no way I was going onstage on crutches. I didn't care if they had to duct-tape my leg, I was going out there. You can't sit for a show like that."

Then came a most unexpected invitation to perform a monthlong residency at a Hard Rock Cafe. The only problem was the venue was in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Jensen isn't quite sure how Mission Hill was selected for the gig, but once the band arrived, it adapted quickly.

"The people of Vietnam, they love music, they love the feel of it and everything about it," he says. "It's a beautiful country. ... People were so nice to us, they treated us like rock stars. We'd walk into the Pizza Hut, and the ladies there would try to feed us pizza."

Jensen's goal is to play whenever and wherever he can. Last year, in addition to playing the Bon Jovi show, they performed at a Boston holiday concert with Keshia and Jason DeRulo.

The next day, the band played a club show for five people.

"Our only goal is to get in front of fans and play," Jensen says. "I think once they hear us, they'll like us."

Read more: Mission Hill vocalist keeps coming back for the music - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review http://www.pittsburghlive.com/x/pittsburghtrib/ae/music/s_744499.html#ixzz1e6QAst2t - Pittsburgh Tribune Review

"Featured on CrazedHits.com"

Featured as an A&R pick on crazedhits.com in May 2009

http://www.crazedhits.com/mission-hill/ - CrazedHits.com

"Mission Hill Salutes Boston"


August 20, 2009

Mission Hill has sent Skope an MP3 of their single, “Forever Anyway” which is tied into Boston lyrically. This band is made up of all Boston residents and Mission Hill is an infamous neighborhood in the city.

Mission Hill is an alternative rock band from Boston that mixes provoking songwriting and catchy hooks with moody vocals and strong musicianship. Mission Hill’s new single “Save Me from Me” was just added to WXRV as the regional buzz has now grown into a national radio campaign. “Save Me from Me” is available on iTunes, and will be featured on the band’s debut record due November 3.

Mission Hill “Forever Anyway” MP3:


In addition to earning the number one spot on Alternative Addiction’s “Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country” list, lead singer Adam Jensen received an LA Music Award for “Indie Male Vocalist of the Year” and was voted Top Male vocalist by Singer Universe Magazine.

Mission Hill is made up of all Boston residents (albeit two international transplants): singer/guitar/piano, guitar player Alex Knutsen (Berklee grad), bassist Zach Jagentenfl and drummer Takuma Anzai.

The band was also just provided sponsorship by Dickie’s, the international clothing company.


- Skope Magazine

"National Vocalist of the Month"

Adam Jensen, a promising rock/pop singer/songwriter who is the leader of the band Mission Hill (based in Boston. MA), has won the February SingerUniverse “Best Vocalist Of The Month” Competition, for his performance of his song “Jen”. This is one of the cuts which will be included on Mission Hill’s upcoming EP, which will be released later this year.

“Jen” is a passionate, contemporary rock ballad, which is stylistically in the vein of such hit artists as The Fray and Snow Patrol. The song begins with a soft, understated arrangement, then gradually builds to an emotional peak in the choruses. The recording provides an excellent showcase for Jensen’s clear, expressive vocals. Another highlight is the elegant string tracks. “Jen” was skillfully produced by Mark Liggett, who is known for his work with Blessed Union Of Souls and Billy Idol.

Jensen, who is 22, was born and raised in Boston, and his mother Lynn was big music fan and an early supporter of his musical aspirations. Jensen initially learned to play classical piano, but when he saw Nirvana’s Unplugged TV concert, he decided to switch to guitar. Jensen was also inspired by listening to John Lennon/Beatles songs, and to Stephan Jenkins & Third Eye Blind. In high school, he formed his first band with his drummer friend Jeff Cannon, and Cannon is now a member of Jensen’s current group, Mission Hill (Mission Hill is a neighborhood in Boston).

Following college (he briefly attended both George Washington University and Northeastern University), Jensen began to seriously pursue his music career. He and his band Mission Hill recorded some demos with prominent Boston producer/studio owner, Taylor Barefoot. Soon after, these demos caught the attention of Dave Corey, who is program director of KISS-108 radio station. Corey then offered to manage Jensen & Mission Hill, in partnership with producer Mark Liggett.

“I signed a management contract with Dave (Corey) & Mark (Liggett), and then in July (2006) we cut two songs at Mark’s studio in Cincinnati,” recalled Jensen. “We recorded ‘Jen’ and a song called ‘Down With Young Love’. Both songs have since gotten a terrific response from some major labels, who said they wanted to hear more songs from us.”

Jensen & Mission Hill will soon be recording more songs with Liggett, and then the band will release an EP and seriously shop for a label deal. In addition, the group will continue to perform many shows in Boston and in other Northeast cities. “We’re a tried and true local Boston band, and we’re building a name in the area,” said Jensen.

- Singer Universe Magazine

"Mission Hill Wins Spot Opening for Bon Jovi"

Boston based indie rockers Mission Hill recently won the chance to open for Bon Jovi at their July 24th show at Gillette Stadium in Massachusetts. While the bands performance at the show was a clear crowd pleaser and helped the band gain thousands of new fans, how the band got to the chance to play the show was pretty amazing.

“I saw a contest one day on OurStage.com and I just threw our profile up there to enter us in the contest. The funny part is I totally forgot that I even did it, I was just surfing the internet on our computer and I just randomly saw it,” Mission Hills lead singer Adam Jensen told Alternative Addiction. “So then I signed on one day, and I had this message saying we were in the Top 20. Then I guess it goes on to Bon Jovi’s people to pick, and I guess they picked us.”

When Jensen received the news he said he was in a hospital recovering from knee surgery.

“I was sitting in a hospital on a drip for the pain, and I get this call telling me we won and we are going to open for Bon Jovi,” explains Jenson. “I started yelling in the hospital saying I was playing for Bon Jovi, people were like ‘No you’re not, just go back to sleep!’ And I was like, ‘No I am serious, I am playing for Bon Jovi,’ it was so funny.”

If you missed the band’s first performance at Gillette, you can catch the band doing a repeat performance on August 26th, as part of the pre-game show before the Patriots’ 3rd pre-season game against the St. Louis Rams.

Mission Hill’s brand new 7-song EP, Beautiful Addiction was release July 20th on iTunes and features the hit song “Crazy” - Alternative Addiction

"Mission Hill EP Review"

Mission Hill - Mission Hill
2009, Toucan Cove Entertainment

Boston quartet Mission Hill has built up a significant fan base gigging relentlessly on the East Coast over the past few years. Shows with Candlebox, The White Tie Affair and Secondhand Serenade have served to widen their fan base, but it's the music that wins over fans' hearts and minds. Introspective and self-conscious by nature, Mission Hill speaks from the heart on their debut EP, Mission Hill. Mission Hill was recently ranked number one on Alternative Addiction's "Top Ten Unsigned Bands" list, and lead vocalist Adam Jensen won an LA Music Award for Indie Male Vocalist Of The Year. I suspect that such accolades are only the tip of the iceberg.

Mission Hill opens with This Town, reflecting on a relationship gone wrong and the difficulty of moving on. The narrator is on the verge of wanting reject all he knows to get away from all things familiar and escape the pain of losing her. While Jensen sounds nothing like Michael Stipe (more like a deeper voiced Rob Thomas), there's a definite REM connection here. Forever Anyway is an autobiographical tune about Jensen's love for his hometown that takes on an almost Americana flavoring. The vocal harmonies here are phenomenal, and the melody is one that will get stuck in your brain. Long Time Comin' is a goodbye song. The narrator has finally had enough and is saying goodbye. The song is incredibly well written and could have potential as a Country tune as well as the Rock/Americana arrangement it's presently in. Don't be surprised to see this song licensed for a soundtrack somewhere down the line. The best songwriting on the disc is still to come, however. Jen (When I Grow Up) is one of the most mature and introspective love songs you're likely to come across. This is a definite mix-tape song, though with limited application. If we did a song of the year category here at Wildy's World this would have to be in the discussion. Ending with Down With Young Love, Mission Hill rocks out for all they're worth; an impressively high-energy tune that I suspect is a big time favorite in the live show.

Mission Hill seems destined to transcend their regional status and become a band with national recognition. The quality of the songwriting and musicianship combined with the front-man presence of Adam Jensen would make them a sure thing in a perfect world. Regardless, Mission Hill is very much worthy of your rapt attention. This is great stuff!

Rating: 4.5 Stars (Out of 5)

- Wildys World

"A Mission of Diplomacy"

Last week Mission Hill returned to Boston after having spent the last six weeks as the resident band at the new Hard Rock Cafe in, —wait for it — Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Frontman Adam Jensen says he isn’t sure how this booking came about, but when the band’s agent asked him his immediate reaction was, “F— yeah, man I’m in. They worked out all the details and here we are,” he said, speaking from Nam.

It sounded like the band, named for the Boston locale where Jensen lives, was enjoying the fruits of their labor, referring to “a lot of crazy s— that goes down.”

“We party pretty hard and Saigon doesn’t really have any limits in that category,” said Jensen. “What takes the cake for me is almost getting arrested for lying down on a bench, while two guys were passed out on the sidewalk right next to me. Really? Me?”

Obviously, a trip to any exotic country requires adequate preparation and Mission Hill wanted to have their bases covered for Vietnam. “We prepped for the trip like we prepare for any tour: binge drink and practice like crazy,” said Jensen. “We are playing for three to four hours every night over here, so we had to make sure we were tight on all our songs, even the old ones that we don’t really play anymore. It was actually really valuable time spent.”

Jensen said that Mission Hill were actually looking forward to getting back to Boston.

“I’d probably cry if I missed St. Paddy’s Day in Boston. Vietnam is an incredible place, the countryside is beautiful, but I can’t wait to bite into a nice fat juicy American bacon cheeseburger.”

- The Boston Metro

"Mission Hill Live Show Review"

This past Friday night I caught the show of Boston alternative indie rock band, Mission Hill.

Since the four-piece group is currently recording their freshman album, which is not yet ready for purchase, there wasn’t much to listen to ahead of time. Needless to say, when I arrived at World Café Live I didn’t have a lot to go on in terms of what to expect.

But as they first took the stage, the initial observation that anyone with a pair of working eyes would make about these guys is that all four of them are devilishly handsome. With his ruffled hair and boyish face, the playful lead singer Adam Jensen would have no trouble winning over crowds of adoring teenagers. But contrasting to his youthful appeal, and with the help of his Boston accent, Adam also carries himself with a self-assured bravado. The blend of bad boy meets sensitive musician is a lethal lady-killing mixture. Just ask John Mayer.

So, if I were to go on looks alone, then upon first sight I would say Mission Hill could be mistaken for a boy band. And although I’m sure they would love the attention, this band’s music proves to be much more widely accessible than to a primary target of screaming teenage girls.

And besides, about five minutes into the set, in his mischievous and carefree way
Adam made a well-received joke about wanting to smoke a blunt. I don't think bringing up such a topic to a Jonas Brothers’ audience would go over all that great.

The first two songs of the set were high-energy and guitar-driven, not all that dissimilar in overall vibe and sound to a powerpop group like Cartel or The All-American Rejects. The majority of the night consisted of such songs, one of the highlights being “You’re Lying Again.” With its sharp lyrics and smart insight into a relationship involving a duplicitous partner, Adam sings about the honest half being able to know when the dishonest half is lying merely by looking at that person’s face. Fittingly, Adam refers to this revealing facade as the “lying face.”

Speaking of lying, one might think Adam was doing just that when he mentioned that the bassist (Zach Jagentenfl) and the drummer (Takuma Anzai) joined the band only a couple of weeks ago. Adam and the lead guitarist Alex Knutsen have been performing together for two years. But when taking into account the entirety of the brand new four-piece unit, the overall playing was consistent and tight.

Adam is a strong vocalist, but sometimes his skill was slightly eclipsed amongst the fast-paced vigor of the upbeat songs. (Or, of the “little dancy numbers,” as referred to by Adam.) Adam is also a multi-instrumentalist, but most of the night he stuck with guitar, only switching it up with the keyboard for three songs. It wasn't until he played the keys and slowed things down a bit that Adam revealed the full breadth of both his vocal ability and his emotional vulnerability.

The icing on the vulnerable cake was when Mission Hill performed the ballad “Save Me From Me,” which is the band’s first single, and which is the only full-length song currently listed on their MySpace site. This song is a masterpiece of emotionally moving mid-tempo piano rock that could easily chip away at The Fray’s stronghold in this genre.

But what sets Mission Hill apart from other groups is that whether they play up their boyish charm, rock out with their hyper powerpop energy, or melt hearts with their lyrical sensitivity, the band weaves these three distinctive threads together in such a way that the final product is uniquely cohesive and far-reaching.

- The Philadelphia Examiner

"Bands to Watch in 2010"

1. Mission Hill: They impressed all year with each show they played (including a pair of BMS showcases) and we’re eagerly awaiting their full-length debut to drop soon. With catchy hooks, great vocals and songwriting, these pop-rockers have all the makings to become mega radio favorites. We’ll be watching closely for what should be a memorable year for the band. It's certainly starting off that way as they’ll be traveling to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam next month to rock a month-long residency at the Hard Rock Cafe (no, we couldn’t even make that up).

- Boston Music Spotlight

"Mission Hill CD Review"

If Mission Hill were on a mission to save rock 'n' roll - they just might do it! In a putrid pop world of digital deception and video vacuity (yes, I am referring to Lady Gaga…) among other insufferable realities, these four fresh, fiery lads from Boston are the real deal: i.e. they can sing, write, and play with the passion and fervor that is (or was) mainstream rock 'n' roll. Adam Jensen possesses the Jon Bon Jovi / Johnny Rzeznik voice of gold (records). Even in the rare instances when Jensen boarders on the overtly sentimental, as in the ballads "Jen" and the title track - replete with strings and MOR piano motifs - he still kicks ass. Guitarist Alex Knutsen, bassist Zack Jagentenfl, and drummer Takuma Anzai sound as dynamic in the studio as they are on stage as they embellish every verse and chorus with a power chord or a simple rise and/or drop in volume.

"Beautiful Addiction" qualifies as a bona-fide modern rock anthem by way of its tale of pathos, rumbling bass-line, and joyous melodies. The Hill render the best imitation of U2 ever put to record in "Dancing With Her Eyes Closed" as Knutsen apes The Edge's signature rhythms whilst Jagentenfl and Anzai plod along akin to their alt-pop forefathers. In "This Town," a folksy waltz laden with angst and an orchestral backdrop Jensen blurts out "I'm gonna be a rock star but stars only fall from the sky…" Only time will tell. Save Me…comes highly recommended for fans of latter day Soul Asylum, Everclear, All American Rejects, and Matchbox Twenty.

--Tom Semioli

- Amplifier Magazine

"Best CD of 2010"

Once again, I find myself torn. But a choice must be made and I have come to a conclusion. Of all the music I have heard in the last year by unsigned artists, bands currently under the radar of commercial radio and on the verge on national success, all the CD's and MP3's sent to me by bands and performers literally from Maine to Hawaii, and all the acts I have had the pleasure of meeting, seeing, and hearing over the last 12 months, I have finally chosen one as; "The Audio Floss Best CD of 2010"

The CD is called "Beautiful Addiction" and the band is called Mission Hill. The disc features 8 beautifully crafted tracks that are not only radio ready, but also put on display a band and its musical talents which is clearly poised to break out at the national level , and soon!

While all 8 tracks are polished for top 40 radio it is tracks 2 and 6 ("Crazy" and "Sober") that deliver the message to all those who listen ; this band is a hit, both songs ring true with a catchy rock sound and an almost familiar musical vibe from the first time ones hears them you are hooked. at the moment Crazy and Sober are probably best described as hits lying in wait, but that will all change soon enough. Yes! Beautiful Addiction by Mission Hill is without a doubt The Audio Floss Best the CD of 2010

2010 was a busy year for the Boston based band, in February Mission Hill was selected to perform live at the Hard Rock Café every night for a solid month in celebration of the franchise newest club. That club was in Saigon, Vietnam. (The road doesn't go much further than that) In May they appeared on the bill at the 108FM Kiss Concert performing with pop stars such as Ke$ha and Adam Lambert on The Comcast Center stage, and In July the band was chosen to open for Kid Rock and Bon Jovi at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro Ma. The band spent September at home performing a month long residency at Hennessy' Hooley's House in Faneuil Hall while October and November they band capped off the year with its "Rock The Coast Tour" playing 14 cities in 8 states that started in Tampa Florida and ended in Dover NH.

Beautiful Addiction by Mission Hill is available on itunes. check'em out. - Audio Floss

"Mission Hill - Under the Radar"

Mission Hill has been all over the place, you probably just haven’t been looking for them. The Boston-based foursome just recently opened for Bon Jovi at the Gillette Stadium tour stop. The band is a regular on the Boston music scene, having residency at Hennessy’s Upstairs Rock Club.

The foursome consists of the lead singer Adam Jensen, Alex Knusten on guitar, Takuma Anzai on drums and Nick DiSpagna on bass. The band’s fan-base on the east coast is a little startling, but the foursome gained their fandom of touring night after night and a little thing called “Acoustic Tuesdays” on its YouTube page, where (I bet you can guess it) every Tuesday the band uploads an acoustic cover of well-known songs. I saved you all the trouble, check out the YouTube page here.

Mission Hill’s alternative rock style may sound like others out there, but the thing that makes the band better than the rest (aside from the lyrics and catchy hooks) is lead singer Adam Jensen’s voice. With an LA award win “Indie-Male Vocalist of the Year,” Boston radio stations can attest to Jensen’s greatest instrument; they are playing the latest single, “Save Me From Me,” regularly.

If the songs don’t convince you to give Mission Hill a chance, then the live performances will. They’re inspiring; much more than just standing behind a microphone. They’re energetic and sincere, clearly wanting to impress whoever came out to see the band.

Along with opening for Bon Jovi, Mission Hill have shared the stage with musicians including The Script, Tyrone Wells, Boys Like Girls and The White Tie Affair and Boston’s KISS108 KISS concert. The foursome has been featured on the Myspace Top Artist Charts and featured as the number on artist on Alternative Addiction’s “Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country,” before being signed to Toucan Cove, an indie label that also is the home of Saving Jane.

When the album drops, don’t be surprised if you hear more from these guys. - Frequency Magazine

"Alt. Rock Band on a Mission"

If its mission is to make the hearts of teens and twentysomethings throb, then job well done.

Mission Hill, a Boston-based alternative rock band, carries the dramatic innuendo and softly woven melodies one would expect to hear in the background of a popular young-adult television series.

Tonight, you can catch the band live in Princeton at Triumph Brewing Co. "" a pit stop in their East Coast tour before they depart for Boston and New Hampshire.

Yes, its music fits the niche most associate with bopping and swooning teens, but do not mistake that niche for a lack of talent.

Mission Hill is a collection of all that works in the popular, modern music scene: sensitive lyrics, passionate vocals, catchy, radio-ready beats and melodies, and four attractive performers.

Imagine a mix of country favorites Rascal Flatts with the newest hit band, Kings of Leon, and then throw in the dramatic flair of Rob Thomas (a much more sensitive Rob Thomas).

Put it all together and you've got something that resembles Mission Hill. They're tight and they're good, and they know it (as do their 57,000 online followers).

The band comprises Adam Jensen on vocals, guitar and piano; Alex Knutsen on guitar; Takuma Anzai on drums; and Zach Jagentenfl on bass.

The group recently returned from a month-long stint at the Hard Rock Café in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The current tour leads up to the record release celebration of the band's new, self-titled album, on the indie Toucan Cove/Universal Republic label, on April 24 in Boston.

The EP includes favorites such as "Save Me From Me," which gained buzz nationwide and showcases the rougher, raw side of Jensen's vocals. Usually shiny and packaged with a bow, his vocals in "Save Me From Me" sound as if they've been hardly touched with production "" the beautiful coarseness is there, as is a delicate vulnerability that comes across in his articulation.
The song starts off simply:
"She said I can fix you, I can make you happy. I can turn your look around. All you need is someone who can understand you, someone who won't let you down."
As the song continues, building up into big moments and winding back down, Jensen ends with the main chorus lines:
"I don't need blood, I don't need bones. I don't need anyone to take me home. I don't need love if all that it means is someone to mother and smother me."
Also on the album are popular songs "This Town" and "Down with Young Love."
"This Town" also shows the listener a darker side of Jensen's chops "" though momentary, the glimpses of that painful place are genuine and touching.
Check them out for free at (myspace.com/missionhillband). - NJ.com

"Local Bands Make Some Noise"

Sure, we’ve seen our share of Boston bands holding down residencies at Hard Rock Cafes. But a monthlong Hard Rock residency in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam?
Not content to build a reputation on the East Coast — where “Save Me From Me,’’ the first single from their current EP, got good airplay and the band’s new single, “Crazy,’’ just hit radio — the local alt-rockers have just returned from a 20-show stand in Vietnam to put the finishing touches on their debut full-length, due in June from Toucan Cove Entertainment/Universal Republic. With Mission Hill’s polished pop hooks, good looks, and tireless touring, it won’t be long before the profile of this foursome — singer Adam Jensen, guitarist Alex Knutsen, bassist Zach Jagentenfl, and drummer Takuma Anzai — moves well beyond local neighborhood geography.

Mission Hill hosts a homecoming show and previews tracks from its forthcoming full-length April 24 at Harpers Ferry - Boston Globe / Boston.com

"Mission Hill"

The members of Boston's Mission Hill are Adam Jensen (vocals, guitar, piano), Jeff Cannon (drums), and Alexander Knutsen (guitar). The band has been together for just over a year, but has already created an avid fan-base by touring throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic States. Adam has won the LA Music Awards for Indie-Male Vocalist of the Year and Singer Universe Magazine's National Vocalist of the Month in addition to being listed to the top five songwriters by Songwriter Universe Magazine. The band as a whole was named the number one band on Alternative Addiction's list of Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country. Mission Hill's unsigned status is unlikely to last long as they are courting the interest of several major labels and have hired the team of experienced managers David Corey and Mark Ligget to guide them through this process.

Mission Hill's songs have a very mainstream rock sound. They would appeal to fans of Matchbox Twenty, Semisonic, Third Eye Blind and Vertical Horizon. Adam's vocals are similar to the lead singers of those bands. "Down With Young Love" and "Stay" are peppy tunes that drive home the Matchbox Twenty comparison in both vocals and musical accompaniment. "Jen" is a slower, piano based ballad. "Sleeping With The Enemy" is a pop song that reminds me of Semisonic especially with the "doo doo doo" background vocals in chorus.

Mission Hill is definitely on its way to greater accomplishments. I can picture any of the songs on their MySpace page having a regular spot in the rotation on any Top 40/Rock radio station. If their demos are this good and polished, I can only imagine that once the band gets into a proper studio environment their impact on radio will be note-worthy.
- Northeast In-Tune Magazine

"Mission Hill Ready For Big Time"

One of the top unsigned bands in the country, Mission Hill is getting ready for the big time. They are currently recording an album due out late spring early summer, and labels and fans alike have been waiting with baited breath since the release of the new single "Save Me From Me", which has garnered local radio play on 92.5 the River.

"Everytime I hear the song on the radio I have to call someone and tell them to turn it on," says Adam Jensen. "I've been waiting to get on the radio since I was a Beatles-obsessed little kid so its definitely very satisfying to finally hear it on the airwaves everyday. Plus now I can finally justify to my mother all the bail money she has given me."

Jensen, along with drummer Jeff Cannon and guitarist Alex Knutson, will be unveiling plenty of the new tracks at Olivers on Friday. "Recently Ive been writing a lot on my piano, so that may be one thing that comes through a little more on this album than the EP," says Jensen. "But on the whole I think that a real strength of our music is the lyrics so I spent a lot of time making sure that each song says exactly what I want it to say."

"Save Me From Me" is a perfect example of the lyrically conscious pop-rock that the band trades in, pushing things past the same old trappings that you find from most cookie-cutter pop-rock bands. Mission Hill is also looking to get feedback from their fans to help them decide which of the new songs definitely belong on the record. "We will be rocking out a bunch of the new songs," Jensen promises. "Hopefully we can get a feel for which ones our fans are feeling the most."

The writing process has been going smoothly and the band will soon move on to actually laying down the tracks, so fans can expect the album sometime this summer. "Im always, always writing new stuff and I have a shitload of songs written for the new CD," says Jensen. "We will start officially recording the new stuff in the next month or so at our producers studio in Cincinnati OH and then pick the ones that make the album. We usually fly out there for a few weeks at a time and record, it makes for a good studio environment since there aren't really any distractions in OH...and I'm easily distracted."

For the moment the band is still unsigned, but after being placed on Alternative Addiction's "Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country" list, they probably will not stay that way for long. "We are very happy to be considered one of the top unsigned bands, but we are always looking to move forward with our music," admits Jensen. "The goal of any musician is to have as many people as possible listen to your music and that's very hard to do without the backing of people who believe in you, ie a label. We have recently been approached by a few curious labels since we put out the new single, but we will just keep on doing what we're doing no matter what."

They will continue doing what they're doing this Friday night, where the plan is "just to rock the fuck out and put on the best show possible no matter how many people are in the crowd," Jensen says. "If we walk outta there with one more person liking our shit, then I consider that a successful night."

You can catch Mission Hill this Friday at Olivers at the Cask n' Flagon for the BMS Local Spotlight Live Series. Tickets are $10. Get more information here.

bostonmusicspotlight.com - Boston Music Spotlight


Mission Hill EP - Toucan Cove/Universal (2009)
Beautiful Addiction EP - Toucan Cove/Universal (2010)
Nowhere, man. LP - Toucan Cove (2012)



Mission Hill is an alternative rock band from Boston MA that mixes provoking songwriting, catchy hooks, moody vocals, an energetic live show, and strong musicianship with an unerring commitment to their unique sound. Since forming in late 2007 they have gained a large following through relentless gigging and indie distribution. Their single "Crazy" is receiving airplay all over the country and is steadily rising up the radio charts. Their new songs have also received much critical acclaim including recently being awarded an LA Music Award for “Indie Male Vocalist of the Year”, being named the "Top Local Band To Watch in 2010" by Boston Music Spotlight, as well as being named to the number one spot on Alternative Addiction’s list of “Top Ten Unsigned Bands in the Country”.

After bursting onto the scene with their debut EP, "Mission Hill EP", the band has grown into one of the premiere bands on the New England music scene. The bands recent success is apparent with their exciting 2010 that included being selected by Bon Jovi to open for his show at Gillette Stadium, performing at the Kiss 108 KISS Concert at the Comcast Center, completing a one month residency at the new Hard Rock Cafe in Saigon Vietnam, playing live on FOX Morning news and releasing the critically acclaimed "Beautiful Addiction EP". The band has shared the stage with many national acts including Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Boys Like Girls, The Script, Candlebox, Tim Reynolds, Ke$ha, Marcy Playground, WAR, Third Eye Blind, Live, Donavan Frankenreiter, Parachute, Blessid Union of Souls, The Gracious Few, and many more. With their new songs and an inspiring live performance that easily wins over every crowd they play for, Mission Hill is coming for your audio souls!!


• Winner of Bon Jovi’s “Wanted: A SuperBAND Tonight!” Competition to open for Bon Jovi/Kid Rock - July 24th, Gillette Stadium, Foxborough, MA

• Headlined The Hard Rock Café, Saigon,Vietnam - month long residency -Feb. 2010

• Has supported: Bon Jovi, Kid Rock, Boys Like Girls, The Spript, Candlebox, Tim Reynolds,Ke$ha, Marcy Playground, WAR, Donavon Frankenreiter, Third Eye Blind, Live, Parachute, Blessid Union of Souls, The Gracious Few, Secondhand Serenade, Tyrone Wells, The White Tie Affair and many others.


• #1 -” Ten Local Bands to Watch in 2010” (Bostonmusic Spotlight) - “With catchy hooks, great vocals and songwriting, these pop-rockers have all the makings to become mega radio favorites.”

• Named to #1 spot on Alternative Addiction’s “Top Unsigned Bands” list

• 2008 LA Music Award for “Indie Male Vocalist of the Year”

• “National Vocalist of the Month” (Feb.2007) - SingerUniverse Magazine

Management Contact:
Adam Jensen - AdamJosephJensen@gmail.com

Booking Contacts:
Jon Allen (Club/Venue Booking) - Jon@wlatalent.com

Band Contact:
Adam Jensen - missionhillband@hotmail.com

*Contact Jon Allen for full schedule and list of past shows.