Mission Man

Mission Man

 Oxford, Ohio, USA
BandHip Hop

Mission Man is a positive non-explicit hip-hop musician. He plays all of his own instruments, and writes all of his own music and lyrics. He does so without ego in order to grow.


Mission Man makes music without ego in order to grow, as a person and as a musician. Self-taught, with no classical training, Mission Man started rapping in 1992, and started playing instruments in 1998. He now plays the drums, bass, guitar, and keyboard, as well as produces all of his own music, writes his own lyrics, and makes his own music videos.

Music has saved Mission Man's life several times, including after losing his mother to cancer in 1994. In honor of his mom's memory, Gary has put on a series of benefit concerts, with all proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. Since 2004, the events have raised a total of over $1,000 for the ACS.

Gary makes music because he loves it. That's why his signature track is "Do What You Love." He uses music to grow as a person, to learn about life, to get through bad times, and to enhance the great ones. His love for music is strong enough that he chose to be homeless so that he could save money while on tour in 2009.

He is releasing his 10th album, "liberty island" on May 10th, 2011, and going on tour starting May 11th to support the release of the album. His official tour kick off is May 12th at the Mad Hatter in Covington, KY with May 11th being a pre-tour open mic warm up at South Park Tavern in Dayton, OH. Through a combination of 6 full shows, 3 extended open mikes, and 8 other open mikes, Mission Man is again taking the necessary risks to make a living from his music. He will be sleeping in his car for most of the tour because it's worth the sacrifice to live his dreams.

Musically, his greatest influences are 80s pop (primarily Prince, Michael Jackson and similar artists), 80s hip-hop, Dr. Dre and Will Smith.


Do What You Love

Written By: Mission Man

Do What You Love X4

I'm ageless
Because I'm made this
That the only true wisdom
I've ever acquired
Is to do what I love and I've always desired
To make music for a living
To take thoughts and feelings that I'm given
And translate them
With fate's pen
I lose a little in the translation
I choose to live tall in this grand nation
By that I mean I have a big heart
That's how I choose to have my gigs start
Even when my life is hit hard
And I don't feel the least bit smart
I'll stay positive
Because I have lots to give
Because I get lots of love
From my friends when they hug
And I don't need to get drunk
For me to rip funk

Do what you love X4

Let the sunshine in
And the fun times win
I love my grin
When I look like a big goof
Staying aloof
Because I love myself
And passing that love onto everyone else
As long as their intentions are good
I love my friends and I know that I should
Because they're always by my side when I need them
And thank you Jared for making this weekend
The best birthday possible
The good times were unstoppable
Because we overcame all the obstacles
Of the so called real world
Forgetting about the drama caused by stupid girls
And idiotic boys
Who treat women as toys
We overcame the need to pay bills
So we could make real
Quality time in our friendship
And that's a real gift
It allowed us to do what we love to do
Hanging out with friends and just being cool
And for the first time ever I watched the inauguration
I could feel the restoration
Of pride spread wide in our nation
We truly have a leader who loves what he does
And does what he loves
And for years I've been doing the same
I don't care about being a household name
I'll never claim
To have the strongest game
Or the smoothest flow
But I love to feel the groove just flow
As the truth lets go
And it loves me
So I see within and I'll never feel ugly
If you need someone to hold, just step on up and hug me
And I'll try to calm your fears
As I whisper in your ear

Do What You Love X8

If you love to sing
Just do your thing
Step up grab the mic
Forget about the stage fright
And the strange lights
If you sing because you love it then the audience will know
And it's obvious you'll grow
As you take deep breaths
And make each step
Just a little bit smaller than the one before
Until you can step up and knock right on the door
Get your foot in as soon as the door opens
Don't waste moments
Hoping it never closes
Let them see the love in your eyes
And they'll know it's not a lie
Just do your thing because there is no try
No matter what you love just go out and do it
Don't let other people screw with
Your plans and your dreams
Or your hands as they seem
Like they're losing the strength to hang on
Just do what you love and they'll always stay strong

Do What You Love X8


Written By: Mission Man

I believe we all wonder if we designed our own destiny and our lives turned out differently, who would we be? Would we live happily ever after with a life full of laughter? Would every moment be as blissful as ignorance if we all maintained our innocence?

I believe we all wonder and it'll be a wonder when we all believe in each other.

We all have something that we've been through, and I believe in you. I believe you'll climb out of debt even if you can't see how yet. You'll do fantastic after your lapse in a scholastic program. There'll be no collapse of your synaptic codes and you'll still walk with your peers, and the tears that you cry will tell you why every moment was worth it, no matter how much you were hurting while working and paying your own bills. Harvesting the seeds that you've sown will reap it's own rewards, and they'll all be yours. I believe you'll make it on broadway, and when you hear the songs play, you'll dance to your own steps because you have what it takes to learn from your mistakes, and when you fall all you need is a friendly hand to help you stand.

I believe we all wonder and it'll be a wonder when we all believe in each other.

I believe we all wonder if we'll be taken under by the stress and the pressure. Will it get you down? Are you the best around or just the next in town? Either way don't go running for the exit now. Don't worry about getting found by anyone but you. When you see the view of your own inner beauty it'll be the most amazing thing you'll ever see. Now imagine that expanding until the entire planet is standing hand in hand and helping each other grow. It'll start off slow, but soon you'll feel the flow of energy ride through you in waves, and we'll all be brave because we won't be alone. Together we'll have grown, and after you let the hope in, there'll be a moment when a friend needs you the most, and you'll be a rock instead of a ghost because a helping hand lifted you to higher ground. This is the love that I have found, and if only you believed like I believe in miracles and could hear it all, we could fly like a shooting star, and take pride in who we are.

I believe we all wonder and it'll be a wonder when we all believe in each other.

I believe we'll find the answers to beat cancer in my lifetime, so that when our kids will write rhymes they won't be about the unnecessary pain caused in vain. We can take away from the strain caused by fame and judging eyes; we just need to love instead of judge. I'm not telling you how to live. I just want to give words of encouragement, and see what happens with the words I've sent. Have you really heard them yet? I believe in you and I believe it's true, that we can all do what we love to do. We just need a little love and a lot of help. I believe in you; I hope you believe in yourself.

I believe we all wonder and it'll be a wonder when we all believe in each other.


1997 "Intro To My Mind"
1999 "Delve Deeper"
2000 "Transitions"
2000 "Out of the Shadows"
2004 "A Different Kid"
2004 "Antis Trype"
2005 "Put Down The Pen"
October 10th, 2006, "Indiependent"
March 15th, 2010, "31 Hours Til What?"
May 10th, 2011 - "liberty island"

Set List

45-60 minutes
1. Weightliftin Jam (1996)
2. Playin' A Little Basketball (1996)
3. Chillin' at the Papa (2002)
4. You've Earned It (2006)
The rest are from "31 Hours til What?" (released 3-15-2010)
5. Low Stress Diet (2010)
6. Do What You Love (2010)
7. wonder (2011)
8. living the dream (2011)
9. i need a good girl (2011)
10. starting over (2011)
11. living to the rhythm (2011)
12. these are the moments (2011)
13. time to make it happen (2011)
14. no ego (2011)
15. i don't need (2011)