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The project is an authentic masterpiece providing various genres of music such as pop, R&B, contemporary gospel and an abundance of soul. Relax, there is something on this project for everyone. His exceptional vocal talent takes melody and harmony in a completely new direction.



Too loaded Records Presents His Debut CD Project


The gifted and talented Missippi delivers incomparable, innovative and dynamic excitement with some smoking original tracks on his debut project! This project offers sheer musical genius from Missippi which is uniquely his. In fact, his debut project The Book Of Life offers a smorgasbord of exceptional vocal talent infused with lyrics that are both tastefully and elegantly oriented. Just as he deliberately plays on misspelling the name of his birth state, Mississippi; he deliberately and effortlessly sings with a personalized melodic/harmonic blend. This project is a must have for your music collection.

The initial track, Airplane, begins a musical story, jammed with musical chapters which prepares the listener for a sure destination Heaven and ends well! The project is an authentic masterpiece providing various genres of music such as pop, R&B, contemporary gospel and an abundance of soul. Relax, there is something on this project for everyone. His exceptional vocal talent takes melody and harmony in a completely new direction. One will readily note, Missippi is standing on the edge of an artistic epiphany on this project, which echoes success. Missippi's music and vocal qualities conveys an exceptional abundance of inspiration and rhythmic directness that is simply profound. He possesses enormous sensitivity, musicality and expressiveness with his vocal proficiency.

This project offers seventeen tracks produced or co-produced by Jae Know (except for House Car Diamond, produced by John Silver). It also includes the upbeat-rhythmic club jams, Shake It, featuring the notorious Vallejo, California rap phenomenon E-40, and This One, an energetic track guest starring the phenomenal and legendary funk hit maker, Rick James, who was somewhat of a mentor for him. On his contemporary gospel track Heaven, he seriously represents the influence of his gospel roots. The Book of Life is an all-inclusive musical masterpiece which portrays the stages of evolution of life experiences from hardship and suffering to triumph and understanding.

During his early childhood, Missippi was known throughout his community as a singing sensation. His compelling musical heritage was conveyed from his grandfather who was a preacher and his mother, the director of two choirs. Without fail, every Sunday and sometimes during the week Missippi could be found in church. When he was five, he would joyously sing in front of the congregation. Subsequently, he became a highly sought after vocalist for weddings, funerals, birthdays and anniversary parties.

Music has never been foreign to Missippi because he was born with an intrinsic melodic distinctive. Not only does he come from a compelling musical heritage; it is significantly coupled with a distinctive historical heritage. Missippi's musical roots were established in the African American church like various legendary greats, such as Sam Cooke, James Brown and Stevie Wonder. While in high school he toured for two years with the legendary gospel choir, The Mississippi Mass Choir.

Missippi's educational pursuits exemplifies his dedication to the spirit of excellence. He was able to stay out of trouble through the direction and pathways of a great mother and education. He attended Texas Southern University. Simultaneously, he competed successfully in talent shows and began experimenting with diverse genres of music, including classical, and even though familiar, folk and country.

Missippi's repertoire of performances is quite extraordinary. He opened for artists such as Musiq, Raphael Saadiq, Dwele, John B. and Dwayne Wiggins.

Media dynamics for this project are wonderfully positive and breathes echoes of success.

Missippi's musical influences are quite impressive. Notably, Nat King Cole, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, Rev. James Cleveland, Mahalia Jackson and Muddy Waters to Lionel Ritchie, Michael Jackson, New Edition, Johnny Gill, Van Halen and Kiss. However, gospel is what influenced him most.

This project is distributed nationally by Too Loaded Records, LLC and is distributed through the Malaco Music Group. As an entrepreneur he formed Down in the Boonies Entertainment, LLC.

Missippi cordially invites you to authorize the powerful lyrics of The Book of Life to open a new chapter in your life.

Please hear Missippi, you will be glad you did!

Copyright 2008 Dr. Velma Smith. All rights reserved.

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Executive Producer: Mike Willis

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Written By: Missippi

Children playing running through the ghetto
like wild roots in meadow
homies on the block shooting dice
knowing that their wacthed by the vice
paper on the streets like cotton
damn i can smell something rotting
fans in the window stop, hot
let me holla at my ken folks
girls on the corner double duchin
while Mr. Jones keep cursin
ghetto boys throwing rocks
damn who called the cops
living in this jungle
with broke down car and pot holes
lord wacth over my soul
cause the world will never know

my home is the ghetto
my home is the ghetto
(no matter how rich i get the ghetto gonna always be it)

Thugs hanging out smoking and perping
got Ms. Daisy looking out here curtain
sister scared to leave the house
cause everyday a fight breaks out
drug deals and crack sell
just a everyday hell in deathville yeah
sometime i feel hopeless in the ghetto
cause its so hard to focus
little girl in the street bare feet
broking glass and needles in the trash keep
alley ways and gutters where the rats sleep
for the ghetto life in me
let me throw up my hands hey---
and blaze one for me o----
til i reach that promise land yeah-

hook again)

bridge sub)

little ghetto boy
in these ghetto streets
what you gonna do when you grow up and have to face reality

hook and out)

my home is the ghetto
my home is the ghetto
(no matter how rich i get the ghetto gonna always be it)
my home is the ghetto
my home is the ghetto-----out and the end of song


The Book of Life

Set List

Event Coordinator:

Thank you for your consideration of Missippi for your upcoming event. He prides himself on excellence and it is his expectation that you too would not expect anything less from him. It is with that level of expectation that we would like to share with you some of our desires that he would like to have in place.

Sound system ¡V Artist MUST be able to play CD tracks through the house system.

Microphones - Artist would prefer one quality cordless microphone if available otherwise a corded microphone is acceptable.

Sound Check - Artist requires a minimum of 15 minutes prior to the event to conduct a sound check. This sound check will include microphones and CD tracks.

Bottled Water - Plastic bottles of water at room temperature.

Warm up room - Artist would like a room set up specifically for him to be able to prepare himself prior to performing. If a room cannot be arranged, pleased notify his management as soon as possible.

Meet and Greet -