The Disclaimers

The Disclaimers


The Disclaimers, Wayne Irby and Kelley Norris, are Oxford’s own version of cosmic American music. The duo, augmented by other Oxford pickers, are patterned from Gram Parsons and Emmy Lou Harris’ amazing early 70s collaborations.

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You Drive Me Drinking

Written By: Kelley Norris & Wayne Irby

You drive me to drinking
Drinking drives me to you
You got me a thinking
Why I’m such a fool
Just when its over
It starts up all a new
You drive me to drinking
Drinking drives me to you

Every morning, out of bed
This things hanging over my head
Every night, starts out a friend
There’s no doubt how its gonna end

They all tell me to keep moving on
I’m all broken like an old country song
Its gonna kill me, I know its true
Ain’t nothing better than to go down with you

Good Girl & The Player

Written By: Kelley Norris & Wayne Irby

She’s a good girl, her mama raised her right
But she tends to forget come Saturday night
When she’s lonely, and she’s drunk her last round
Heaven forbid a good woman get down
He’s a player, out every night
He’s got a woman at home and a woman in sight
When he’s lonely and the good girls around
They’d trade their souls to the devil for the good times they’ve found

So God bless the good girls and the players
Wash away all of their sins
And give them their good lines, cheap talk and red wine
Till they find each other again
Isn’t all of the pleasure worth all the pain in the end?

There’s a woman sitting at home
She’s always been a good girl but he left her alone
And she’s tired of living a lie
Maybe she’ll teach him a lesson tonight
There’s a man, who’s waiting for her
In a downtown hotel room, they don’t say a word
And she knows she’ll be alone in the end
But just for this moment the player’s her friend

Cause the man he needs a woman
And the woman she needs a man
And sometimes the heart don’t know the difference
Between a lifetime and a one night stand

Set List

For an hour set, we do 8 or so originals and 4 or so covers. Our covers have included artist such as:

Lucinda Williams
John Prine
Townes Van Zandt
Emmylou Harris
Johnny Cash
Dolly Parton