Mississippi Gabe Carter

Mississippi Gabe Carter

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Phenomenal, original, raw, haunting, solo blues artist; having learned tricks from Bentonia Mississippi's own Jack Owens and Jimmy "Duck" Holmes, Carter has developed a down-home style of playing that is unforgettable.


Mississippi Gabe Carter was born in South Bend, Indiana.. He was raised in rural Southwest Michigan. He was the only child of divorced parents and moved around among towns within the area.

Carter was given his first guitar at age five. The guitar was purchased, by his father, for $5.00 at a garage sale. Carter started by teaching himself to play blues on one string. He also played along with his father, who played blues on the piano.

As a young man Carter saw a guitarist by the name of Jack Owens -- of Bentonia, Mississippi -- in a documentary that had been rented on video from the local public library. Carter, from that point on, was deeply influenced by the music of Owens; and the school of music that is native to the Bentonia region of Mississippi. By far, the most well known musician from Bentonia was Skip James. During Carter's last decade of living in Chicago, he earned the nickname "Mississippi" through his front porch, down home style of playing.

Today, Carter's solo blues has remained firmly rooted in the blues tradition and style of Bentonia; but has grown into something completely original, and unique to the genre.


"Midnight Dream", and "LIVE at Duke's With Uncle Walt".

Set List

Carter plays 100's of original blues songs.