Mississippi Slim

Mississippi Slim

BandHip Hop

Hot, provocative, banging, donk rhyda anthem, hoodness


My music is me and who I am in a nutshell,
I had a hard time thru my teenage years,
being homeless and thugging and taking care of myself and my lil sister. I got this Kanye approach to life the "You can't tell me nothing" because a homeless man has been through every emotion and unless you have been there you can't say shit so that's one of those places where not alot of people have been........Homeless with nothing.


Nothing is released officially but I do have XM radio exposure and internet radio play through FREDIOradio.com and Hardcorejams.com

Set List

My set list is my favorite one called "Ain't it Tho".
Check My Swagger, Monkey See, Monkey Do.

My repertoire is to just show me and my swagger
no matter who I may be featured with.