Mississippi Sludge
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Mississippi Sludge


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tongue n Cheek"

these guys!these cultivators of hip!these dirty s.o.b.'s!! They fuckin rock and thats the bottom line here people an pets...the bottom line dipped sack deep in yo inners!! - harry sack


M.S. 4 song EP featuring the singles "Porch-light Blind" and "Biscuits & Slavery" as well as "Got Damn Right" an of course "Somthin's Gotta Give"
The LP "biscuits and slavery" features "Dirty Boy", "Texas","Cabin","East of Nowhere","Family","Amends", and "Sultry Lady"

All have been passed around via the internet, the radio,European distribution, moonshine runs, bar hag road whore lushes (God bless em) shared and traded like a sweet cheap date and even sold amongst the likes of Amazon,Ebay,Myspace as well as street peddlers on Hollywood Blvd. Heck, chances are your auntie hilda is usin one of them for a dang coaster pad on her coffee table right this moment while she is doin the dirty with uncle Earnie! Yipes!



It all started when these fellas had so much fun as friends supporting each others artistic endeavors and erotic-chaotic spectacles that it was only natural for their paths to cross into what began as a reason to hang together shoot,drink,welcome all who wish the world nude with barbecue bliss as well as enjoying the liberty of thinking aloud while partaking in vintage 70's pinup bush to relax with after friday night fights at Adams then weekend JKD with AJ has evolved into cherished moments with studio blowup dolls legions of sisters and brethren with always exciting guest artists contributing to the great trailer slut beer mongers who scare even Jerry Springer! We are truly blessed with continued greatness in our whole existential adventures loving and touching every ass lickin moment , gratefully cherishing every encounter all the while laughin at ourselves and God's genius sense of humor! Outlaws to some, saviors to others, where ever you are is where you are supposed to be for all is well in any given time of ever-lovin strife!