Miss Kim

Miss Kim


Miss Kim Scherman - At 17 this beautiful girl can move from a powerhouse belt to smooth as silk vocals effortlessly. Concentrating on Pop and Country Crossover in Prettiest in Pink, Miss Kim Scherman will move your soul and your body and let you share a corner of her dream. Listen and Love!


17 year old Miss Kim Scherman mixes things up in her latest CD writing and singing 7 new title cuts that are powerful, fun and takes this youngster to the next level. Check out 'Fantasy' - a ballad of epic proportion - the next titanic movie theme?! 'Hey, Cowboy' is sassy & fun - you're gonna move your feet, or 'It Might Be Time', a powerhouse duet with Mike Downs. Listen and Love!


(You Must Be My) Fantasy

Written By: Karen Downs Boyer

I have looked my lifetime just to find what I discovered in one swiftly passing instant spent with you.
And though it seems like it can’t be, I’m asking for a space inside your heart that you will give to only me
You must be my fantasy there’s no way you could be reality
And I can see how it would be if you were real and we were free
Blue eyes share a secret guarded, promise of tomorrow in your smile
Blue eyes float across my mind and in my heart the treasures I have stored
Can be set free, you are to be my Fantasy
Softly spoken words with strength make visions of another time like waves that scatter sea shells in my thoughts
Believing in tomorrow with the thought of destiny I hope you’re right and fate will bring you here to me
How Can A Love be anything if not a Fantasy In Finding you I’ve found my Fantasy


Fantasy Four Real - LP
Prettiest In Pink - LP

Set List

Typical sets are 45 minutes to an hour and number 3 sets. The sets feature original music from both LP's and also include covers that are updated and revamped by Miss Kim and feature Celine Dion, Supremes, Martina McBride, songs from Grease and Flashdance, Anita Baker, Rascall Flatts.