Miss Kim

Miss Kim


Miss Kim Scherman will be a household name. At 13 she took first place Teen Pop & Country at the AMTC Competition in Charleston, SC. At 15 she completed a Music Video in Kansas City, MO & in November 2007 she hosted other singers & bands to perform in her 1st full concert setting in Kansas.


Miss Kim Scherman is a singer/songwriter that has been performing solo and with bands since she was 13 years old. With perfect pitch and musically trained, she is an accomplished performer. Miss Kim is a Jazz singer who loves country - she's from Kansas! But her experience has been in the Pop realm.


(You Must Be)My Fantasy

Written By: Karen Downs


I have looked my lifetime just to find what I discovered in one swiftly passing instant spent with you.
And though it seems like it can’t be, I’m asking for a space inside your heart that you will give to only me

You must be my fantasy there’s no way you could be reality
And I can see how it would be if you were real and we were free

Blue eyes share a secret guarded, promise of tomorrow in your smile
Blue eyes float across my mind and in my heart the treasures I have stored Can be set free, you are to be my Fantasy

Softly spoken words with strength make visions of another time like waves that scatter sea shells in my thoughts
Believing in tomorrow with the thought of destiny I hope you’re right and fate will bring you here to me
How Can A Love be anything if not a Fantasy In Finding you I’ve found my Fantasy

Cowboys Don't Cry

Written By: Karen Downs

Cowboys don’t cry their breaking heart stays on their sleeve
Cowboys don’t cry when they hurt inside they just leave

Cowboys don’t cry they love and they hold and they smile
So dry those blue eyes and remember that Cowboys Don’t Cry

Until the hurt goes away and time once again lets us laugh
Keep hold in your heart that the hurt you now feel
Will soon be just one more bad dream

So many memories we take So many hopes we hold true
We look toward tomorrow believe that this sorrow Will mend in each other’s arms again

So ride, yeah ride Play out your hand and ride

It Might Be Time

Written By: Karen Downs

It might be time we give it up I can’t go on believing
Calling it quits to all this pain This going under all alone

It might be time we live it up I feel like such a fool

Forget and get out of the rain I feel like I’ve been used
It’s so insane who can we blame

Cause if the sorrow doesn’t get us the anger surely will, Just thinking, feeling tense and blue and battered
Drifting aimlessly apart, away, all alone

It might be time to realize
It might be time to satisfy
The quest for quiet longing
It might be time
It might be time the shadows fall
It might be time, call it a draw
Leave all the love behind
Look somewhere else to find in time

It might be time we cleared the air
Why must you do these things
Saying the words to make a change
And now there’s no room left to say
It might be time we headed somewhere
I couldn’t love you anymore
Away from here it’s all so strange
This wasted time don’t you see
To rearrange, there’s no exchange


Miss Kim Scherman has a Music Video that will blow you away! The song is a remake of a Celine Dion hit and an original LP: Prettiest in Pink.

Set List

Miss Kim Scherman sets contain a mixture of original and cover songs. Original songs are a mix of Pop and Country. Cover songs a mix of Pop, Country, Blues. Cover songs are never a replication of the artist but Miss Kim's take and version of the song. The sets are 55 minutes long. Typically 3 sets per show.