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Miss Li

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | MAJOR

Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden | MAJOR
Band Pop Soul


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Miss Li is worth to be historical!"

Miss Li is worth to be historical! You should have been at Bruce in Stockholm Conserthall -79. You should have seen Bob Marley at Grönan in the early eighties. Classical concerts with high cred-fact, but right now if feels like Miss Li at Skottvång – 07 is not far from that.
Mats Hammarlöf
- Sörmlands Nyheter 20070504

"Peace and Love festival"

It feels almost that all 20 000(sold out) vas here when she and her swinging band started her cabaret influenced music on Tropico stage. “Oh Boy” is still one of my favourites, but this hard-working singer and keyboardist stacks for now songs with hitpotentioal.

- Gefle Dagblad 20070629


..Happiest is the audience when Miss Li plays the intro to “Let Her Go”, happiest is me when Miss li plays “1,m Sorry, He´s Mine” and happiest is Miss li when the audience singing along to “Oh Boy”. Linda Carlsson has made a cometcarrier. Last year she played at Rookiefestival in Hultsfred. Now she have two album out and an audience that can sing all the songs. That in impressive.

- Barometern 20070726

"Storsjöyran 20070728"

..Miss Li on the other hand, I falls in love with again. Even if her voice is broke, she is a real hurricane and so bubbeling happy to be on stage that I almost cry by rapture. Hope from the bottom of my heart that she keeps that joy of playing for a long, long time. Beside, her musicians is incredibly tight witch is a delight to experience - Sundsvalls Tidning


2006 Oh Boy
2007 High On You
2007 I´m Sorry, He´s mine
2007 Let Her Go
2008 Gotta Leave My Troubles Behind
2009 I heard of a girl
2009 Ba ba ba
2009 Dancing The whole way home
2009 Stupid Girl
2009 Bourgeois Shangri-la
2011 I cant get you of my mind
2012 My Heart Goes Boom
2012 Plastic Faces
2013 Spaceship
2013 Transformer

2006 Late Night heartbroken Blues
2007 God Put A Rainbow In The Sky
2007 Songs Of A Rag Doll
2008 Best of
2009 Dancing all the way home
2011 Beats & Bruises
2012 Tangerine Dream
2013 Wolves



The somewhat amazing story is widely known, but is worth repeating: One early morning in 2006, Linda Carlsson couldn´t sleep. She was lying awake thinking about buying a piano and start writing songs. She didn´t exactly know how to play a piano, but she decided that nothing was going to stop her this time.Later that day, a brand new piano stood in her tiny apartment in Stockholm, where she recently had moved from her birthplace Borlänge, and she instantly started writing songs under the name Miss Li.Already a few months later she came in contact with the label National and that autumn in 2006 she released the first album Late night heartbroken blues. She was so inspired and the following year she released yet another two albums ("God Put a Rainbow In The Sky" and "Songs Of A Rag Doll") all within one year, plus a "Best Of" compilation (including a bonus CD with 8 previously unreleased tracks) with the best songs from that first year. She had also found the perfect producer and songwriting partner in Sonny Boy Gustafsson, who also joined the live act. Together with Sonny and the rest of the band she toured the whole world with that jazzy, uptempo pop they were playing which had become the signature for Miss Li. She also had a huge hit ("Om du lämnade mig nu") together with Lars Winnerbäck, Swedens most popular male-singer at the time, and the song was a top-10 hit for more than 5 years on the Swedish charts.

In 2009 the fourth album "Dancing the Whole Way Home" was released, and it had a new sound compared to the earlier albums. It had a marvelous response from both the audience and critics and was released in Germany, Japan, France, Benelux and others. Several of the songs have since been used in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewife´s and Weeds. The song "Bourgeois Shangri-La" was used in a world wide commercial campaign for Apple’s Ipod nano and was voted pop song of the year by Itunes Japan. Her song "Oh Boy" became massive all over the world after it appeard in a commercial for Volvo.

In April 2011 the fine "Beats & Bruises2 was released, an album which undoubtedly cemented Miss Li’s place among the greatest and most interesting Swedish artists. The first single, "I Can't Get You Off My Mind" became another Miss Li-hit and could for example be heard on Grey’s Anatomy, together with no less than seven additional tracks from the album up to this date! Second single "You Could Have It (So Much Better…)" was pitched to the French film "Sea no sex and sun", and the album also gave Miss Li was an increasingly strong position in Germany, a country that has become something of a second home – more than a hundred gigs have been implemented only there, latest a highly acclaimed tour in December 2011.

In October 2012, Miss Li returned with a brand new studio album, "Tangerine Dream", perhaps her best since the debut album. First single "My Heart Goes Boom" instantly became a hit in Sweden. Abroad, it has participated in the Next Top Model, one of Germany’s biggest TV shows and in September it could be enjoyed in Grey’s Anatomy first episode of the season. The album is mixed by Lasse Mårtén (Lykke Li, Peter Bjorn and John, etc.)

That fall Miss Li participated in major Swedish tv-series "Så Mycket Bättre", which finally made her a superstar act in Sweden. A sold out tour followed as well as a new album, "Wolves", in April 2013. The album went straight to #2 on the Swedish charts upon its release, lead by another hit single: "Spaceship".

In summer 2013 it was revealed that Miss Li was to release "Tangerine Dream" in Germany through a major label agreement with Sony. The album will be out on September 22 in Germany and a European tour will follow in November/December.