Miss Lori and The CAMPUS Kids
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Miss Lori and The CAMPUS Kids

Chicago, Illinois, United States

Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Miss Lori and The CAMPUS Kids @ Summerfest

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Miss Lori and The CAMPUS Kids @ Whole Foods

evanston, Illinois, USA

evanston, Illinois, USA

Miss Lori and The CAMPUS Kids @ Summerfest

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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Miss Lori’s CAMPUS
Music 'n Movement Together!

On 2+
4 stars

Lively, foot-tapping original tunes from PBS host.

Artist: Miss Lori, Miss Lori's Campus
Genre: Children's Music Label: Antman Productions Parental Advisory: No Edited Version Available: No Release Date: 08/02/2007

Parents need to know that this CD from one of PBS' hosts provides cheerful, positive, foot-tapping family fun appropriate for very young kids. Simple instrumentation and easy-to-understand lyrics are a plus, as is Miss Lori's emphasis (dare we say obsession?) with the healthy benefits of exercise. Despite the obvious educational intentions of these musical lessons, Miss Lori approaches her subjects with a light enough touch to avoid sounding too preachy.

Families can talk about why our bodies need exercise. Do you like to run, jump, and dance? Sometimes songs try to teach us about things like the alphabet or how to say "hello" in different languages, and other songs are more about telling stories or expressing feelings. Which kind do you like better?

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Common Sense Review

Reviewed By: Kathi Kamen Goldmark

Miss Lori's clear, classically-trained voice -- along with musical arrangements that are simple without being simplistic -- is a charming vehicle for communicating the gently educational messages on MUSIC 'N MOVEMENT TOGETHER!. Miss Lori is big on moving your body, as on the disco-tinged "Show Me How You Dance," "Sky High" (a musical stretching exercise), or "Swish! Harrumph! Thwack!" (a song about playing different sports). Other themes include counting, the alphabet, colors, and learning how to say "hello" in several different languages on the CD's perky opener, "Hello World," kind of a "We Are the World" for the preschool set. Positive, inclusive, and energetic, Miss Lori comes across as the kind of fun auntie who would never dream of bringing a gift of socks or mittens without also including a toy.
- Common Sense Media

We got the latest CD from Miss Lori’s CAMPUS - Celebrating Artistry Musicality Physicality United Successfully.

Miss Lori, Lori Holton Nash sings on this “Miss Lori’s Music ‘n Movement TOGETHER!” CD and she comes to your home weekday mornings on PBS KIDS as the host of The PBS KIDS Preschool Block.

We just love the CD. It's ideal for young children but my 5-month old loves it!!

- Mom-To-Be-Depot

Miss Lori's CD
Posted by jpbakes September 02, 2007 12:00AM
Categories: Entertainment

Chances are your kids don't know who Lori Holton Nash is, but they sure as heck know Miss Lori. The host of the PBS Kids block on
weekday mornings, Miss Lori and Hooper, her animated guinea pig sidekick, introduce shows such as "Curious George" and "Dragontales."

Nash has just come out with her own CD of songs, co-written with composer Ira Antellis, called "Miss Lori's Campus: Music ¤'n' Movement Together." The 17 tracks include energetic numbers to get kids moving and soothing lullabies for when it's time to calm down. - Star Ledger

Miss Lori's Campus
Friday, December 07, 2007

If you have little ones who are big fans of PBS Kids, then no doubt they have come to love Miss Lori and her sidekick Hooper. Lori Holton Nash was recently bestowed the honor of becoming the first host of PBS Kids and now she has another wonderful addition to add to her list of accomplishments: Miss Lori's Campus: Music 'n Movement Together.

Miss Lori's Campus: Music 'n Movement Together is an addictive (really, it is) compilation of children's songs that will get your toddler up and moving to the beat of the music and dancing to the beautiful music that Miss Lori makes. Miss Lori's Campus encourages kids to be active, sing along, and dance through sixteen songs that teach colors and snippets of foreign languages and also helps young kids use and expand their imaginations. And for the final song, Miss Lori winds down the up-beat CD with "Goodbye Lullaby", which nearly put us to sleep and will definitely get your little one primed for a nap. - Mommy Too Magazine

Miss Lori turns the 'f' in fitness to fun
By Heidi Stevens Tribune staff reporter July 8, 2007

One of the saddest things I've read recently is this sobering fact: For the first time in the history of the United States, the current generation of children will likely have shorter life spans than their parents.
A 2005 study concluded that childhood obesity is rapidly on the rise, and its complications—Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, kidney failure, cancer—are expected to cut short the lives of a group who should be benefiting from technological and scientific advances their parents and grandparents never dreamed of.

It's easy to see how we got here: It's cheap and easy (and kind of fun, frankly) to eat junk food. Schools are cutting down on gym and recess. Television, video game and computer usage keep climbing at a steady pace. But we owe it to our kids to put up a fight. And for a warrior on the front lines, look no further than Miss Lori.

Perky PBS personality Lori Holton Nash, known to her fans as the host of the PBS Kids Preschool Block, is on a mission to get young kids moving. "I want to make the 'f' in fitness stand for fun," Holton Nash says. "You can get down to the physiological level and the biochemical things that happen to you when you exercise, but children just need to understand that the more fit you are, the more things you can participate in. The more joy you can get from your life."

Holton Nash who lives in Chicago, combines music and theatrical elements to get kids off their feet, so that even watching her on TV is hardly a passive experience. Her performances sample everything from calypso to hip-hop to the Electric Slide. You can check her out yourself at 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Taste of Chicago, where she'll be performing on the Fun Time stage. She also has a new CD, "Music 'n' Movement Together," scheduled for an August release.

Of course it's going to take more than a CD or a single performance to kick our unhealthy habits (especially when said performance is at the deep-fried, calorie-soaked Taste). So Holton Nash encourages parents to turn physical activity into a year-round family affair. "Everyone talks about family time at the dinner table," she says. "I absolutely champion the idea of family time, but I'm also in favor of it happening up on your feet, out of doors, doing activities together. Take it beyond the realm of food. It's equally important to be physically engaged."

And don't think physical activity has to equal sports. Children who don't show an affinity for soccer or baseball or other competitive pursuits should still be encouraged to get moving, Holton Nash says.
Take a walk. Take a bike ride. Take a class. (The Menomonee Club in Lincoln Park offers music, dance and art classes built on Holton Nash's CAMPUS curriculum—Celebrating Artistry Musicality Physicality United Successfully.)

"Take the side-by-side competitiveness out of it and strive for the best you can do," she says. "We're not measuring ourselves against our neighbors or our idols. It's hard enough to be a kid. "We need to reinforce to children that if they keep going and do their best, that is something we celebrate." - Chicago Tribune


Music ' Movement TOGETHER!-LP
AWESOME 8!-Single
Miss Lori's Green team-Single



Miss Lori launched onto the national stage when she was selected the first-ever live host for the PBS KIDS PRESCHOOL BLOCK after an extensive nationwide talent search. She debuted on-air September 2006 and served as host for three fun-filled seasons.

As a part of her company Miss Lori's CAMPUS, Miss Lori launched a CD titled "Music n' Movement TOGETHER!" which is a winner of the 2008 iParenting Greatest Products Media Award. Miss Lori and the CAMPUS Kids perform many of these fan favorites as a part of Miss Lori’s Family Concerts. Concerts with Miss Lori and the CAMPUS Kids are high energy "brownies with wheat germ". Miss Lori's music is entertainment you can grow on. Filled with inspiring messages about health and life, Miss Lori's interactive performances leave her audiences brimming with renewed energy and new ideas. Though Miss Lori is as infectious as she is inspiring the CAMPUS Kids empower children to believe that they too could be on the stage seizing the day. Unlike Ralph's World, Laurie Berkner and Justin Roberts Miss Lori doesn't get stuck behind a guitar, she's out front interacting personally with her audience. She draws audiences in with her contemporary, full bodied music and keeps their attention with her dancing and her theatrical expertise.

Miss Lori’s commitment to children’s health is nationally recognized. She is the Ambassador for The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry’s Healthy Smiles, Healthy Children Campaign. As Miss Lori always says “Let Your SMILE Shine On!”TM

To build on the momentum of her CD and live tours, Miss Lori’s CAMPUS has produced a DVD called, “Activate & Be Great!” an interactive musical adventure. The DVD reinforces Miss Lori’s overall message that kids’ need to stay healthy by staying active.

2009 also brought the debut of Miss Lori’s first original theatrical production “GROWING!”. This infectious musical journey of discovery is a mixed media production featuring “Music ‘n Movement TOGETHER!” hits and “Activate & Be Great!” music videos that inspire audience participation.

Miss Lori still performs live often. She regularly teams up with WTTW-PBS Chicago to create informative and inspiring live events. In 2008 Miss Lori wrote a 10 song concert-style musical about health and nutrition, which successfully toured the Chicagoland area, promoting healthy choices for children and their families. The AWESOME Health tour is relaunching this Summer as a part of WTTW’s Great Food Fan Van Events.

This year Miss Lori created a Playstory Time program for the WTTW Readers are Leaders Library tour. It included Miss Lori’s inviting music and featured an original “Little Miss Lori” story to help promote eye health and literacy. The tour touched over 2000 children and their families. It is being relaunched this Summer as well, with performances at Chicago area zoos and museums.

Children and families across the country have fallen in love with Miss Lori's boundless energy, passion and commitment to the development of young minds and bodies. Her ability to foster creativity and imagination is a gift to treasure for many years to come.