Miss Maawa

Miss Maawa


Roadmusic presents upcoming new World Music DIVA "MISS MAAWA" from Mali (West Africa). Miss Maawa's 4th and new Album "Bi Fourou" is the start of a musical adventure between tradition and transculturated musical dialogue through an outstanding emotional voice!


MISS MAAWA also known as "Miss Maawa Malaika" was born in 1982 in the Ivory Coast - West Africa. MISS MAAWA grew up with the music of her mother "Kagbe Sidibe", the first Diva of Wassoulou.

"Kagbe Sidibe" was one of the most important voices in the history of the Wassoulou music* in Mali and West Africa.
"Kagbe Sidibe has been enchanting audiences in her homeland since the 1960s, a former member of Mali's Ensemble National, Sidibé has continued to develop her unique approach to the sogoninkun style as a soloist. Accompanied by her band, which includes guitarists Bayini Koita and Amadou Bagayoko (Amadou and Mariam), Sidibe's vocals soar with irresistible passion" ~ Craig Harris, All Music Guide.

As soon as MISS MAAWA could stand on her own feet, her mother called her on stage with the words: "get up my "Malaika" (meaning "Angel" in arabic language) and sing for us".
At the age of 10 years MISS MAAWA "Malaika" was touring with her mother as backing vocalist. She did the backing vocals for all 4 studio albums of "Kagbe Sidibe" and for other well known Malian and Ivory Coast Singers, too. Unfortunately Kagbe Sidibe passed away after the release of the 4th Album "L' Adieu", before her incredible voice could be heard outside of the African continent.
MISS MAAWA is now the only heritage of KAGBE SIDIBE'S "BAGAGE ARTISTIQUE".

MISS MAAWA began her solo career at the age of 17 and released her first album in Ivory Coast "Laihilalla" (1999). Followed by her second album "Allahu Akbar" (2002) at the age of 20.
The 3rd album "An Ka Wo Wassoulou" (2004) was released in Mali and in the whole of West Africa with great success. "Allahu Akbar" and "An ka wo wassoulou", were both produced by "Maikano" (ex. producer of Kagbe Sidibe, Fela Kuti, Amadou and Mariam, and others.)

In March 2008 on the dusty streets of Laffiabougou/Bamako, Mali, MISS MAAWA encounters MARCO ROMANO, musician and producer of the international Band "Spacewalk" (roadmusic productions).
After a 12 hours Studio Recording-Session till the morning hours, in Paul Chandler's Studio in Bamako, Marco Romano and Miss Maawa decided to continue their musical adventure....

And now 5 years after her last release, MISS MAAWA'S new long awaited album "Bi Fourou" is available for her fans in Africa/Europe and for World Music listeners worldwide.
This new album was recorded in Salif Keita's studio Moffou in Bamako (recorded and mixed by Abou Cisse). Well known musicians from the Bamako music scene have been part of this last album; as Vieux Pare (Arrangement and all round musician), Kassim Sidibe (Oumou Sangare, Ramata Diakite etc.), Zou Tereta (Oumou Sangare), Sherif Soumano (Didi Bridgewater, Tikken Jah Fakoli) and as the only european Marco Romano (Cherry Bomb, Spacewalk).

The Album will be released in March 2009 in Mali and other West African countries.

It's time now to give MISS MAAWA'S unique voice and style the chance to be heard outside Africa. MISS'S stage presence and dance performance are well known and highly apreciated in Mali and Ivory Coast.

We will be glad to present this upcoming new voice for the first time hopefully soon in Europe and the USA.

We are also looking for an international Distribution of MISS MAAWA'S brand new album "Bi Fourou" outside Africa.

*Wassoulou is a genre of West African popular music, named after the region of Wassoulou. It is performed mostly by women, using lyrics that address women's issues regarding childbearing, fertility and polygamy. The Wassoulou region of southern Mali is one of Africa's richest musical environments. Renowned for its ancient spiritual traditions, magic, and hunters' lore, Wassoulou has also produced the bluesiest, funkiest traditional pop music in modern Mali. Instrumentation includes soku (a traditional fiddle sometimes replaced with modern imported instruments), djembe drum, kamalen n'goni (a six-stringed harp), karignan (metal tube percussion) and bolon (a four-stringed harp). The vocals are typically passionate, emphatic and in a call-and-response format. Prominent artists include Kagbe Sidibe, Oumou Sangare, Coumba Sidibe, Dienaba Diakite, Sali Sidibe and Heather Maxwell (Wikipedia).


2009 Bi Fourou
2004 An Ka Wo Wassoulou
2001 Allahu Akbar
1999 Laihilalla

Youtube videos:

1) Bi Bourou (new Release):

2) An ka wo wassoulou:


Set List

Presentation of the new Album "Bi Fourou".
Between 2 and 3 hours!