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Miss Myi

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE

Houston, Texas, United States | INDIE
Band Pop EDM




"Miss Myi Single Review"

Her newest-single “All Eyes On Us” combines Ke$ha’s sassiness and Britney Spears’ girl-next-door image, all into one new refreshing up-and-coming artist. Check out her new tracks HERE. I personally really like the vocal production, and think that this girl is going to do great things! - Ping Pander

"Miss Myi Album Review"

Get ready world there is a new pop diva about to take over the music scene, let us introduce Miss Myi. Her debut EP is not only fun, but the beats make you want to move and you can’t help but sing along as the lyrics are simple and seem to be instantly engrained in your memory.

Miss Myi is a talented entertainer with experience dancing and touring with the Walt Disney Company and dancing for the Houston Aeros. She has moves on and off the dance floor, but what impresses me the most is her ability to play 5 instruments, self taught by the way!! - Mountain Weekly News

"All Eyes On Us Single Review"

Noise Shaft finally has the rabid opportunity to deliver its first single track review, and now it is official that it is none other than the brisk, bouncy debut delivery of Miss Myi, a Dancefloor Diva coming to make your body move in intentionally rhythmic fashion to her sonic declaration All Eyes On Us. My mission is relatively simple herein, as the song wholeheartedly relies on a four chord pop progression that packs the same capacity to carry the charisma of this style from the start line to the finish as it did from the very beginnings of risk free dancefloor entertainment. In other words, the flow of things is not a flow at all, it instead conveys the bouncy pop feel that you can safely showcase the dance moves you are comfortable with to, and that is that for an agenda, which is highly acceptable. Consider : you are armed with a beer and your most silly smile. Read on to find out more about this single.

What I like about this track is its propensity to wage a tender war on your receptors with a set of intentionally bloated-, ridiculously pink pop synths that convey the feeling of gargantuan djent guitars, only, on the opposite extreme of the imaginary sonic-rhetorics spectrum. As suggested, the song does not exhibit any urge to deviate from the four chords pop progression that equates to its relentless core, yet soberly limited ornaments are present to outline the anatomy and charisma of this simplistic, but elegant-efficient gravity well.

While the music is progressing, Miss Myi takes the opportunity to share her extroverted inner sentiments about the beauties and joys of receiving profound public attention in a dancefloor environment while occupying such a ridiculously hot body as hers is, - all this in a singing fashion - and the next logical step, not at all surprisingly, is to make a music video with hot chicks performing hot dance moves. Despite her young age, Miss Myi already has an impressive resume as a professional dancer, and this necessitates the video even more, I feel. You can try going wrong with hot chicks dancing to the camera, but you won't succeed. That stuff always sells, with or without music. Check out Miss Myi's All Eyes On Us single right here. - Noise Shaft

"Miss Myi Review"

Miss Myi is a pop artist that creates a mixture between electro and RnB music. She prides herself on being energetic and feisty, and to be honest, her music shows those qualities nicely. This playlist is going to showcase a few video snippets of some tracks, including “All Eyes On Us” (which can be heard in its entirety here: LINKY). I personally think “All Eyes On Us” is a quality club track that has a lot of potential of getting club and radio attention. The hook is catchy, the song flows well, and some of the production creativeness is really solid. It also helps that her energy and charisma really shine nicely on camera =) I’m really looking forward to hearing the entire album and would love to see a nice collection of tracks with this level of energy! - Greatestplaylist.com


All Eyes On Us
I Work
MakeYou Wanna
I Do That
Looking Glass



If its one thing Miss Myi knows how to do its make music and dance! Starting out at 5 years old making dance routines in her mothers kitchen she quickly gained a major love for everything music related .Teaching herself to read sheet music and later learning to play 5 instruments it was always a dream of hers to combine her love of music and dance, and create the music that makes the whole world dance with her. Over the years shes worked with companies including Disney, Sony, and IMG.

Miss Myi takes pop princess to a whole new level, adding in some rock-star vibe, blending in some bass with a whole lot of dance. If Kesha met Britney Spears in a dark alley and started to fight but decided to make a song instead, this is what their music would sound like. Its hot, high energy, and unapologetically in your face catchy. Its the music you want as your soundtrack while you spend the night making great memories.

She is currently preparing herself for a very busy spring. Next month, she begins a promotional tour in the southern states. In addition, Miss Myi has just released "Balance"— a fun, energetic collection of music that gets everyone off the wall and on the dance floor. The EP shows her being as an artist, showcasing her love for a good time, catchy irresistible words, and amazing songwriting talent.