Miss Rachel

Miss Rachel

 Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Miss Rachel's style of music tends to cater to Pop / R&B. Most people compare her to Rhianna due to the fact they have some similarities with how their records are created. Miss Rachel has a strong passion for R&B but Pop music is where she felt at home. Note: Her performance is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


Rachel Bailey aka, “Miss Rachel”, was born in Krueznach Bad, Germany to a military family. At the tender age of 3, Rachel was mesmerized by artists such as; SWV, Mary J. Blige, and Faith Evans. The spark was lit and she knew that this was what she wanted to do. A lifelong obsession began.

From her earliest memories Rachel always had an affinity and passion for music. Furthermore, music is in her blood. Her father, Greg Bailey, was an accomplished artist in Germany where he was stationed. Greg took Rachel everywhere while he performed. She observed 1st hand what it was like to see an actual stage performer as her father would sing before masses of people. Rachel absorbed the musical tunes of Jodeci, Nas, Boys II Men, etc. that her dad would play around the house and in the car. As Rachel would say, “my Dad listened to REAL hip hop and R&B.” Greg was very instrumental in developing his daughter’s talent. He first noticed her ability while Rachel was in the 3rd grade. She sang the national anthem at school and got a standing ovation. Her singing prowess coupled with her stage presence was something to behold at such a young age.

As Rachel grew into her teens her musical talent grew with her. Other enterprising notables have noticed this talent. Co Founder of TracStar Productions, Rich Higgins, stated about Rachel,” she sings, she dances, and even produces her own music, she is something special.”

With her ability, enthusiasm, and charisma, Rachel Bailey possesses all of the attributes to become a successful artist. Her objective: fulfill her lifelong dream of embarking on a musical career that will catapult her to places of notoriety. To ensure that she fulfills this potential, Rachel has signed with the budding record label, “Vyzion Entertainment.” With these dynamic forces coming together, great things are bound to happen.


Miss Rachel is a brand new artist from Raleigh, NC and her 1st single ( Dance Floor Addict ) will be released on June, 15th 2010

Set List

Dressing room
Refreshments for the band
Compensation will be discussed during booking
Guest list for management, band mates and some family members
Wired and / or wireless microphones