Sherri Ehrlich

Sherri Ehrlich

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Kid-centric lyrics layered over an eclectic blend of old school hip-hop beats, wailing guitar licks, and crooning vocals. Silly fun.


Put on your grooviest dancing’ shoes and experience the hippest, hoppinest interactive dance party ever! Layering kid-centric lyrics over an eclectic blend of old school hip-hop beats, wailing guitar licks, and crooning vocals, Miss Sherri and her Little Animal Band make a refreshing splash in children’s entertainment.

With a funky, bluesy flair, the latest music from former NYC rocker and lead singer Sherri Ehrlich has been hailed “the Pied Piper”, “kiddy hipster extraordinare”, and "the Mick Jagger of kids' music"…inciting a stampede of excitement across the nation.

Their contagious grooves and stylin’ dance moves combine traditional songs like “Going Over the Sea” with original ditties to rock your socks off including “Imagination Express” and “Hi Ho Let’s Go” from Miss Sherri’s latest award winning CD “My Green Shoes”! The result is a romping’ fun musical dance party that will not only have children singing and dancing but you'll find parents won’t be able to stop either!

Miss Sherri is the owner and operator of Honey Child Music Red Bank’s hippest music and movement center for children. She has opened for Elmo and Gordon, played to a sold-out house at the Two River Theatre, and wowed the largest audience the Axelrod Performing Arts Center of Deal has ever seen for a children’s event, in addition to releasing her first award-winning cd, “Jelly Belly Boo-Ga-Loo” to critical kids’ acclaim.

She made her debut at The Count Basie Theatre’s 80th Anniversary celebration, to coincide with the CD release of her latest creation "My Green Shoes" in November 2006 to a SOLD OUT house and appeared in NYC at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan that following December. Sherri and her little Animal band were honored to play at the majestic 1500 seat Count Basie Theatre and thrilled at the release of her NEWEST cd RELEASE; “My Green Shoes”, mixed by Grammy-award winning engineer Andy Grassi. Sherri lives in New Jersey with her beautiful son Oliver, the sunshine of her life.


Imagination Express

Written By: Sherri Ehrlich

Imagination Express

Put on your imagination caps and climb aboard
This ride's about to begin now
Children have you heard
Conductor said hold your engine and shift on to the beat
So much to sing about
Let's get up on our feet

It's dependable it's stupendous
Always on time
It's marvelous it's inventive
State of the art
The imagination express take us where we want to go
The imagination express will get us there you know
And it's dependable it's stupendous
Always on time
It's marvelous it's inventive
State of the art

Put on your investigation caps and we can learn
This ride no doubt is on a route so let's
Take this town by storm
Conductor says stomp your choo choo feet
Follow the leaders
So much to sing about
There ain't nothing sweeter


Imagine where we can go
Imagine what we can do
Imagine how we will feel
We can make it real
Imagine kings and queens
Jelly beans raindrops and roses
Tea time in London


Hi Ho Let's Go

Written By: Sherri Ehrlich

Hi Ho Let’s Go

Cowboys, cowgirls put on your hat
Hold on to the reigns now
Pull up your bootstraps
Cowgirls, cowboys
Ready to go
Let's say the magic words that we all know

Giddy up
Oh Hi ho let's go
Let's count all the horses
Children hold on
One horse two horse three and four
Everybody wants to ride a little bit more
Counting five horse six, seven and eight
Hold on to your horses and you won't be late
Counting 9 horse ten, eleven and twelve
Be kind to your horse
He's gonna be your best friend
Mommies, daddies, uncles and aunts
Grandmas and grandpas
Hold onto your pants
Take a special ride all around this town
Counting all the horses
Of course we can


Cowboys, cowgirls
Let's go for a ride
Hold on to the reigns and the horse will oblige
Pull him to the right and he goes that way
Pull him to the left and we're on our way



Sleepy Town

Written By: Sherri Ehrlich


All our friends are getting ready to go to
The greatest place for dreamin’ ‘bout me and you
Share the spotlight with a friend or two
Or grab hold of the golden ring
In Sleepytown

As we fly I’m holding onto my love’s hand
Through crimson skies, the sandman’s sprinklin’ sand
I hear the children singing with the band
We can swing on a silver star
To Sleepytown
We’re Sleepytown bound

Take a trip on a magic carpet ride, here
Don’t need no pennies for wishin’
No impossible missions
Dreams have no conditions
In Sleepytown

Anything you want to you can be
Climb the highest mountain or sail the seas
You are the captain of your magic ship
So close your eyes and let’s enjoy a trip
To Sleepytown
We’re Sleepytown bound


My Green Shoes
Jelly Belly Boo-ga-Loo
Spring Alive
Hot Fun in the Summer Tunes
On a Winter's Day

Set List

Miss Sherri and Honey Child Tribe Set List:
1. Miss Sherri Theme
2. Monkey See Monkey Do
3. Honey Child Train
4. Imagination Express
5. Honey Child Plane
6. Going Over the Sea
7. Jelly Belly Boogaloo
8. Uh Oh Joe
9. Oodles of Noodles
10. Goodbye Song

Set List with The Little Animal Band:
1. Miss Sherri Theme
2. Monkey See Monkey Do
3. Honey Child Train
4. Jazzy & Classy
5. Going Over the Sea
6. Bobby Blue
7. Imagination Express
8. Senor Patron
9. Honey Child Plane
10. Rockin' Reggie
11. If You Wake Up
12. Uh Oh Joe
13. Oodles of Noodles
14. Hi Ho Let's Go
15. My Green Shoes
16. Jelly Belly BooGaLoo