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The best kept secret in music


"Young Kids Learn to Make Joyful Noise at Honey Child Music"


Hypothetically speaking, if toddlers were lemmings, then Miss Sherri has an Ark and her name would be Noah.

For about 10 years, Sherri Ehrlich of Little Silver has been conducting early-childhood music classes at her honey Child Music Center at 73 Monmouth St. in Red Bank.

"Music is an important part of a child's early development in creating their own expressions and developing their motor skills," Ehrlich said.

"I saw the sign, walked in and signed up," said Rukiya Budden of Little Silver.

She enroller her daughter Jamiah Budden, 14 months, in to the Me and Momma Make Music program. Budden said she happened to be walking down Monmouth Street and found the school. She recently moved here from the United Kingdom, she said.

"This seemed like the right thing to do for Jamiah," she said.

The center has a retail section for selling child-sized instruments, an area where the classes are held, and a dining-room area. Ehrlich offers multiple programs for mothers and/or father with their children, children-only classes, private music lesson, summer camps and private parties.

The business started by accident, Ehrlich said. When her son Oliver, now 13, was a toddler, she had taken him to a Mommy and Me class offered by the Monmouth County Park System, she said. When the classes ended, she decided to start her own, at her home, with encouragement from other parents.

Within two years, she decided to open her own school

Ehrlich, 46, began studying dance as a teenager and was as back-up singer for rock bands in New York City. She also studied musical theater and dance at New York University.

At her center, she has a vast selection of programs for children ranging in ages from infants to 13-year-olds.

Prior to each class, the children are given the opportunity to play with the toys at the center. Each program begins with Ehrlich singing her "clean up the toys" song.

When Ehrlich began singing her "Tidy-O, Bye-Bye Toys" song, the children instantly began to pick up the toys from the floor and put them back into their plastic containers.

Karen Brenner of Neptune City, an instructor at the school, said the programs go beyond teaching the children essentials, such as motor skills. The programs instill early childhood disciplines such as "it's time to clean up your toys, and it's time to go on to another activity."

Each time Ehrlich ended a segment of the program, the children listened attentively to her song to find out what she had planned for their next activity.

"Where's Macaroni," she said in a musical tone.

In an instant, Sophia Ranucci, 2, of Interlaken went to the basket, where macaroni the Pony had been stored. The pony is a hand-puppet. When Ehrlich pretends to make the pony come alive, the children get to the feed the pony with fake carrots.

"We come here once a week," said Lisa Ranucci, Sophia's mother. "This is a great experience for the children. We even listen to Miss Sherri's CD's in the car."

The range of ages for this class was 1 to 5 years old.
- Asbury Park Press

"Live Music For Kids!"

Happy New Year. It feels to me like this one will be even more filled with music. We need to healing force of music even more in these crazes stress-filled times.
I generally avoid the whole New Year's resolutions games, but I do plan to play a whole lot more music this year, write more music and spend a lot more energy to expand and promote music wherever and whenever it crops up.
In a recent article, I highlighted the importance of parents and other adults bringing music into the lives of children, both listening and playing. Hopefully the holiday season was indeed a chance foe many of you to expand the musical education and awareness of young people around you. Your world and theirs will be a little better because of that effort.
One of the most dedicated and inspiring people in our area is musician Sherri Ehrlich, aka Ms. Sherri. In 1987, she founded Honey Child Music, a music school for kids. Today, at her well-staffed Red Bank location on Monmouth Street, kids can learn various instruments or take unique classes that combine music with yoga, movement or painting and drawing lessons. There's even classes for parents to attend with their child.
"Music is the language that connects people," says Ms. Sherri.
On Sunday, Jan 29, Honey Child will host a free, family-friendly concert at the Two River Theater Company in Red Bank.
This show will benefit the Hemophilia Association of New Jersey, (HANJ), a N.J. organization providing services for families with hemophilia. HANJ provides many services for people diagnosed with hemophilia and related blood disorders, including insurance, social services and resource information.
The event is also a CD launch party for "Jelly Belly Boogaloo," the newest of five CDs from Honey Child Music.
This concert will feature live performances by Ms. Sherri, as well as background vocals from the Honey Child Gang - three aspiring, talented area singers, Madison Cole, 8, Whitney Kelly, 9, and Cayla Caffrey, 14.
Kids of all ages will love the lively featured characters like the world's only Saxo-saur, Senor Patron, The Girafettes: Jazzy and Classy, and Rockin' Reggie and Ruthie.
The "Jelly belly boogaloo" CD was co-written by Ehrlich and local R & B-oriented keyboardist Jeff Levine who has toured with Bo Diddley, Joe Cocker and Hall and Oates, among others, and is a Honey Child Music instructor. The CD features a variety of toe-tapping original music compositions with genres ranging from pop and jazz to salsa.
Several area businesses have donated refreshments and other items. BlueClaws mascot "Buster" will make a special guest appearance, courtesy of My Child, a new magazine launching this year focused on New Jersey families with special-needs children. The hearing impaired will be able to enjoy this concert and event, with 'Signing Fingers' providing sign language services for them.
Come on down and support this great effort. Bring the whole family for a free afternoon concert that promises to be a multifaceted event. It's in support of a great cause and it reinforces the dedication expressed by Ms. Sherri, and her dream of teaching and sharing her love of music with kids and their parents.
What: Honey Child Music-CD launch/concert to benefit Hemophilia Association of New Jersey
When: Jan. 29 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Where: Two River Theater Company, 21 Bridge Ave., Red Bank
Why: Fundraiser for families affected by hemophilia during debut performances of songs from new CD "Jelly belly Boogaloo," performed by Ms. Sherri, the Honey Child Music Gang and special guests
Cost: FREE
To R.S.V.P. for the concert, call (732) 530-5884 or sign up at the theater.

- The Hub

"Miss Sherri's Jelly Belly BooGaLoo"

"Rich vocals and fetching arrangements make this collection of salsa, R&B, and rock tunes a standout. Kid-centric lyrics about planes, trains, and animals will please the indended audience." - Parenting Magazine

"Kidding Around: The Musical Adventures of Miss Sherri (Miss Sherri teaches and entertains children at her music studio in Red Bank)"

Friday November 24, 2006
By Kelly-Jane Cotter
Music Writer

Sherri Ehrlich's music studio in Red Bank is so vibrantly colored you'd think a box of crayons had exploded.

The walls are sunshine yellow. Primary colors accent every window sill and baseboard. The floor is covered by an alphabet carpet.

And there's fun stuff everywhere...wacky hats, hobby horses, humongous drums.

The place is so cheerful it'll make you sing and dance.

And that's exactly what Ehrlich hopes will hapen at Honey C Hild Music. The studio, at 73 Monmouth St., is home base for her music classes and other beat-happy programs for little kids.

Babies and toddlers feel right at home here, as "Miss Sherri" marches around with her acoustic guitar and her headset microphone. They join in the parade, jingling bells and shaking eggies.

"I want it to be a warm place," Ehrlich said following a rambuctious "Me and Momma Make Music" class. "I want it to be a place where the kids come in and play with the toys and get used ti everything, and then have fun with music."

Ehrlich first began offering her program when her son Oliver, now a teenager, was a toddler. Hehad enjoyed a music class with her, and Ehrlich thought she could use her own music to entertain Oliver and other chidlren.

Ehrlich's background is in theater and in rock music, The Brooklyn native studied at the Lee Strasberh Theater Instiute and at New York University. Her band, Gods and Goddesses, played clubs in New York.

The perky studio of Honey Child Music is light years away from the dives of Manhattan's music scene. When asked if she misses the nightclub cirbuit, she vigorously shook her head.

"Performing for children and writing for's so satisfying," she said. "They're not at all jaded. They enjoy it." Ehrlich clearly enjoys it, too. She had boundless energy and aims to connect with every toddler in her sights. She'll incorporate the name of a child int oa lyric of a song, she'll make sure every kid has a pretty scarf to dance with and she can summon a cartoonish, squeaky, Elmo-like voice when it comes time or one of her puppets to participate. (And speaking of Elmo and Gordon, Miss Sherri once performed on a bill with Elmo and Gordon from "Sesame Street," which gives her major credibility among the pre-school set.)

Macaroni Pony is a opular pal. The little horses like to eat the wooden carrots offered to him by children is Miss Sherri's class.

And, no surprise, there's even a song called "Macaroni Pony."

Ehrlich's music is infused wit hthe energy of her rocl 'n' roll days, and she also takes inspiration from blues, jazz, folk, and world music.

Miss Sherri will perform at at "open house" concert to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Count Basie Theatre. The concert, scheduled for 11 a.m. Saturday at the Basie, will give families a glimpse into Miss SHerri's world.

Miss Sherri will share the stage with her Little Animal Band, a costumed bunch that brings her songs to life.

The Litle Animal Band features Senor Patron, a saxophone-playing herbivore; Jazzy and Classy, singing giraffes; Bobby Blue, a bass-playing ape; Rockin' Ruthie, a King Charles spaniel on guitar; and Rockin' Reggie, a doggy on drums.

Makeup for the creatures is by Linda Gayoso.

Some of the people behind those costumes are Eric Salkin, saxophone; Jeff "Mole" Molar, electric guitar; Frank Certo, percussion; Eric Amadeo, drums and percussion; Whitney Kelly and Alicia Lai, dancing vocalists from the Count Basie Theatre Cool School; Amanda Duncan and Susan Haugenes, both on vocals; Joanna Burns, piano and vocals; Vinnie Puryear, bass; Bob Pantella, drums; and Tony Sloan, Spanish guitar.

Tickets for the show are 70 cents, which was the same price for tickets at the theater's opening night on Nov. 11th, 1926. For ticket info, go to or call (732) 842-9000.

Miss Sherri and her Little Animal Band also will perform from 10 to 11a.m. Tuesday at Whole Foods in Middletown. She has two 1:30 and 2:30 p.m....on Dec. 3 at the Children's Museum of Manhattan, 212 W. 83rd St. - Asbury Park Press

"Toot, Whistle, Plunk N' Boom"

by Tom Chesek

From its humble beginnings as a home-based business, to its original setup at the old Red Bank Mini Mall and a move to its candy-colored current quarters at 73 Monmouth, Honey Child Music has been the starting point for a generation of budding Beethovens, Bachs and Basies. Established in the late 1980's by music/theater professional and kid-centric entertainer Miss Sherri Ehrlich, this Kiddie Konservatory has made a seriously fun pursuit out of teaching the children of the Red Bank area an early appreciation of the sonic world around them. The rainbow-hued storefront remains a busy hub for birthday parties, gift shopping, sing-along shows, art and movement classes - but it's first and foremost a place where a child can discover the confidence to share a song with the world.
According to Miss Sherri (who performers regularly throughout the region and whose new CD Jelly Belly Boogaloo is simply the latest in a series of fun, character-driven romps), the Honey Child facility is unique in that "we're not a chain...we give the kids a personalized experience, incorporating art and movement into their introduction to music." The business further sets itself apart from the pack by offering in-home tutoring, with Miss Sherri's staff paying regular house calls to dozens of students (all ages welcome) across Monmouth County. What's more, 2005 has seen Honey Child Music expand its feature classes to include yoga for youngsters with Miss Samantha and art classes conducted by Miss Heather. For details, call 732.530.5884 or drop in on


"Honey Child Music Founder National Recognized"

Red Bank - Sherri Ehrlich - a.k.a. "Miss Sherri" - the musical artist and founder of Honey Child Music at 73 Monmouth Street, here, has achieved certification from Music Rhapsody Summer Teachers Training Workshop, a nationally recognized early childhood music education institute based in Redondo beach, California.
Music Rhapsody is an innovative music program for parents and their children. Music rhapsody has been featured at national and international workshops including the American Orff Schulwerk Association, the Music Educators National Conference and the American Music Therapy Conference. Two books - "Babies Make Music" - and "Kids Make Music" - have been published on the Music Rhapsody method of teaching music to babies and young children.
:Music Rhapsody is based on things children intuitively like to do like sing, chant rhymes, dance, play instruments, utilizing their creativity and imagination," says Ehrlich. "Children experience the joy of making music together in a group while learning the fundamentals of music. Using this method helps children to become sensitive listeners, considerate participants, and successful musicians. The use of language, movement, rhythm and melody in a game-like atmosphere also develops mental concentration, coordination and creativity."
Summer sessions at Honey Child Music
An exciting six-week summer session has begun at Honey Child Music in downtown Red Bank and space is still available. Two programs are being offered: "Magical Musical Playhouse" and "First Act Performing Arts Camp."
"Magical Musical Playhouse Camp," introducing children to the world of theatrics, is available to children ages 3-6 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Puppets, storytelling, music, creative movement, masks, miming, drama games, and making props will engage children and create a learning environment through music.
"First Act Performing Arts Camp," puts children ages 7 to 10 on stage from 2 p.m. - 5 p.m. on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Narrated concepts of children's books will be performed and musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm, musical notation and solfegio will be explored. Participants will also receive an introduction to puppets, masks, theater lingo, acting games, dictation and monologues. An informal performance will be held at the conclusion of the camp.
A wide array of programs for children from birth to nine years is also available throughout the summer and all year long, in addition to the new summer programs. For more information call Miss Sherri at 732-530-5884 pr visit her website at Honey Child Music provides children with the opportunity to study, explore and enjoy music, movement and drama.
Here each child is presented with abundant occasion for self-expression.
- Monmouth Journal

"Making Music With a Youthful Twist"

Thursday July 24, 2005
By Alison Hergert
Staff Writer

"Miss Sherri' knows music and rhythm have no age restrictions.
So did the group of more than 30 smiling children and adults that bounced to the beat of the hour-long, high-energy July 11 music-and-dance performance put on by Little Silver resident Sherri Ehrlich and her counterpart, "La-Ti-Da." Yolanda Fleming.
Ehrlich, 45, owner of Honey Child Music in Red Bank, an early-childhood music center, and Fleming, a private-lessons coordinator for the center, have been presenting children with a healthy dose of musical energy for several months. Last week's performance outdoors at The Grove in Shrewsbury offered evidence the duo isn't slowing down.
"Everyone is born with musical capacity, and it's magical in the way in which it reaches everyone," Ehrlich said. "It's a shame to ignore that."
Honey Child Music opened in 1998 and offers a variety of classes for those a few months old to age 10. Children can take classes alone or with a parent.
Popular picks include Me and Momma Make Music, Me and Daddy Make Music, Yoga for the Whole Child, and Movers and Shakers. Most one-hour classes are offered once a week and cost about $150 for a six-week session.
Starting in the fall, the center will expand into a new realm - the visual arts. Picasso Pizza will be offered twice a week and will give participants a pizza dinner and a chance to dabble in the arts of painting and drawing.
Fleming, a 36-year-old Rumson resident, said she likes seeing the enjoyment children get from viewing musical and dance performances.
The pair usually passes out hats, puppets and shakers and encourages the kids to play along. Ehrlich, a singer and songwriter, sings while Fleming provides backup vocals and adds a little animation and dancing to the performance to keep the crowd engaged.
"It's just a neat learning experience for them," Fleming said.
Fleming said she also appreciates the benefits she gets from performing for children.
"This makes me feel a lot younger," she said. "These performances are about being goofy and just having plan fun. They're quite the stress reliever."
If that's the case, Fleming will be destressed at least until the end of the year.
The duo will continue performances at Jackrabbit Toys, Route 35 in Sea Girt, until January.
They are also booked for an encore performance at The Grove. It is slated for 6 p.m. Aug. 1.
Natalie Carola, marketing and advertising representative for The Grove, said she was more than happy to invite the singing and dancing duo to play, because the shopping center is often visited by many children.
"We want to show that we support the arts community," she said. "We want people to realize that The Grove can be more than just a shopping center."
She said she was pleased to be able to invite such talented and energetic performers to play in the park-like area outside The Gap clothing store in the shopping plaza.
The Grove also hosts Tuesday Nights at The Grove, a series that brings musicians and artists hoping to get exposure, to provide entertainment to shoppers.
Ehrlich and Fleming are not new to the scene.
Ehrlich, a New York City native, began studying at the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute in New York before moving to San Francisco to become part of that city's theater community, where she started recording original music. She then moved back to New York to study musical theater and dance at New York University.
Her inspiration to start honey Child Music began when she later moved to Monmouth County and attended a Mommy and Me music class with her now 12-year-old son Oliver. The other parent sin the class who knew of Ehrlich's background in music and lively personality encouraged her to open her own center.
Fleming, who has a 4-year-old son, Vincent and a 2-year-old daughter, Julia, said she met Ehrlich more than a year ago and appreciated providing guitar accompaniment for Ehrlich's children's music classes. Fleming now is the private-lessons coordinate for Honey Child Music and will teach a class in the call.
"It's not jus work for me, it's play," she said/.
For more information on Honey Child Music, call (732-530-5884.
- Red Bank Reporter


My Green Shoes
Jelly Belly Boo-ga-Loo
Spring Alive
Hot Fun in the Summer Tunes
On a Winter's Day


Feeling a bit camera shy


Put on your grooviest dancing’ shoes and experience the hippest, hoppinest interactive dance party ever! Layering kid-centric lyrics over an eclectic blend of old school hip-hop beats, wailing guitar licks, and crooning vocals, Miss Sherri and her Little Animal Band make a refreshing splash in children’s entertainment.

With a funky, bluesy flair, the latest music from former NYC rocker and lead singer Sherri Ehrlich has been hailed “the Pied Piper”, “kiddy hipster extraordinare”, and "the Mick Jagger of kids' music"…inciting a stampede of excitement across the nation.

Their contagious grooves and stylin’ dance moves combine traditional songs like “Going Over the Sea” with original ditties to rock your socks off including “Imagination Express” and “Hi Ho Let’s Go” from Miss Sherri’s latest award winning CD “My Green Shoes”! The result is a romping’ fun musical dance party that will not only have children singing and dancing but you'll find parents won’t be able to stop either!

Miss Sherri is the owner and operator of Honey Child Music Red Bank’s hippest music and movement center for children. She has opened for Elmo and Gordon, played to a sold-out house at the Two River Theatre, and wowed the largest audience the Axelrod Performing Arts Center of Deal has ever seen for a children’s event, in addition to releasing her first award-winning cd, “Jelly Belly Boo-Ga-Loo” to critical kids’ acclaim.

She made her debut at The Count Basie Theatre’s 80th Anniversary celebration, to coincide with the CD release of her latest creation "My Green Shoes" in November 2006 to a SOLD OUT house and appeared in NYC at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan that following December. Sherri and her little Animal band were honored to play at the majestic 1500 seat Count Basie Theatre and thrilled at the release of her NEWEST cd RELEASE; “My Green Shoes”, mixed by Grammy-award winning engineer Andy Grassi. Sherri lives in New Jersey with her beautiful son Oliver, the sunshine of her life.