Good Time, Good Music...you can expect it! Each Misstaken show is entirely original. They will make smiles anyway they can!" Misstaken's music/sound is very professional yet you would think you were at a comedy show; leaving you wanting more!


The Misstaken show is original, yet influenced by the Greats, like David Lee Roth, Edward Van Halen, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Leslie Neilsen, Mel Brooks, Jim Carrey, Sammy Hagar, Jimi Hendrix, Pat Benatar, Heart and Chevy Chase. Linda says, "this is how we feel...we don't fake having a good time and we put our best into each show, trying to make sure each one is a little different and that everyone is having a good time. We want to make smiles any way we can!" Misstaken plays originals and covers in the style of 80's, Southern & Classic Rock with a dash of country, pop & disco just to keep you on your toes. Misstaken's sound is influenced by a 'Pat Benatar meets Van Halen' twist and you would think you were in a front row seat to see a comedy show!!

The name "Misstaken" came about in two funny ways... For one, the lead singer, Linda, is female and every guy and sometimes girl out there wants to know if she is married and if they can take her home. ;) lol. Well, the answer was always "I'm Taken... ha ha that's Miss Taken, to you!" Anyhow, putting the words together =MissTaken... BUT, there were a few other things in mind when choosing that band name... for example, I can't tell you how many times people mistake you for someone else, or some other band, or thought they have seen you somewhere before. So, we always say, "oh, you must be mistaken." After watching how many times we've heard and used the word "mistaken" in a week, we decided it was a catchy name "mistaken" only we added the extra "s" so that it had the female in the band story meaning behind it. ha ha! To this day, everyone still asks Michael, the lead guitarist and Linda's husband, if he is "MR. Taken!"


Angel In Your Eyes

Written By: Linda Logue & James Michael Logue

Believe in me
Because I wanna be your everything
I want you to see
Everything you mean to me, Baby

Right by my side
You’ve been right beside me every night
No need to hide
When things go wrong, I’ll make it right

With all the love you give to me
Could you be my angel in disguise?
I can’t believe
I see an angel in your eyes!

Need you my dear
There’ll be no reason for you to fear
I need you to bring
Bring out the angel inside of me


Why can’t I see those wings of gold?
Why can’t I be your wife to have & hold?

With all the love you give to me
Could you be my angel in disguise?
I can’t believe I see an angel,
I see an angel, I see an angel in your eyes
Oh Oh Ohhhh an angel in your eyes.

Your Love

Written By: Linda Logue & James Michael Logue

I wonder now why you cry
Late at night when you close your eyes
I realize that I hurt you

Now, I … I’ve heard love is blind
Maybe I left you behind
I didn’t mean to hurt you

Your Love
Is my life, my heart, my soul
I just needed to let go
And I want you to know
That Your Love
is why I’ve lost control
Your love will help us grow
I need Your Love

Your Love!

Last night I didn’t mean to slam the door
Your dreams fell to the floor
I just needed time to think

And I … didn’t want to shout
I knew I had to let it out
I didn’t mean to hurt you

Can you remember walking on the beach?
Moonlight reflecting in your eyes
Remember when I touched you on the cheek?
Cause I needed Your Love

Oh Oh Ohhhh.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Your Love!

All I Have Are Pictures

Written By: Linda Logue & James Michael Logue

Wondering why you left me
Wondering why I’m here
Could be that you’re near me
Or maybe I’ve lost my fear
Feels like I’m all alone now
Seems like no one cares
The hurting inside grows stronger
Cause you left me standing there

I’m gonna make it
I’m gonna try
Nothin’s gonna hurt me now
Because I’m gonna fly

Over something simple
We had a fight
I went for a long walk
And you went for a ride
Now the guilt is eating at me
I never said goodbye
Why God took you from my side
You didn’t have to die!

Whatever happens now
I’ll just get by
Nothin’s gonna hold me down
Because I’m gonna fly

Why did you have to leave
I’m lying to myself, that’s not how I really feel
That’s how I wanna be, but I’m hurting can’t you see

Of your memory
I should’ve never fought with you
It was the end of you and me.


Misstaken, 2004
You can hear songs on both official band website and myspace:
www.misstakenband.com (download)
myspace.com/misstakenplayharder (streaming)

Set List

Misstaken plays both originals & covers to satisfy audiences of all ages; normally performing 2 - 4 sets, 10-11 songs per set. Original Music = "Angel In Your Eyes," "Your Love," "All I Have Are Pictures," "Ride Away," "Skin of Lies," "Break My Heart," "Wait For Heaven," "Sleepless (I'm All Alone),"and "Who I Wanna Be."

Covers consist of = 18 & LIfe, Wheel In The Sky, Bring Me To Life, Hemmorhage, Panama, Ice Cream Man, Kiss Me Deadly, Unchained Melody, Separate Ways, I Can't Drive 55, Pour Me, Eruption - You Really Got Me, Brass In Pocket, All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You, Keep Your Hands To Yourself, Dreams (Molly Hatchet), Dreams (Fleetwood Mac), Gimme Three Steps, Simple Man, Wonderful Tonight, Closer To The Heart, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Caught Up In You, Torn, I Know A Little, China Grove, Come To My Window, Foxy Lady, Hotel California, Summer of 69, Old Time Rock & Roll, Man In The Box, I'm The Only One, Can't You See, The Sky Is Crying, Johnny B. Goode, Great Balls