Miss Teasa

Miss Teasa


Miss Teasa is a fun and filthy dance music producer who loves to perform for the open-minded, backed up by an entourage of Bitter Blondes who love to hate her.


Want to know what going to a Catholic all-girls school can do to someone?...

Miss Teasa is serious about making music that isn't so serious. She hopes that you'll find a reason to dance, laugh, and play dirty when you listen to any of her songs.

Her influences include: Peaches, Madonna, C + C Music Factory, Princess Superstar, Flight of the Conchords, Spice Girls, Catholic School Girls, dubbed Asian game shows, Gwen Stefani, and alcohol.


Cheap Momma

Written By: Miss Teasa

I love college boys
With moustache and cash
I call 'em small ballah's

They make me giddy
So young and so fast
I love 'em big wallets.

They lend me money
'Cause I'm fuckin' broke ass
Spendin' coin on cheap hairspray

The name's Cheap Momma
And you've met me at last
So I'm here to spoil your day....


What has MT created thus far behind closed doors?

Just to name a few...

"Cheap Momma"
"Every White Girl Wants Your Tan"
"Bitter Blondes"
"Just My Boy Toy"

The first two singles have been played on www.thatradio.com

"JIZ" was featured in the 2008 Toronto Model Search (Toronto Exclusive Magazine) and has also had air time on Scarborough Fusion Radio (CSCR).

Set List

Original Songs:
Cheap Momma
Every White Girl Wants Your Tan
Bitter Blondes
Just My Boy Toy

**Sets also include live improvised beats via Ableton live and midi keyboards.

Walk Like an Egyptian (The Bangles)
Say You'll Be There (Spice Girls)
Closer (Nine Inch Nails)
Borderline (Madonna)
Intergalactic (Beastie Boys)

Any many others...