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Often compared to Outkast's Andre Benjamin but with her own personal twist. This, MissUnderstood storyteller really has skills.


Born is rural southeast Arkansas but raised in Dallas she had no choice to grow up with a "country twang." Mix that with an airplane and a first rate education and you have one heck of storyteller.
She's worked with several independent labels and written for quite a few local artists but decided after some true soul searching to produce an album of her own.
Her debut album "The Road to Understanding" is a collection of tales of her life in corporate america, true life events and anecdotes.


With tracks like "Leavin'," which has won local artist spots from Dallas to Washington, DC and "Change," her second release which is well on its way to surpassing its predecessor’s acclaim, MissUnderstood is definitely one to watch

Set List

Her typical set is 2 songs, "Leavin'" and "Change" with a few crowd hypes and lasts about 10 mins.