Miss Vivianna

Miss Vivianna


Sexy,Soulful and Italian need we say more.Vivianna is being hailed as the 1st Lady of Italian Hip Hop delivering hard hip hop beats laced with smooth sultry vocals.Her introduction into the urban music scene sees her collab with none other than Hip Hop Legend DMX! Dont believe then watch the video!



Born in the remotest part of Italy in the mists of a violent storm with a full blackout in progress and three weeks later than expected a dramatic life was sure to follow…

Surrounded by a musical family Vivianna showed at an early age that she had inherited the musical gene when as a toddler she would hum and sing alongside her grandfather, a powerful tenor and composer.

After childhood stints at leading music and theatrical groups Vivianna was offered a place at the prestigious Mountview Theatre School where she graduated with Honours.

Growing up listening to artists ranging from Steve Wonder & Boyz II Men, to Missy Elliot and Aaliyah, Vivianna’s talent as a songwriter started to develop and has been recognised by major signed artists who have approached her to work on their behalf including UK Boy Group Blue due to release their comeback album in July 2010 .

Despite her relatively young age Vivianna has already traveled all over the world. Her self penned album is aptly named Welcome To My World and combines R&B/HIP HOP with international influences such as Arabic, Indian, Spanish & Italian cultures thus delivering you with hard Hip Hop beats laced with a sexy soulful sound. A multi lingual artist Vivianna has recorded her album both in Italian and English.

Vivianna has teamed up with executive producer Troy Antunes aka Funky Silhouette who has worked with the likes of NSync, Backstreet Boys and most recently Justin Timberlake. This partnership is already producing exceptional results with Vivianna's 1st Single “Rock That ****” featuring none other than hip hop legend DMX. This duo is being recognized as the force to be with.

On meeting Vivianna, DMX said “ I love your track, I love your voice, let’s do it girl!”

Performing has always been Vivianna’s first love, she has been very busy opening for the likes of Missy Elliott and NeYo and supporting Tim Westwood of Radio 1 and MTV’s Pimp My Ride UK on a club tour.
Her belief is that every performance should be like a miniature concert regardless of stage size, venue or how many people in the crowd.

A musical entrepreneur Vivianna now owns her own production company in partnership with Troy Antunes and has signed and produced her 1st act Mairead who is currently touring the UK Rock scene.

On your mark, get set and get ready for Vivianna!


Rock That ****! feat DMX
Si Puo
Velvet Revolver

Set List

No covers set is as long as needed!!!

Si Puo
Velvet Revolver
Balla Con Me
Rock That
Lets Get On It
Povero Te