Mista A.P

Mista A.P

BandHip HopR&B

my music is in the urban/hip hop field. its music about expressing the thoughts and feeling of some one who have had it pretty rough trying to make a living.


my music simply comes from the influence of life. It comes from my soul.. i tell people what alot of people wouldnt.


i have release a single called swagga jacking. and pack in .. i have another single getting a few spins in philli..and atl 89.3 called football team. this particular song has been viewed on the vma's awards and also will be performed on the apollo theater stage on april 28th.

Set List

i can do any size set depending on the promoter. i have done thirty min sets to seaven min sets. i normally perform three to four songs with a three min and thirty sec slot. so a ten min to thirty min show is my typical repertoire