MistaEnv Da Doughboy

MistaEnv Da Doughboy

BandHip Hop

my music is a book that was recorded verbally instead of a 20 chapter book that puts people to sleep when they read it


my life is my music my music is my life. by 18 i was on my own by 23 i was damn near dead now at 30 im ready to explode into the music industry wit my first solo album called non-fiction. its about being raised in detroit wit my parents showin me other ways to be someone productive. after movin to miami in 97 i seen where the music was going so i tryd to keep up i would do talent shows and sell my music to people in and around where i went to college at. when i couldnt immediatly break the barrier i put music on hold to sustain some type of life. this year all that changed i had some run-ins wit the law and now im set to take on the industry wit a different sound and different lifestyle that i think the whole world can relate too!


not yet but i recorded an lp nevertheless im going to release an ep of it first to create the buzz and release the lp later on.

Set List

i am reasonable when it comes to performing but i would say that my sets are about 25 minutes long and i usually do about 6 songs. i typically like to stun the crowd wit songs that have you listenin from beginning to end so they wont get bored wit a new musician