Visby, Gotland, SWE

Mistake is a Punk-Rock band that lives in Gotland/Sweden. Started playing music 2002.
Have won the local competition Rockkarusellen two
times in a row. Love playing rock music and hoping
for some succes.


Mistake, the band that grabbed their instruments 2002 and started playing. They've accomplished two EP's, Below zero and the newly released: New beginnings. They added a new guitarist 2009 and the result of that made mistake to go from playing college punk-rock to a more adult melodic punk-rock. They've also won the biggest local competition for unsigned bands in Sweden two years in a row. "Mistake is a punk-rock band from Visby. With influences from both early Green Day and a bit more commercial Blink 182. Mistake masters the art of making a few simple chords to sound really advanced. Visually, the band is obviously tattooed from head to toe, which simply oozes punk. Strong vocals with tasty backing vocals lift this band. Stylish in a tough genre." -Viktor Josefsson. http://rockkarusellen.blogg.se/live/2010/may/mistake.html


EP: Below Zero 2007
EP: New Beginnings 2010
LP: After All that will be released in May 2011

Set List

Drums: 1 Snaredrum 14". 1 Tom 13". 1 Floortom 16".
1 Kickdrum 22". 2 Crashcymbols 18/16". 1 China 18"
Hi-Hat Locks 14". 1 Woddenchaire 18" for my wide ass.
2 Marshall amps
1 Bass Amp
4 Microphones