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The best kept secret in music


"Reviewed by Mike Rimmer"

Review published in Cross Rhythms Magazine Issue 84

Husband and wife duo Derek and Teresa Taylor deliver a follow up to their 2001 album 'The Evolution Of Communication' and their blend of soulful vocals, hip-hop beats and hard hitting rhymes really works well. There's plenty here that impresses like the anti-materialism message of "More To Life" and the opening catchiness and upbeat soulful vibe of "Sunny Days". Whether they are celebrating the joys of 10 years of marriage on "Beautiful" or creating dance floor slams like "Get Yo Hands Up", this is packed with special cuts. The inspirational adaptation of the first chapter of James that closes the album is something special too.

- Cross Rhythms Magazine

"Review Mista & Mrs. Taylor"

As gospel music artists continue to take their musical ministries to new heights, God continues to bless those that stay true to His message. I was wonderfully surprised when I popped in Mista and Mrs.Taylor’s Love, Joy, and Pain. The album is hip, fresh, and exciting.
The husband and wife duo celebrate the experiences of love, joy, and pain while ministering about what God has done in their lives.

Not quite new on the block, Derek and Teresa, a.k.a. Mista and Mrs. Taylor, have been performing around the world for almost 11 years. Derek grew up in Chicago, Ill, and developed a love for music at a young age. In 1988, he was part of a group called His Majesti and signed his first recording with Egyptian Empire Records. Derek met Teresa in 1986. Later in 1992, the group His Majesti decided to split. Derek went on to create another group called Shakespeare and the Lumberjack, to which he also the producer. Derek went on to sign with Scotti Brothers Records in 1993 and released a single with the option for an album. It was later that year that Derek gave his heart to the Lord.

Teresa grew up in Southern California. During her adolescent years in high school, she was noted for being one of the best singers on campus. In 1986, she tried out for a dance company called The Young Americans (a patriotic musical group that tours around the world). Teresa and Derek were married in December 1993 and began performing together soon afterwards.

The duo has been performing since that time. They recently signed with 4th Man Records and released ‘Love, Joy, & Pain’ this year. The 14-track album is more than a must-have. The lyrics reverberate with smooth soulful sounds, all the while giving praise to God. Laden with rhythms reminiscent of the conscious, hip-hop days, tracks such as the introspective ‘One Day’, explores a day in the life of a man living on the street. It also describes what it means to be a Christian to that same person who is viewed as deviant by our society.

One of my favorites is the romantic ballad, ‘Beautiful’ where Mista & Mrs Taylor take a few moments to talk about how wonderful their love is. The love-song is passionately worded, giving the couple a musical opportunity to share their love with each other, while thanking God. In speaking about love, Mista & Mrs. Taylor take things to a bluesy, hip level with the track ‘Love Thang’. The track is all about a love affair with God. As Mrs. Taylor’s strong powerful vocals lead us to worship with God, Mista Taylor raps softly, declaring how praise is a love thang.

In full gear, Mista & Mrs. Taylor deliver a funky, up-beat lead with ‘Get your hands up!’ The hip-hop track, ‘Why do I do’ is a cry of why we do things in life, without asking God for guidance. Mrs. Taylor once again, adds her crystal vocals, while Fros T throws in some rap. On this song, as well as others much like it, the duo delves into the challenges of living a Christian life and the attempts by the enemy in so many ways to make us doubt God.

On the exotic ‘Bow Down’, Mrs. Taylor once again blesses us with her creative vocal delivery. The duo continues their message to us, of worshiping God by bowing down before Him. The catchy, up-beat, urban-inspired lyrical delivery is irresistible. The last track, ‘It’s not easy’, once again ministers to us about love and what it means to live a Christian life.

It has been over two weeks that I have continuously listened to Mista & Mrs. Taylor’s Love, Joy, & Pain, and I continue to pop the album in my CD player every morning as I start my day. Take a few minutes to get yourself a copy of one of the top Gospel hip-hop, R&B flavored albums of the year. All I can say is that with an album with this much flavor, powered with the message of God, we need to hear more and more from Mista and Mrs. Taylor in the coming years!

- Black Gospel Search

"Mista and Mrs. Taylor"

http://www.gospelflava.com/reviews/mistaandmrstaylor.html - Gospel Flava

"Mista & Mrs. Taylor"

The first CD album in the Gospel Link review to get 10/10 and deservedly so! The DISHOP is for those in the know as far as music is concerned and Mr and Mrs Taylor typify that. A mix of Hip-Hop and what I call Organic (neo soul) flavours, make this a project, which belongs in any true music lovers collection. Down to earth and sincere lyrics to match, this album (from a husband and his wife), will not disappoint! - DI Shop


You need Jesus: EP Kikdrumrevolution Records 2000

The Evolution of Communication: kikdrumrevolution Records 2001

Love, Joy & Pain: 4th Man Records 2004

4th Man Records Compilation: 4th Man Records 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


Pastor Derek and Teresa, a.k.a. Mista and Mrs. Taylor, have been ministering around the world for almost 13 years. They both come from musical backgrounds that span from Hot Buttered Soul and Heavy Metal all the way to Classical. This fusion of talent sets them apart from other groups that just try to sell CD's.

Derek was born and raised in Chicago IL. He also happened to be born into a musical family, so it would not have been strange to walk into the house and find everybody singing some old spiritual hymn. In this environment the seeds were sown for Derek’s future in music and ministry.

Derek moved to L.A. in the late 80’s to pursue a music career and doors began to open almost immediately. He first signed with Egyptian Empire Records with a group called His Majesti and released a single called “Armed and Dangerous”. In the early 90’s he signed with Scotti Brothers Records and released a single called “Preacher’s Daughter”. Shortly after the release of Preacher’s Daughter Derek had a life changing experience that changed the whole direction of his life, he became a born again Christian.

Teresa was born in Downey California but Cali was just a pit stop for her. Teresa’s dad had a job in aerospace that afforded them opportunities to live and travel all around the world. During this time Teresa developed a desire to sing and sing she did. Teresa grew up listening to artist like Pat Benitar and Joan Jett But then she made a sharp transition to Hip Hop and R & B and like Derek, Teresa had a vast interest in different styles of music. She began to take voice lessons and was classically trained by one of the best vocal coaches in Orange County California. When she was able to she entered talent shows and made herself available for various functions. In the late 80’s Teresa toured with “The Young Americans” (a song and dance company known all over the world) for 8 years. Bill Brawley (director of the Young Americans) said of Teresa that “she was one of the most versatile singers they had. Like Derek, Teresa had a life changing experience in becoming a born again Christian as well.

Mista & Mrs. Taylor started at a new believers Bible study that they attended together. The pastor knowing that the Taylor’s had musical backgrounds asked if they could sing something together at the graduation ceremony. Upon doing this they were asked to visit another church and another and this is how the ministry was birthed. The Taylor’s have sense been all around the world with the message of hope through the power of their testimony. Three Cd’s later with a fourth in production the Taylor’s don’t seem to be slowing down; in fact it’s quite the opposite.

In addition to the music the Taylor’s pastor as well. The name of the church is “Our Father’s House Family Church” in Costa Mesa, CA. OFH (for short) is very untraditional setting where the Taylor’s reach out to a generation that won’t come into a traditional type of setting. The music is Christian Hip Hop and R & P (Rhythm and Praise) based on purpose but the Word of God taught without compromise. Service is held on Tuesday evenings and so they call it Phatt Tuesday’s. So if you’re ever in Orange County California check out OFH’s Phatt Tuesday Service.

Jason Neville

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