Mista P.Jones

Mista P.Jones

 Huntsville, Texas, USA

A Comprising Artist with the mixture of Kanye West, R.Kelly ,and Prince.Texas's P-Jones one of the newest and greatest assets in the industry! He Plays the Bass,Lead guitar ,Plays the piano, plays the drums, sings, raps, and produces his own beats! The question doesn't stand why isn't he major there is one answer its only a matter of time!!. 22 year old P-Jones "Patrick Jones" music basically speaks for it self no bluff listen your self!


P Jones Born on Dec. 31, 1987, Patrick Jones (PJones) was born into a very talented family. Brought up in the church, he began his musical journey by playing the guitar. Growing quickly in his playing skills, he then later began writing his own songs. It wasn’t long before young Patrick soon began to experiment with other instruments. Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Piano became as familiar to him as did Lead Guitar. With a nearly full repertoire of instruments under his belt, P Jones started composing, producing, and arranging his own instrumentals upon which he began to grace with his tenor-ranged vocals. While gospel was the formative background of his music, P Jones developed a love for R&B. Influenced by musical heavyweights like R Kelly, Ronald Isley and Prince, P Jones has a different outlook on music and bringing a record together. Bringing the substance of music back into the industry is the main reason for the sultry and tantalizing vocals and arrangements that you hear in his music. His smooth, rhythmic melodies combined with his inviting vocals, beckon the listener to search themselves deeply while tempting you to replay the track over and over again. Songs like “Private Party” and “That's What You Do” remind you of a time when music spoke to the heart of love itself. P Jones is a 22 year old musician who will surprise and amaze you. His motto is: Stay on your grind!!


That's What You Do http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/thats-what-you-do/id380095705?ign-mpt=uo%3D4
Private Party

Set List

Roland VS 1680
Piano Amp or house mix for Keys
Two inputs for stereo outs from Roland Vs