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Mista Sniper is described as the next Biggie as far as lyrical content and storytelling style, but this young man is very talented and loves music.


Darrius Garrett
(Rapper, Producer, Songwriter)

Born in Long Beach, CA. in 1980 He was destined to become involved in the music industry. Mista Sniper developed a versatile rap style based on hard work and his personal experiences in life. His protégés and entourages referred to him as "Sniper" because he was described on the block and at school as someone that spits out lyrics like bullets from a sniper's rifle." Because when he spit at you he'll get you all the time. He is also a good producer; Mista Sniper has produced alot o of tracks, which is very impressive. He has endured many things in his 24 years of life and lived to speak about it. His influences musically vary from the likeness of Marvin Gaye, Snoop Dogg, Heavy D, Hammer, WC and the mad Circle, Prince, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Curtis Mayfield, Donny Hathaway, Ice Cube, Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, and Nas plus many more that has shaped the industry. He has also been mentored and advised by such names as Harry Belafonte, Chuckii Booker, Chill of cmw, Tray Dee, Warren Campbell, Rodney Jerkins, and Lionel Ritchie.

Mista Sniper has a lot to offer to the industry from his musical beat making Genius to the storytelling lyrics of the average African American male growing up with nothing but depressing moments and just the average everyday things happening around him.

He has also help author a book. In return, he have been given the opportunity to; travel the world and have been nominated The Poet Society 2003 and 2005 “Poet of The Year".

He also has been in the local news and newspapers from California to Buffalo, New York. He also travels speaking to kids in public schools, and detention centers around the world and he definitely reflects that in his music. He is a born leader plus, a great lyricist. This man was destined to be a star.

The Great Harry Belafonte said it best that “He is bound to be something in this Music industry”.



Written By: Darrius “ Mista Sniper” Garrett

Verse 1

I had a ruff past
But the futures better
Tryna make it in the industry
And boost my cheddar

But my lyrical Intent
Is to be the best
Nothing less
While I represent the west

But It’s cool like that
The laid back dude is back
Recognized as
The coolest cat

Yeah I’m fat
But a nigga shade in the summer
And I make a good fit
In that H2 Hummer

But picture me Rollin
Like I was pac in his prime
Writing and rappin
Eight years prior to ninety nine

No time to define
Jus rewind the track
While you catch Snipe
Dipping in that Cadillac



Represent for the label called TMG


Put it down for the town known as the L.B


Why people wanna hate on a nigga like me


Wait til the world gets a load of me

Verse 2

Don’t knowbody understand
The Level I’m On
But I’m the king round here
And I’ve claimed the thrown

It done been a long race
But I’m not done running
You can do like new Edition
And keep just it coming

Or do like Micheal Jackson
And try to start something
But I call y’all Pharell’s
Cause y’all niggas is frontin

But It’s Something
Bout that
Teflon Shit
That makes other indie labels
Drop out and quit

This is it
Better yet this the end
Got love for my friends
Like some of my kins

Teflon shuts the game down
Again and again
Like Adrian told rocky
You can’t win

But my lyrics and songs
Got a thing going on
Rockin lyrical proems
That be high as the ozone

Most rap niggas is kids
And need to go home
Or wind up missing
For reasons that’s unknown

Verse 3

I got lyrics and gimmicks
That make niggas wanna mimic
You can call me popeye
And player haters is spinach

I spit infinite bars
And write til I’m finished
Caused ruckus in the street
Like I’m Dennis the minis

Ask cuda who can do ya
Like no other can do
Representing Teflon
Til the day that I’m through

Thought you knew
You don’t have no Idea
As I turn my first love
To a business career

Took music as a hobby
And I made it a job
If I wasn’t doing this
Then I’d be trying to rob

Cause I didn’t like school
And it wasn’t for me
But I still finished school
And got my G.E.D

So now a lot of niggas
Just envy me
Cause I own my own label
Called TMG

And I got my nigga naradiq
Backing me
I suggest you niggas stop
Attacking me causes I’m