Mister Baby

Mister Baby

 Charlottesville, Virginia, USA

All-original Appalachian-influenced rock, female-fronted, with a combination of traditional (upright bass, banjo) and not-so (drums, electric guitar) instruments. Members are all very beautiful to look at.


We are very close friends and my bandmates are all jaw-droppingly talented musicians with solid careers in bluegrass music. The boys are allowed to rock out as long as they play the songs right. I mainly listen to classic country and rap and my songs are rooted in country music but are very direct lyrically. Women love us, men love us, we're sweet and funny and we rockrockrock. We're set apart from other bands in that our material is completely original but also memorable even after just 1 listen. People sing along. Also the boys are all handsome. My lead guitarist is the 1st person I ever shared a stage with over 10 years ago and reuniting 3 years ago has been such a treat. My bass/banjo player used to live in my basement, we stick close as can be and play like the best-orchestrated train wreck out there. Very tight but hugely energetic. And we wear pantsuits sometimes, even the boys. They are funny.


2009 - Lucky You! Some radio play in Charlottesville, Va, streaming available at The Hook

Set List

The Things You Do, Lucky You, Dream on, One Eye Open, Josephine, Before I Knew You, Wait There Somewhere, Rabbit, Independence, Bees, Little Adele, Your Own Life, Lawn Chairs, Jesse's Coming Over, Old Woman, He Lied, Fault Lines, 20-some Odd Years, Pantherburn, Waynesboro
We play up to 2 hour-long sets, we very rarely do covers but if so they are re-worked public domain songs like Wild Bill Jones and Stagger Lee.