Mister Blackcat

Mister Blackcat

 St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Upright bass, banjo, guitar, and tamborine drive this grimey folk quartet. Stomps, claps, hoots, and hollers are a mainstay on this bandstand...


Originally an indie rock group with rotating members, Mr. Blackcat eventually settled down, pulled out the plugs, and went acoustic. Whether up on a stage, crashing an open mic, or posted up on the street corner, spontaneous sing-alongs are sure to break out wherever they are.

Clanky bass and tastey banjo rolls (fresh out of the oven) back a bourbon-soaked Kermit howlin' on the mic.


Mistr Blackcat ---- 2009
Live From The Bakery Vol. 1--- 2010
Live From The Bakery Vol. 2--- 2010