Mister Brown

Mister Brown


Very catchy songs! Guitar reminiscent of original blues with simple bass & drums. The first time i saw these guys the drummer was enjoying himself so much i thought he was E'ing the bass player kept falling over & the vocalist was hollering a tonsel-exposing, unique, ozzie sound. Very entertaining!


Mister Brown
Mick became friends with Mr Brown over a mutual love of Dunlop Volleys. He learnt drums as a kid, sang for a while in the Toxic Garden Gnomes, played bass in Harpoe and now returns to his original love of knocking out killer beats for Mr Brown. In his spare time, Mick enjoys interpretive dance and pleasant chats with cashiers.
Nettie was previously a singer for the Hydrophonics where she boogied her nights away with tamborine in hand. Nettie bonded with Mr Brown over cups of tea and learnt to play the bass as she went. In her spare time she enjoys astral travelling with her daughter, Lily.
Mister David Brown - After a brief stint in India entertaining British tourists with his solo bagpipe routine, David put together a band to deliver some uniquely Australian music. With a proud Australian vocal style its sort of country, sort of rock but sort of not.

Set List

Typical sets are between 30 minutes and an hour.

I couldnt be happier than now
Sweet Jesus
I cant afford tomorrow
I like you
Dont leave me baby
Still cant find my pants
Traffic Lights
Dont look over your shoulder
Had such a good time hanging out with you last night
From today
You dont love me no more

Oh Darling - Beatles
Sugar Man - Rodriguez