Mister Dirty

Mister Dirty

 Belvidere, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopMetal

Mister Dirty is hard hitting rap music straight out of the Midwest. Take the Beastie Boys and mix in some Slayer and in the end you got some Mister Dirty. Old school 90's feel with a twist baby, so strap on them headphones and blow your mind...


Born and raised in B-town IL come's an M C who can not be labeled or branded with a trademark. A rapper who never really clicked with any other rappers in his city or elsewhere as a matter of fact. Mister Dirty doesn't really care for the new hip-hop moment and he isn't down with all this radio rap fake thug garbage playing on the radio today. To many groups sound the same now days and it gets pretty old very quickly. "When you bump my music, strap on your safety belts and get ready for a drug-fueled ride through my mind and back." You may cry, laugh or wanna take your own life at times, but I promise not one song sounds the same as the rest. Mister Dirty came out of the darkness and on to the scene in late 2008 packing venues all over the Mid-West with his booze an drug oriented live performences, and now to cd in 2010. With some help from Foe P Records and a producer know as Pace. Mister Dirty will be dropping his first Ep entitled "The Cocaine Chronicles"4/20/2010 so look out for that joint. Mister Dirty has opened up on the JCW Slam Tv Tour, for Vanilla Ice, Boondox, Adema, Kingspade(Kottonmouth Kings), Scarface(Ghetto Boys), Nonpoint, Hed Pe, Young Buck(G-Unit), Dj Unk, DGAF, Bizzy Bone, Sen Dog(Cypress Hill) as well as plenty of local and regional shows

Nationals I have opened up for:

Vanilla Ice-Rockford-IL
Hed Pe-Rockford-IL
Dirtball & Big B-Rockford-IL
Bizzy Bone-Watertown,Sheboygan-WI
Sen Dog-Milwaukee-WI
Primer 55-Milwaukee,Lake Geneva-WI, Chicago-IL
Young Buck-Springfield-IL
JCW Slam Tv Tour-Springfield-IL
Dj Unk-Springfield-IL


The Cocaine Chronicles Ep: Sept 2010