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Do you long for that classic boom-bap hip-hop sound? Do you like high paced flows and witty rhymes? Then you'll like MisterE. He's not a gangster. He's not too fashionable. He doesn't have any money. But he can rock a mic like no other. Stay tuned.


MisterE has proven himself over the years as a strong force in Canadian hip-hop. The Backburner Crew representative continues to push himself and his colleagues towards making truthful, entertaining music. Growing up playing the drums and writing poetry in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, MisterE combined his two hobbies at the age of thirteen and began writing rap songs over rhythmical drum patterns. After receiving great responses in various high-school talent shows he decided to get serious and began producing beats at the age of sixteen using an MPC 2000XL. The drive possessed by MisterE was detected by local band ‘The Hues’, and by seventeen he was asked to become lead vocalist for the funk/rock band. The band played several gigs in the Waterloo Region and had music featured on the television show ‘Concrete Wave’ which aired on Fuel TV in the United States as well as Fox Sports in the UK. This experience allowed MisterE to not only gain comfort on the microphone, but it also led to the development of his charismatic stage persona. Once ‘The Hues’ disbanded he set his mind on a solo career and he hasn’t slowed down since.

In 2006 MisterE independently released his debut album ‘Glimpse’. The majority of the album was self produced, with assistance from local heavyweights Mantis and Jonny Riddim. The clever wordplay, complex rhyme patterns, and funky beats found on ‘Glimpse’ quickly made it clear that MisterE meant business. The album was immediately well received on college radio, mainly CJIQ 88.3 and CKMS 100.3. Eventually the album crept up to the number one position on CKMS’s weekly playlist chart earning MisterE’s Glimpse the number one spot for the month of November 2006. The album was also awarded the number twelve position for the year by CKMS. In addition, the song ‘Explode’ earned MisterE the runner-up position in mp3.com’s ‘Rock The Mic’ competition in which there were thousands of entries. The song was also featured on the ‘Rock The Mic’ compilation album that was distributed online. ‘Glimpse’ was independently distributed through local stores, at shows, and online.

Since his debut release, MisterE has been spreading his music and name through performances. Playing various gigs in and around Ontario and Quebec, it has been said numerous times that MisterE steals the show. The impressive live show has led to MisterE sharing the stage with Canadian and international stars such as Kardinal Offishal, Choclair, DL Incognito, LMFAO, DJ Dopey, and JD Era. In addition, MisterE provided his unique vocal style to several performances with Humber Jazz collective ‘The TBA Quintet’, including a slot at the 2008 Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival.

In the eyes of MisterE the ball is finally rolling. His newest release, 'Dusting For Prints', is already generating substantial buzz and listener acclaim, debuting at #6 on Canada's national college radio hip-hop charts. The album is MisterE's first release alongside Canada's potent Backburner Recordings crew, and features the likes of The Get By, More Or Les, Fresh Kils, Uncle Fester, Fraction, and Pro-Logic. 'Dusting For Prints' is available on iTunes, Amazon, HMV, and at www.misterehiphop.bandcamp.com.


Backburner - Heatwave LP - 2011

Dusting For Prints LP - 2010

Connect The Dots (single) - 2010

Glimpse LP - 2006

Featured on:

Worburglar - Welcome to Cobra Island (producer) - 2013

Fraction and Fresh Kils - Extra Science (performer, writer) - 2012

Bill Maka - Fulfill the Dream LP (producer) - 2011

DJ Booth - In The Booth Vol. 6 Mixtape (producer, writer, performer) - 2010

More Or Les - Brunch With A Vengeance LP (producer, writer, performer) - 2010

Pro-Logic/DJ Carmelo - Bada Boom Mixtape (writer, performer) - 2009

DJ Carmelo - Forgetaboutit Mixtape (writer, performer) - 2008

MP3.com - Rock The Mic Compilation (producer, writer, performer) - 2006

Set List

Flexible: I choose different songs depending on the set length, venue, and style of show. I have performed sets as short as 10 minutes and as long as 45 minutes in the past.