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Looking for some cross-cultural family fun? Mister Felipe and his band bring unique, lively bilingual music for all ages, with Latin rhythms, playful Spanglish lyrics and sweet melodies--think David Byrne, Dan Zanes, and los Super Seven barreling along in a school bus headed across the border.


Mister Felipe is Philip Handmaker, a teacher of español and música in the community of Taos, Nuevo México. Growing up in New Mexico, he heard a lot of Spanish on the playground, and he studied the language in high school and college . After getting a master's degree in Applied Linguistics and teaching bilingually in Arlington, Virginia for several years, he worked in Guatemala and Peru and fell in love with Latin music. In 2005 he at last moved back to Nuevo México, where he is combining his lifelong passions of music, language, and teaching.


¡Fuera, Perro! (Out, Dog!)

Written By: Philip Handmaker

(this song features a few characters speaking in the recording; onstage Felipe uses huge posters on an easel to show where the action is taking place)

abuelo: Who let the dog in?
nin~o: !Yo no fui!
abuelo: What do you mean it wasn't you? You were the only one home!

!Fuera, perro! de la casa
Or I'm gonna show you who's the boss-a
Me enojo and I shout, "Get your furry cola out!"
!Fuera, perro! de la casa

nin~a: ?Donde esta ese perro?
nin~o: I don't know where he is.
abuelo: Eh, m'hijo, could you get me a little something pa' comer? Tengo hambre.
nin~o: Sure, grandpa.
nin~a: Oh, !ahi esta!
nin~o: He's in the kitchen!

!Fuera, perro! de la cocina
I've got to preparar la comida
Abuelo tiene hambre, and grandma's also hungry
!Fuera, perro! de la cocina

nin~a: !Ya salio!
nin~o: Well, he's out of the kitchen, but he's still in the house.
nin~a: Aw, we'll get him later. ?Quieres jugar?
nin~o: Sure, I'll play you damas!
nin~a: OK, I'll set up the checkers. Oh! !Ahi esta!
nin~o: Acostado on the couch, where he's not supposed to be.

!Fuera, perro! de la sala
I want to play a game con mi hermana
Fuera del sofa, or I'll tell papa
!Fuera, perro! de la sala

!Fuera, perro! del dormitorio
I want to go to bed que tengo suen~o
Fuera de mi cama or I'm telling mama
!Fuera, perro! del dormitorio

nin~a: Ese perro left paw prints on my pillow!
nin~o: !Que travieso! He's so naughty!
nin~a: Let's put him out.
nin~o: Yeah! I'll just wash my hands and--Oh! He's drinking agua del excusado!
nin~a: From the toilet?!

!Fuera, perro! del ban~o
I've got to lavarme las manos
No! Let go! del papel higienico
!Fuera, perro! del ban~o

nin~o: !Ven, perro! Aw, he won't come to me.
nin~a: Yeah, and he's dragging the toilet paper all over the house!
abuelo: ?Que pasa aqui?
nin~o: Abuelo, help us echarlo pa' fuera!
abuelo: OK, open la puerta.
nin~a: He's making a run for it!
nin~o: !Fuera!

!Fuera, perro! de la casa
Or I'm gonna show you who's the boss-a
Me enojo and I shout, "Get your furry cola out!"
!Fuera, perro! de la casa

!Fuera, perro! de la casa

hermanita: And stay out!

¡Qué Día! (What a Day!)

Written By: Philip Handmaker

!Que Dia - What a day!

Me despierto - I wake up lying en la cama
Me levanto - I get out of bed en la man~ana
Comb my hair - me peino el pelo
Miro el espejo and say hello
Me estiro - I stretch, me visto - get dressed
Wash my face - me lavo la cara
Eat some desayuno and then it's time to go
Me cepillo los dientes, brusha brusha
!Adios, Papa! !Adios, Mama! - !Adios, m'hijo!
I'm going a la escuela

I'm gonna go to school
Learn about that golden rule
Won't be anybody's fool

Me siento en la clase - I take a seat in the class
Eschucho al profesor - I listen and do what the teacher asks
Leo y escribo - I read and I write
My little light bulb brilla tan bright
Outside for recreo, with my friends yo juego
Happy to be afuera
Almuerzo we eat, then go back to our seats
Now it's la tarde
Hey, maybe we'll do música or arte!
That's my favorite parte! (Bell rings)
!Adios a la escuela!
What a day, what a day
!Que día!

I go back a casa - and do all of mi tarea
Call a mis amigos and we play afuera
Una merienda - a snack to tide me over
Miro television but just una hora
Sit down for dinner y como la cena
Hanging out with mi familia
Me ban~o - I bathe, to wash away the day
Me pongo las pijamas
Me acuesto en la cama
!Buenas noches, Papa! !Buenas noches, Mama!
!Buenas noches, m'hijo!
!Ay, Que día!

What a day, what a day
!Que día!

Muévete (Move Yourself)

Written By: Philip Handmaker

If you want to move it, move it
Then you've got to prove it, prove it
Come on

!Muevete, muevete! - Move!

Muevete los pies - stomp your feet, say Yes!
Muevete las rodillas - but don't knock knock your knee-as
Muevete la pierna - shake a leg like you just don't care-nah
Muevete la cadera - move your hips all around everywhere-a

!Muevete, muevete! - Move!

Muevete la barriga - like you're hungry for migas
?Comiendo crumbs?
Muevete el pecho - puff out your chest and stretcho
Muevete el cuello - rubberneck all the wayo
Muevete la cabeza - and nod your head yessir

!Muevete, muevete! - Move!

Muevete la boca - make it look loca
Muevete la nariz - but please don't sneeze
Muevete los ojos - look around and focus
Muevete las orejas - what's that you say, boss?

Mami y papi, baila don't stoppy
If you dance sloppy I won't call the coppy
Canta conmigo y haz lo que digo, vamonos amigo
Sing along with me and copy with your body

!Muevete, muevete! - Move!

Muevete los hombros - act like you don't know
Muevete los brazos - make a make a make a muscle
Muevete los codos - flap your wings like a bunch of pollos
Muevete las manos - grasp your hands like you really really want those
Muevete los dedos - wave them just like flowers in the meadows

!Muevete, muevete! - Move!

Vamos Afuera (Let's Go Outside)

Written By: Philip Handmaker

Vamos afuera mi amigo
Hace sol, the sun is shining down
No quiero, mi amiga
No me gusta el sol, the sun gets in my eyes
And besides, te puedes quemar
Prefiero quedarme inside

Vamos afuera, mi amigo
Hace lluvia, the rain is falling down
No quiero, mi amiga
No me gusta la lluvia, I'm allergic to the rain
I'm just saying, te puedes mojar
Adentro is where I'll be staying

Vamos afuera, mi amigo
Hace nieve, the snow is on the ground
No quiero, mi amiga
No me gusta la nieve, hace frio in the storm
You've been warned, te puedes congelar
I'll stay adentro where it's warm

Vamos afuera, mi amigo
Hace viento, let's go and fly our kites
No quiero, mi amiga
No me gusta el viento, the wind makes me scared
It's not fair, it can mess up your hair
It's safer adentro, in there

Mi amiga, inside, you can hide
Estas seguro
But it's boring!
Afuera, outside, you feel alive
Te puedes quemar, te puedes mojar
Te puedes congelar, tu pelo desordenar
Por favor won't you come
A jugar and we'll run
We'll have so much fun

Vamos afuera, mi amigo
Esta nublado, the clouds are in the sky
Yo no se, mi amiga
No me gustan las nubes, the clouds make me stressed
But I guess, que puedo jugar - Let's go!
Afuera just might be the best
Afuera is really the best
Afuera, mi amiga, is the best

De Colores (In Bright Colors)

Written By: traditional

Mister Felipe wrote the English verse and chorus for this lovely, popular song.

De colores
De colores se visten los campos en la primavera
De colores
De colores son los pajaritos que vienen de afuera
De colores
De colores es el arcoiris que vemos lucir

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi
And that's why all of the lovers of all the bright colors are good friends of mine

Such bright colors
In bright colors turn all of the fields in the Spring of the year
De colores
In bright colors are the little birdies that visit us here
De colores
Such bright colors we see in the rainbow that shines in the sky

And that's why all of the lovers of all the bright colors are good friends of mine
Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi

Canta el gallo
Canta el gallo con el quiriquiri quiriquiri quiri
La gallina
La gallina con la cara cara cara cara cara
Los pollitos
Los pollitos con el pio pio pio pio pi

Y por eso los grandes amores de muchos colores me gustan a mi
And that's why all of the lovers of all the bright colors are good friends of mine


>>Cruzando el Border, LP CD--all 11 songs available for listening at misterfelipe.com.
>>¡Fuera, Perro! - single available as animated music video on YouTube
>>Several songs have been played on KXMT radio, and Que Dia has been played on KTAO radio in Taos, NM.

Set List

Sets variable--usually 30-45 minutes works for families with kids ages 5-7 (target audience). Rhythm in parentheses--I like to mix it up. Songs marked with * are covers:

La Bamba* (rock - well-known uptempo cover)
Muevete (reggaeton - dance song about moving your body)
The Calendario Mambo (mambo - kids yell "Cha cha cha!")
Que Dia (cha-cha-cha - What a Day! takes listeners through a kid's day)
Chocolate* (polka - easy-to-learn song with a delicious topic)
Vamos Afuera (bolero - duet about going outside in the weather)
!Fuera, Perro! (merengue - a naughty dog is in the house)
De Colores* (vals - Sweet traditional song about colors in nature)

Depending on the audience, sometimes there are more songs in Spanish, sometimes more in English. Families are cued how to sing and dance along.