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The best kept secret in music


""Get Outta Philly" comp review in No Brains Zine"

“The Misteriosis is maybe the best band on this CD, "West Of Nowhere" is super cool song in Stooges style with great vocal, but with keyboard - really fantastic hope to hear more from these guys..” - Vanya Rancic - No Brains Zine (The Netherlands)

"s/t CD Review in The Montreal Mirror"

Five minutes in, anyone with a passing knowledge of garage rock will think they have this Philly/NYC band figured out. “Now” is a sharp shot of reptilian male vocals and badass riffs (courtesy JellyRoll), manic drums (Skeeter) and groovy keys (Tula Storm) that segues almost seamlessly into “She Said.” On “Any Wonder,” Storm’s ethereal voice and shimmering keys introduce some shoegazing weight/levity, which shares the rest of the record with bursts of psychedelic pop and sprawling, tripped-out jams. Tracks like “7 Years” pack a lot of promise.
- Lorraine Carpenter, Montreal

"s/t CD Review in The Morning Call"

"The Misteriosos explore and go beyond the confines of 60s garage-psychedelia...JellyRoll's fretwork is blistering and over the top.. The Misteriosos indeed captures a certain mystery that isn't being reproduced anywhere else." - The Morning Call, Allentown PA

"s/t CD Review in Lowcut Magazine"

This is the bands debut CD and it is described in their bio as “fuzzed out organ tremolo psych rock n roll”. The band is a three piece of drums, guitar and organ with female vocals. The band has a really killer low fi psychedelic beat sound. Quite amazing! The opening track is quite an intense little number. Not the whole CD is upbeat and rocking though….She Said follows and includes a cool psychedelic guitar jam! Yeah….The Sun is a killer 9 minute psychedelic LSD track… The CD has a great mixture of stuff on it, all with its roots deep in the psychedelic rock domain… They get mellow and spaced out as well. I really hope that the band makes it over to Europe! Very impressed…

- Scott, Denmark

"Quote from Andrew Loog Oldham"

On Sirius Satelite Radio 3/18/06, after playing "7 Years":

"The that cut, love that band! We put them in between The Ramones and Ray Davies, and they stood up, didn't they? That's the test." - (original manager/producer of The Rolling Stones)

"Write-Up in The Village Voice"

"The Misteriosos are like paisley underground drifting towards Venus." - Chuck Eddy, Music Ed. - The Village Voice, NYC

"s/t CD Review in Shindig! Magazine"

A three piece from Philly centred on the luscious Tula Storm. The Misteriosos escape their garage moniker via a blend of guitar freakouts, ethereal female vocals, stompin' garage and dreamy shoe gazing. ..The band's confidence and precision make it work. Garage purists will be up in arms, as this Vox armed contemporary psychedelic trio do take things a step further, but if you find The White Stripes new take on the blues appealing you may well like The Misteriosos version of psychedelic/garage. -Jon 'Mojo' Mills
- Jon 'Mojo' Mills, London

"s/t CD Review in Sugarbuzz Magazine"

A puzzle box is an old Japanese style of concealing or hiding the mechanism that allows the user to find a way to open it.
The art of the puzzle box could be compared to the art of “The Misteriosos.” Upon a first listen, comparisons to various psych/garage bands could be observed; however, this unit is much more complex. Deep within its grains lurk discovery and treasure. Open up your mind and get ready to clean your third eye.
Swirling around your cranium, apparent influences are The Velvet Underground meets The Fuzztones. On a deeper level, Tula Storm’s voice sounds similar to Kendra Smith (Opal). Her vocals possess a haunting quality that hovers in your head similar to the way the bite of a nice red wine lingers on your tongue. JellyRoll’s guitar, vocals, and harmonica are equivalent to a carpenter’s tool, as he is able to create ornate fuzzed-out sounds similar to the artisan creating the ultimate puzzle box. Skeeter’s drums fill in the void making this one tenacious outfit.
The Misteriosos self titled release is a gilded masterpiece of the highest level.
Prepare to visit the serpent’s lair and let the snake charmer’s woo you into their perpetual state of dream.
-- Christopher Duda
- Sugarbuzz, Toronto

"s/t CD Review in Scram Magazine"

The debut from this tuff little Philly-by-way-of-Boston trio kicks off in impressive ticked-off fuzz garage traditionalist mode, but quickly slips into psychedelic experimentation highlighted by Tula Storm’s dreamy singing and some very nasty acid guitar by one “Jelly Roll,” who also handles the snotty male vocals. Trippy and unpredictable."

-- Kim Cooper - Scram Magazine #22, Los Angeles CA

"s/t CD Review in Komakino"

This album is special: You can even feel it from ever first rolling drums of the opening track Now. Obsessive pysch(o)-garage Music, strong of fuzzed out rancid guitars, 60's organ serpentines, rich percussions. - The Misteriosos combo threesome is from Boston, and sounds something similar between the Fuzztones melted with the Demolition Doll Rods and early My Bloody Valentine line-up (like on She Said, perfect symbiosis of male/female voices joining fast rock&roll escapes and psychedelic suites). No false steps, all tracks work fine bringing Band's taste for indie lo-fi genre at its top, - genuine, vivid fresh green. And while here The Misteriosos' rebellious wild side seems to be left to JellyRolly's voice, - catchy, distinct and passionate, - it's Tula Storm's hypnotic vocals to guide the listener through lisergical trips of Any Wonder, 7 Years and alchemies of The Sun - this one, possible missing track from A Clockwork Orange the film, with its mesmeric Moog explosion. Titles as Time of Day and Hey Hey Hollie Lollie are pure kicking ass hits; - The Stars that Play with Laughing Sam's Dice has been kidnapped by some misteriosos thieves at some freak under drugs over 40 yrs ago.. - Komakino, Rome


•"The Misteriosos" (2005 full-length debut, on Triptone Records)

•"West of Nowhere" (single, on Tick Tick Tick Records 2005 release "Get Outta Philly")

• Upcoming 2006: single "7 years" to be released on Northern Star Records (UK) comp "Psych Fever"

•Many tracks from the debut CD in rotation on college, national, and international stations, including: KCRW, Sirius Satelite Radio, WFMU, KIAC, WPRB, WMUH, WFMO, Resonance FM London, WKDU, Radio Futuro (Chile), Radio 100 Portugal, FM 104.5 Argentina, RCV-FM France, and many more. Live radio sets on WFMU, WPRB, and WKDU.


Feeling a bit camera shy


"Artists of substance." - The Philadelphia Inquirer

The Misteriosos are really a bunch of freaks who finally get to play the music they always wanted to, which is some kind of psychedelic rock n roll. An obvious passion for their sound comes through in their songs, which can verge from guitar-fuzzed, organ swirled rock n roll to trance-inducing, narcotic numbers. With influences like early Pink Floyd, The Velvet Underground, Opal, and The Butthole Surfers, the band managed to play their first show in 2004 as finalists in The Little Steven Contest in Boston. Relieved that they did not win since it may have been exposed that they then only knew two songs, the band fled to Philadelphia.

They released their debut album (12 songs) to great reviews in October 2005, and have been playing regulary around the east coast, sharing the stage with notable and diverse bands such as Soledad Brothers, The Blue Van, Akron Family, Soft Explosions, SSM, Le Nombre, Breakup Breakdown, and The Dreadful Yawns. They have found a large following playing New York City regularly.

In past incarnations, members of The Misteriosos have played with The Kills, The Greenhornes, The Datsuns, The Seeds, Electric Prunes, The Slackers, and Devotchka, as well as recording with Liam Watson at Toe Rag Studios in London.

The Misteriosos’ music is played on KCRW, Sirius Satelite Radio, WFMU, WNYU, WMFO, WPRB, KDHX, Resonance FM London, and WMBR, in addition to other college, national, and international stations. In 2006, the band played live studio sets at WFMU, WPRB, and WKDU, and their new release was included on two Top 10 Albums of 2005 lists on WORT (college radio). Andrew Loog Oldham (original manager/producer for The Rolling Stones) plays The Misteriosos on his Sirius Satelite Radio show.

The Misteriosos self-titled full length release (October 2005, Triptone Records) has met with early praise from around the world. The Misteriosos’ song “7 Years” will be on the upcoming Northern Star Records (UK) comp Psych Fever, and their cover of The Fuzztone’s “She’s Wicked” is included on The Fuzztones tribute CD (Sin Records). Watch for them on tour this spring!