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Street smart with an additude. Not only does he walk the talk, he also has lived the talk as well , enough said.


Mister Malatov was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN, were he still resides, he is also the sole owner and founder of UnMerciful Records, in which he started in Febuary of 2004 after being released from federal prison in October of 2002.

Mister Malatov wrote and produced 95% of his debute cd Certified Hustla in which he indicates is only a demo of what is to come.

He credit legendary rap artisit's and groups such as, Eazy-E, N.W.A., Rakim, MC Ren, The D.O.C., EPMD, Run DMC, The Geto Boys, Doug E. Freash, and his great uncle Clyde (The Fonky Drummer) Stubblefield just to name a few, as some of his biggest influances.

Certified Hustla is scheduled to be released (online only) by the end of August, also at this time he indicates that he is working on a new follow up album titled, Str8 Off Tha Streetz of Muthaphu***in Chattown, which is set to be released by the end of the year / early 06. Stay Tuned!!!


Certified (Mix Tape Version)

Written By: M. D. Carlisle

If you think its a game aint shit soft about me.
Snitches talking in the pen and in the streets about me.

The feds watch my every move like I don't notice.
Scared niggas die broke thats why I gotta stay focused.

With my mind on my money and money on my mind.
Since a young skinny nigga I had to hustle for mine.

Served fed time imma convicted drug dealer nickname from my sister
Mister Money Go Getter.

Niggas looking for the BM but fail to see me.
I flipped the script im hittin corners in that GT.

These jealous niggas let they feelings show just like a hoe.
Like Willie D. I lets a hoe be a hoe.

Cause I never been the type to role with bitch made niggas.
Less know any monkey ass nigga.

From the bottom of the South Pole I keeps it hot.
Muthaphuckkas must be smoking if they thinkin imma stop!

Niggas can't see that imma a certified hustla, and it aint all about talking that bullshit!


Body Armor (Single) 2005 - streaming
Certified (Mix Tape Version) 2005 - streaming
Certified Hustla - Limited Collector's Edition [EP] 2005

Set List

Tha Bad Guy (Intro)
Body Armor
Certified (Hustla (Mix Tape Version)
Life of A Hustla
Rhyme Related
WUNME 1119.74 (Skit)