Mister Melt

Mister Melt

 New York City, New York, USA

Mister Melt is an existentialist rock band based in New York City.


"Wall of Sound boy-girl reverb rock, the kind that makes you nostalgic for high school."

Oh My Rockness says: "Mister Melt is one of those groove-driven bands that screech and swirl towards a noisy crescendo of reckoning and ultimate resolution. That's a stupid way of saying this rocks."

Deli Magazine says: "On "Godzilla" and "Lemon Tree" the pair cruises along with distortion cranked high, making a noise as timeless as Wayfarers and black leather."

What the Musk says: Mister Melt, the self-proclaimed “existential rock band,” is a duo that sounds like a fivesome. They build up a wall of sound in the vein of Sonic Youth or My Bloody Valentine; the songs are immediately catchy, incorporating noisy guitars and poppy percussion into a danceable groove. Even a simple chorus of “woo!” sounds refreshing coming out of these guys.

Metromix says: "...their sound of haunted vocals, disconnected drumming and lo-fi fuzzed-out guitars will bring a smile to the faces of anyone who learned about rock and indie from listening to downtown college radio. Not poppish, not slick—just speaking the language of the locals, is all."


Mister Melt (LP, Aug 2012)
Lemon Tree EP (July 2011)

Set List

Mister Melt is available to play a 45 minute long set.